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Florida Cops Sell Man Drugs In Sting, Then Kill Him


cops law enforcement floridaBy Phillip Smith

Police conducting an undercover, street-level, reverse drug sting in Putnam County, Florida, shot and killed one of their targets Friday night as he attempted to drive away from the scene. Andrew Anthony Williams, a 48-year-old black man, becomes the 11th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to local press accounts, all relying on law enforcement sources, deputies and detectives from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office were conducting a “reverse sting” where they posed as drug dealers, sold unwary customers small amounts of drugs, and then arrested them.

Deputies had successfully sold drugs to and arrested 10 people, but when they identified themselves and tried to arrest Williams, who was number 11, he declined. “[H]e drove away quickly and hit a tree,” the St. Augustine Record reported.  ”The man next backed up toward the deputies, then put the vehicle into drive and turned toward some of them, the Sheriff’s Office said. Four deputies fired at the oncoming vehicle almost simultaneously, the Sheriff’s Office said.”

News 4 Jax had it this way: “…when they tried to arrest Williams, he took off in a blue SUV and, swerving to avoid deputies, ran into a tree. Williams then backed up and tried to take off again toward deputies causing four of them to open fire on Williams SUV, hitting him an unknown number of times.”

Williams was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. One deputy was wounded in the gunfire, but that bullet came from another deputy’s gun, according to the Sheriff’s Office. (In the headline for its story about the incident, News 4 Jax neglected to mention that anyone had been killed, going with “Putnam County deputy hit by bullet fired at suspect.”)

The Sheriff’s Office did not identify the four deputies involved in the shooting, but was quick to make available Williams’ criminal history, which including charges for drugs, fleeing, eluding, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

The four deputies are on paid administrative leave.

This killing should raise a few questions, both about the nature of the operation itself and about what actually occurred.

Reverse drug stings are a controversial tactic, sometimes arguably justifiable at the higher echelons of the drug trade, where selling sizeable quantities of drugs to a player to see where they go help crack a drug ring, but that logic isn’t at work here, where the only result is to round up some street drug buyers and drag them into the criminal justice system. Is having deputies pretend to be drug dealers to bust small-time users really the county’s best use of its law enforcement resources?

And then there’s the no-witness “he was going to run me over” defense used by the police to justify the killing. It happens not infrequently. Williams may have decided that getting busted on a minor dope charge was worth trying to murder a group of police officers with his vehicle. But could it have been that he was just trying to get away?

It’ll be up to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which investigates officer-involved killings, to get to the bottom of it.

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  1. Lastrealindian on

    “IF” Andy was the pos the arrest record says he is and was…I do not blame police officer for firing the very “first” shot; which should have been over his head. When he began shooting him after the first shot is where “I” see a murder conviction. Maybe. These damn black racists are wanting to get away with and damn thing “they” choose. “I” will shoot to kill if I am ever truly messed with by ANY color person! I am not a ‘racist’. I do not give any color exception when it comes to character. “Nigger”. Wow! That’s a bad word for “WHITES” to use to describe a black pos. I hear niggers call themselves nigger all the time and if they do not like it…too damn bad. I know “NIGGERS” of “all” colors!!! So, you fing blacks need to stop bitchin and whinning like bitches you are and suck it up!!! Nigger is a “CHARACTER” TRAIT! GET IT RIGHT! COLOR DON’T MATTER!!!!

  2. Lastrealindian on

    cont. as it should be instead of remaining as is, we wouldn’t be talking all this stuff which really does not have one thing to do with our cause.

  3. Lastrealindian on

    Jar Stead, maybe ‘you’ need to call the 911 for the police and that is sad. I never call the police unless their is an auto accident and someone is hurt, or, fire. I am pro gun and I come prepared every time. All the talk you have about running the police down to just pieces of shit, is just plain wrong. If we are doing our best to have marijuana “RE-LEGALIZED”

  4. Lastrealindian on

    Jams, I know you have an excellent point about how truly bad the truly bad cops are in fact. Thugs with fing badges!!! Dude, I agree with what you are saying. I just know that there really are some good cops out there and not everyone of them are bad. There already is enough bad in this world without bad pigs… Your point is made.

  5. We now have an App: 420 LAWS which among other features, the Panic Button is really #1. out going message to the person being pulled over. #2. a recording device that is saved on the iCloud and can not be erased by the police. Protect your Rights! because: “No one belongs in Jail for Marijuana” 1800420laws.com

  6. LEARNtheTRUTH on

    This is actually kind of amusing. I believe I may have called it both. Semantics aside, even if I did call it marijuana, is that REALLY the point of this issue? Is that really all you have gotten out of this? That’s pretty sad if so.

    And cannabis is not equatable to video games. Cannabis induces changes in the brain by modification of the reward pathways (nucleus accumbens and ventromedial tegmental area) that video games do not. Video games produce the majority of neurological alterations in the amygdala. These regions are not equivalent. One alters the fundamental reward mechanisms in the brain, the other induces changes in the fear processing, and one of the emotional processing regions. They are not equal. Cannabis is about as addictive as coffee. That is a much better example, still gets the point across that cannabis isn’t very addictive, and is actually factually correct as evidenced by scientific study and statistical variation significance. Regardless, withdrawal only occurs because of the modifications to these reward pathways.

    Do you even know the neurological mechanism of action behind cannabis?
    It actually induces its rewarding effects by stimulating mu opioid receptors in the nucleus accumbens. This is the exact same set of receptors that heroin and all opiates work on. It does not occupy as many receptors, nor does it have the same activity as heroin because it is only a partial agonist for CB1 receptors, thus the binding affinity is low, and so the effects will be lessened, not to mention it works through a G-protein coupled receptor which means its mechanism is not direct, so much of the activity will result in increased or reduced firing in other neuronal regions. But they do actually work, in the end, on the same receptors to cause increased release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and alteration in the VTA to reduce the concentration of dopaminergic presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons. To the same magnitude? Of course not. But the fact of the matter is they are both addictive.

    And there is no “back-pedalling”. Cannabis is undeniably habit forming and has withdrawal symptoms. And so does heroin. There was no statement in either response to say the addictions were equal in any way but if really you want to debate the fact that they are both addictive, then you clearly do not accept factual, irrefutable information, and there is no point to continuing this conversation until you are are willing to do so. If one were to follow your logic, then my statement would be saying all of the drugs I listed were equal, which is clearly not correct and is not something I have ever said. Each drug needs to be evaluated based on its own potential. You are clearly missing the point of all of this information, which is too bad. You have taken one statement, which clearly wasn’t specific enough for you to understand, and made it into the end all, be all, which is pointless at best.

    As I said, you should read. Then you might have some clue. Better yourself through learning. Arbitrary and otherwise uninformed statements, coupled with the pointless arguments you are trying to continue is not only useless, but detracts from the legitimacy of your responses. Instead of learning and using actual science, you seem to rely on natural logic and widely perpetuated misinformation. Read some real scientific literature, as I suggested. The books I listed are very informative and rely on scientific and mathematical proof. I doubt you will read them based on the responses you have posted, but you should if you actually want to have any idea of what you are talking about.

  7. You called it marijuana. Not cannabis. Addictive potential closer to video games than heroin. Nice backpedal attempt, though.

  8. Just saying, he put a comma in there for a reason. “…doughnut, cop” is a lot different that “doughnut cop”

  9. WMC – you’ve pretty much summed up the entire story and futility of this LE tactic.

  10. “Righteous” are you kidding me? Nobody deserves to die righteously. Yes he had a criminal record but thats does not mean he deserves to die. The cops could have shot out a fire or something, but not him. Ignorant people.

  11. Well done my new friend. Unfortunately, the mind you seek to educate has an even larger disorder than any mentioned in your diatribe above. This person has the worst disorder any human can suffer; a “closed mind.”

  12. Last Indian – law enforcement needs a serious overhaul. I could place a call to the local police and it is highly unlikely that they would respond in any “life-saving” capacity or timely manner. Try it sometime and see how long it takes to get a response from a 911 call.

    If L.E. are busy doing “reverse stings” with drug addicts, they won’t have the resources to respond quickly. Most of these police in “Narcotics” teams are simply confiscating drugs, money, and vehicles to further their solvency. I saw a video on YouTube where the “team” was running operations to achieve the above objectives… and they were proud of the number of vehicles they were seizing (and the Year/Make/Model).

    I’m not saying that this is how all LE operates, however; you have to admit that decriminalization presents a serious threat to their job security and the monetizing of the prison systems.

  13. Another shining example of our country’s failed drug policy/s. What threat did these crackheads really present? Now, a human being is dead and the circumstances (when the real shooting began) can only be confirmed by 4 “suspended with pay” L.E. officials.

    What is the real cost of paying 4 officers to sit around and do nothing but play video games? I have a serious problem with any “reverse sting” operation where the police sell previously confiscated drugs to “round up” drug users. These people should be in treatment, not incarcerated. This is the equivalent of “stuffing the ballot box” to further over-crowd the courts/jail system/s.

    ALL OF THIS NONSENSE needs to end. Decriminalize Cannabis and make it legal for folks to grow at home.

  14. LEARNtheTRUTH on

    Its interesting that you think you can assess my intelligence from a few sentences, or even that entire post. That is impossible to do accurately.

    Cannabis and heroin are both addictive. That is a scientific fact. That is why they were grouped together, along with many other addictive compounds, as it was the criterion I was referring to. I am not saying their addiction potential is equal, or that they are equivalent in any way, except that they are both addictive. This is a minute detail in the major point which I am getting at, which is that we need to view addictive drug use as a mental health disorder, not an ethical, moral, or criminal issue. I also said that cannabis is not a perfect example because it does indeed have many medicinal benefits.

    I am not sure whether you are referring to actual MDMA which is a specific molecule, or people who claim they take Molly or Ecstacy, which are vernacular terms and consist of a plethora of phenethylamine derivatives. This is sometimes mixed with some form of amphetamine, in the latter especially, for a more stimulatory effect. Ecstacy is usually in tablet form and thus it is impossible to know the actual constituents except by GC/MS. MDMA is a specific molecule, 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, re-discovered by Alexander Shulgin around 1976. MDMA could only induce dependence in large quantities over long periods of time. It is, however, nearly impossible to use pure, actual, MDMA for more than two consecutive days even at reasonable dosing. This is because MDMA induces complete tachyphylaxis in serotenergic neurons very very rapidly, so there would be little to no effect. Additionally, the return to neural homeostatic levels of serotonin takes an extremely long time. It simply wont work in that manner, because it cannot work. MDMA is actually ranked as having an equivalent or lower level of actual harm than cannabis, in several studies.
    I’m not sure I agree with that, but you get the point, I hope. I know many, many people who have used MDMA recreationally, but only use it sparingly and without any dependence or habit forming issues. I do not know anyone who takes “Ecstasy” tablets, but I imagine they are not the same at all.

    Why would I spell it “marihuana”? That is fairly irrelevant. The scientific name for the plant, as given to it by Carolus Linnaeus in 1753 is Cannbis Sativa and thus I will call it by its scientific name because I prefer to do so.

    If you are really curious about all these things, I would recommend reading
    Psychopharmacology: Drugs, Behavior and the Brain by Jerrold Meyer and Linda Quenzer. You will also probably want to read Physiology of Behavior by Neil Carson before, otherwise the majority of what is discussed in the psychopharmacology book will have little to no context.

  15. Lastrealindian on

    Sure there are racist lazy cops. NOT all police are like the ones you write about in a totally negative way. Without the “cops” your ass just might not be writing anything to anyone… If you really believe the puke you wrote, then, you had better never NEED a fing “cop”! Just maybe to save your someone in your families’ life. Maybe you.

  16. You sounded intelligent until you grouped cannabis with heroin(why didn’t you just spell it “marihuana”) and claimed that MDMA isn’t addictive( i know of a few E-tards who would claim otherwise)

  17. ChronicLogic on

    What? You aren’t reporting shit. You show your fucking ignorance by improperly using the term “terroristic threat”. His statement has nothing to do with terror, and he wasn’t making a threat.This dude isn’t going to do shit, and you know it. You just want to play like you are some prohibitionist piece of shit, who owns governance over the “interwebs”. By the way, where did you stupid (R) fuckers come up with that dumbass fucking term anyway. I say fuck you, and your exclusionary, supremacist, tattletale attitude. I left the US, because of holier than thou fucks like you. Report ME bitch. I smoke weed, I consume homemade spirits, I grow plants, I cut poppies in Prague, and roll my own hash. Nobody here gives a fuck. No one takes piss tests for employment here either. Not AVG, Honeywell, Motorola, AT&T, or any other big blue-chip company. Come the fuck on, and get ME, my door is always open. I’ll be waiting for your SEAL Team, kid.

  18. ChronicLogic on

    Stupid fuck. The one time someone actually uses punctuation properly, you have to fuck it all up, and prove that punctuation doesn’t matter.

  19. LOL fail. 99.9999% of the tips submitted are from people complaining about their neighbors dogs barking, psychotics who think the FBI is following them, and a sophisticated botnet submitting bogus tips to send them on a wild goose chase.

  20. WASHINGTON DC Sept 6 1990 — Casual drug users “ought to be taken out and shot,” Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates told a Senate hearing Wednesday on the first anniversary of the Bush Administration’s war on drugs.

  21. LOL. 99.999999% of the tips submitted to tips.fbi.gov are from people complaining about the neighbors dogs barking, psychotics who think the FBI is following them, and a botnet that continuously, automatically, and programmatically submits fake tips to send them on a wild goose chase.

  22. I’ve never eaten a “doughnut cop” before. Don’t even know where to buy one.

  23. Americans are fed up with racist, lazy, asshole cops getting fat off our tax dollars. They have used the power that we gave them to victimize us. Change is coming:

    Disband the DEA.
    Citizen review boards for police retention/review and complaints in every jurisdiction.
    Psychological testing and standards for all law enforcement.
    Increased education requirements.
    Body cameras worn while on duty.
    Five year probationary period for all newly hired officers.

  24. LEARNtheTRUTH on

    You are embarrassing yourself. It is better to remain silent and let
    everyone think you a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm it. Do not
    tell others to “get educated” when you clearly do not have any
    understanding of ethics, morality, justice or the current mechanisms and
    rhetoric via which “Drug Enforcement” is handled. Do some reading about
    drug harm versus actual prohibition laws and perhaps read The United
    Nations Global Convention on Drug Policy, where individuals who are in
    fact PhD holding authors, with degrees in psychology, social policy, and
    neuroscience comment on, and vigorously condemn the failure of the drug
    war, as well as the unrelenting harm it causes to otherwise ethical
    individuals. People who are significantly more educated than you
    maintain this not as an opinion, but as a provable and demonstrable fact
    using statistics and science. If you observe unbiased statistics, there
    is simply only one conclusion:

    That we are waging a war on a mental health disorder. Because of the stigma associated with mental
    health disorder in this country, it is accepted and even applauded by some of
    the most uninformed and bigoted individuals. Drug abuse is a mental
    health disorder which consists of compulsive behaviors that have
    diminishing returns, in which the individuals continue to follow these
    patterns of use, despite negative side effects. The ability to stop is
    often not possible because drugs are very commonly used by individuals
    to self medicate already existing mental health disorders, whether it be
    depression, anxiety, or even just the vicious cycle of withdrawal
    itself.The fact of the matter is that mental health disorders are very
    much a real thing, and to persecute individuals for having mental health
    disorders is much akin to prosecuting someone because they have cancer.
    The number of factors that contribute to both cancer and drug abuse is
    staggering, and to say that either should be criminal is simply
    incorrect, uninformed, and otherwise preposterous to anyone who has an
    appreciable understanding about these issues.

    President Richard Nixon was elected on a “Lets get tough on Drugs campaign” which perfectly
    coincided with the hippie counterculture movement and gave
    authoritarian individuals the “right” to arrest individuals for
    otherwise completely harmless actions, such as using drugs. If you think LSD is actually
    harmful, then you really need to read some scientific literature.
    Physiologically, LSD is the safest drug on the planet, perhaps besides
    psilocybin, the active compound of many hallucinogenic mushrooms. Why
    then, would it be illegal? If you don’t understand, re-read the first
    sentence of this paragraph. If you still don’t believe me, read the
    recent Norwegian study which found that “In general, use of psychedelics
    does not appear to be particularly dangerous when compared to other activities considered to have
    acceptable safety.”

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2015/03/08/Psychedelic-drugs-not-linked-to-mental-health-problems/6941425853359/#ixzz3UIwxF2mx

    While psychedelics have considerably less harm than say, crack cocaine, in
    fact they are scheduled by our government in the same way, obviously
    reinforcing the fact that drugs are not regulated based on their actual
    observable harm, but instead by stigma, the media, and the idea of
    social control. In the intellectual community (and yes, I am qualified by my degree to
    make this statement), we differentiate between drugs based on whether or
    not it is an “addictive medicine” such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana,
    alcohol, tobacco, ketamine and the like, or a “dependence free medicine”
    such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, MDMA and such related compounds.
    As you have read above the dependence free medicines have been
    consistently demonstrated to have an absolutely safe level of use, and
    quite a bit of true medicinal potential, such as curing alcoholism or
    PTSD. Thus, to say that using psychedelics is a mental health disorder
    is likely to be incorrect. They should simply be regarded medicinally.
    Why is it then, that we keep them illegal? It is simply impossible to
    argue, given the state of the science, that it is for public safety.

    Medicines (and yes, ALL drugs are medicines) that have the potential to induce
    dependence (addictive medicines) would qualify an individual to have a
    mental health disorder in and of itself, and very likely independent of
    the drug use. For example, the vast majority of individuals who smoke
    marijuana (Cannabis, as it should be called to avoid racial slander) on a
    daily basis generally report that they feel either depressed mood or
    anxiety. Thus they might have depression and or an anxiety disorder
    (neurologically they are extremely difficult to tease apart) that they
    are self medicating and which could, and should be treated via a more
    effective mechanism, if one is available. Often, one is not. Cannabis is
    not a great example because it indeed has many medicinal effects, and
    treats many types of illness both physical and mental, often far better
    than the medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. This
    being said, its use can certainly have negative consequences, regardless
    of its legal status.

    A better example would be akin to an individual who uses crack or powder cocaine to treat their depression.
    This is likely to be an ineffective treatment mechanism, owing to the
    bodies ability to build tolerance in terms of behavior, pharmacodynamics
    and pharmacokinetics. Cocaine, while it does produce intense euphoria,
    (the antithesis of depression) is also extremely habit forming
    psychologically, and can lead to an array of health problems. In this
    instance, the individual should seek medical assistance to better treat
    whatever disorder (physical or mental) it is that causes them to use
    powder cocaine or crack. In this way, prohibition and criminalization is
    simply not an effective mechanism as it creates an unfriendly, hostile,
    stigmatized and uninformed environment for them to seek that help.

    Anyone who has an actual grasp on reality, reason, and logic can understand
    this. It is simply not debatable and any debate is a complete waste of
    time. It has already been proven. If you don’t understand, you should
    probably “get educated” yourself, by doing some reading of unbiased,
    scientifically informed studies, like the one I mentioned earlier,
    published by the United Nations.

    Furthermore, regardless of this persons past, they should not have been shot. That is wrong, and the
    officers who executed him should be in prison, just like any other
    person would be if they had shot this man.
    The police are a gang. Unfortunately, they are not out for public defense, nor are they out to
    help anyone. If they truly wanted to help people, they would either join
    the Peace Core, or practice medicine. Anyone who seeks to place his or
    her self above the law and above others is likely to have an authority
    complex and in the interest of justice and peace, should not be allowed
    to do so. This is too idealistic, however, for the current state of
    global consciousness.

    Assuming law enforcement will exist for some
    time, if they were actually interested in helping the public, this type of
    “operation” would be ridiculed, laughed at, and then dismissed as lunacy. The police are simply a legal, government approved gang that does not have to answer for their crimes. It is
    rather amusing, in a sick and perverted sort of way, that many of the
    least educated, and most bigoted individuals have the greatest power
    over the public domain.

    Finally, countries such as Portugal, which have legalized all drugs for personal
    use, are actually experiencing an incredible drop in the rates of drug
    use, as well as drug associated crimes. Correlation does not prove
    causation, obviously, but it makes perfectly logical sense; because the
    stigma and fear are gone, people can seek help, and find more effective
    ways to feel comfortable on the oh so fear ridden planet we live on.
    Marginalizing these individuals, as we do by making them criminals, only
    exacerbates the problem.

    If you really cannot grasp what I am saying that is very sad. I feel very sorry for you if you do not
    understand. The world must be an incredibly scary place for you. It is for
    everyone, of course, but to not have the ability to objectively assess logic,
    reason, statistics, and science would induce, for me at least, utterly
    horrifying fear.

  25. Gay bashers use the same tactics as Florida cops. They pretend to be homosexuals to lure some gay guy into a secluded place and then beat the crap out of him. What is the difference between these cops and the gay bashers?

  26. Rob is psychic too, he can tell how much pot you smoke. Not to mention his ability to psychologically profile someone from a comment. A regular Uberman.

  27. Punctuation AND typos! Is there anything you won’t police, Roy? You got the binoculars on your neighbours windows too?

  28. You’ve got to be the biggest dumbass on the entire internet for making a terroristic threat and then giving your name and email. I’ll forward this on to the FBI. Expect a knock on your door soon. Better get rid of all your drugs or you’ll not only be going to prison for making a terroristic threat against a law enforcement agency, but you’ll also be doing time for drug possession.

  29. All cops aren’t bad and the whole system isn’t bad but I understand your frustration

  30. Right now the cops are on THIS page. They’re on paid vacation for committing murder and got nothing better to do than troll us.

  31. So other than being ecstatically happy that the cops shot someone that you’ve judged as lesser than human, you have nothing in your bag of hot air other than an ambush punctuation lesson. Go back to your toy box Ron!?%#&!?

  32. What does a righteous shooting sound like? Does it sound different than an unrighteous shooting? No really, what does it sound like? Does it sound like Angel’s harps? Does it sound like Mozart? Are you the shooting whisperer? This filthy drug war, with corrupt and trigger happy cops on the take going after the low hanging fruit, that seems ok to you? Or in your terminology, that “sounds” ok with you? But hey you’re the “sound” expert, right?

  33. “By your standard of a “righteous” shooting, whatever that means, the police could summarily execute anyone over a traffic violation.”
    Now you are just acting stupid! Get educated.

  34. Guess you don’t know what a question mark means…
    Punctuation mark (?) indicating a question.
    useUsed to express doubt or uncertainty about something.

  35. Criminal record or not the police aren’t judge, jury and executioner. By your standard of a “righteous” shooting, whatever that means, the police could summarily execute anyone over a traffic violation. And to harass the family of a shooting victim online is as low as a coward could get. Go back to playing with yourself Rob, these big boy topics elude you.

  36. im for following cops to there homes and giving them a taste of a pre dawn raid. you know, smash their wives faces to the floor, shoot a family pet or two, break some stuff, take the money out of the house, you know, eye for an eye since all is fair in war.

  37. sold pot for 10 plus years and never held a gun. ever. and to my knowledge that is the norm… why use a gun when it only leads to hurting yourself and others… oh wait, because you want to be a cop.

  38. we the people need to set up a raid on the police. we kinda out number them… someone look it up, im busy, but to my best guess there are only a few million cops TOPS… we are between 25- 50 million strong and getting stronger. why are we letting them continue to assault us, kill us, take our families, shoot our dogs, rob us of property and dignity all while trying to hide? Personally! I want to get a group up of maybe a 1000 or so and we go burn the DEA museum to the ground. WE didn’t let the Nazi buildings and statues stand after the war, why would we let these neo- Nazi racists keep a shrine that represents all the pain they caused us for the last 78 years?
    if your for it. email me at johnhunterplayer@gmail.com
    stop being scared people. our founders wouldn’t stand for this, we are only doing the world a disservice allowing these cowards to go unchecked.

  39. For those who are slow on the uptake….

    ” Andy had previous charges for drugs, fleeing, eluding, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer.”
    Seems Andy had a criminal past that fits with what the cops are saying what happened. If Andy had no criminal past, I would look at the cops a little harder. But it looks like this is a pattern of behavior for Andy. Eluding, resisting and battery on a law enforcement officer. Sounds like a righteous shooting to me.

  40. And the police wonder why nobody respects them anymore. I suppose the haters still like the police but that’s because they’re on the same page.

  41. even if he was no angel thats not the point what happened should not happpen to someone buying weed yoo (they just lazy and soft always looking for the easyiest catch of the day) bastardzz*

  42. NONE of us are “angels”. And for you to be justifying this brutality, to his family, that’s low.
    You’re a cop, aren’t you?

  43. Point 1. “we are trying to get the answers & respect that we need. As the story mentions, the news didn’t even mention Andy’s name, or the fact that he was dead.”

    They didn’t mention his name because like you said… It took them 13 hours to find and notify his family. You are crying for respect, but the police gave you the respect when they didn’t let the world know he was dead before letting the family know. The police could have disrespected you and let the family find out he was dead on the news.

    Point 2. “Andy does not own a car”

    Did he steal or borrow the blue SUV that he was driving then?

    What kind of previous criminal record did Andy have? How many previous run ins with the law did he have? I’ll answer that for you. Andy had previous charges for drugs, fleeing, eluding, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer.
    Andy was no angel.

  44. Where is the video tape? wearing a body camera is the only thing that will keep the police honest. and let there be no excuse for ever shutting it off other than to go into the bathroom.

  45. Friggin dirt bag drama queens with badges. They are the ones that need to be locked up.

  46. I am sorry for your loss, this should never happen to anyone in this country. The police should never sell drugs or commit any felonies in order to make arrests. And the shooting was completely unjustified. How far could he have even gotten after hitting a tree? These criminal police officers need to be held accountable.

  47. This man is my cousin & my family and I are still trying to figure out the missing peices to this puzzle. Andy does not own a car, every news story is saying the car belonged to him. It took them 13 hours to notify my family, & when they did, they first went to the wrong family thinking they killed another man (the one who the car belonged to). Sadly there were no witnesses but we are trying to get the answers & respect that we need. As the story mentions, the news didn’t even mention Andy’s name, or the fact that he was dead. Only on the deputy’s condition. That’s not even fair.

  48. This man, Andy, is my cousin. My family and I are trying to still figure out this whole thing because there are still many missing peices to this puzzle.

  49. This is just another example of DIRTY COPS in Florida and the only why to get rid of them is to give them the same treatment as they do to the victims!!! Since they think they are above the law than they need to have the worst happen to them. Like I have said before, “In GOD We Trust” but not the cops in Florida….

  50. Jordan Shorette on

    if i was that mans family i would sue every cop there and their wives/husbands for murder, there is no other way to define what took place

  51. Why is it that when 11 people die from faulty airbags the Government steps in and turns the company upside-down and fines the shit out of them and makes them compensate everyone involved but………. when out of control cops kill 11 non-violent people doing non-violent crimes nothing is said or done about it?

  52. It isn’t just the dramatic, violent cases like this one that cause Americans to dislike the police, I’ve had a lifetime of bad experiences with cops.
    The police work for us, and we need to fire most of them and rehire with a completely different set of requirements.

  53. Apparently some cops were just shot in Ferguson. Watching my brethren kill each other brings me to tears, but when incidents like this keep piling on, how on earth can I say that they’re wrong?

    If there’s any officers reading this, connect these two stories and please do the math. Now.

  54. You would think that people in power should be held to higher standards than the common citizen. Those enforcing the laws should be treated with the highest penalties, but instead are near immune to them.

  55. These cops didn’t offer to sell drugs, they SOLD drugs. They sold drugs and then busted the buyers for possession.

  56. This is a pathetic use of police time How many violent crimes happened while they was killing this person. It was just pot.

  57. If the officer offers the drugs or sex first, it’s entrapment.

    Otherwise, it’s all about the money. The sex doesn’t need to be had, the money doesn’t need to exchange hands. All it takes is a verbal or written agreement. If the officer is stupid enough to have sex with you without requesting the money, and you don’t mention it, you win. However, if they’re actually a prostitute and you walk out without paying, you may wish you had.

    However, it’s unclear from the article whether they actively advertised/asked people if they wanted stuff, or stood in areas frequented by dealers and waited for people to ask them.

    It’s still going to be a case of officer testimony vs “criminal” testimony, and sadly judges tend to side with the people who are providing them with a constant revenue stream.

  58. He obviously was no high time drug dealer. If he had to buy off the streets, he didn’t even have felony amounts at time of arrest. Why waste tax payer dollars on this? Four policemen for a low end drug bust? This screams bull-shit. Let’s pay 4 cops salary to get just over 10 people arrested overnight at most. Makes sense.

    From a business standpoint that’s stupid. But jails shouldn’t be run from a business standpoint… Oh wait, we’re in America where prisons are for profit. Nevermind my whole rant.

  59. And the police wonder why so many people distrust or hate them. These penny-ante drug stings only reinforce the public’s distrust of the police. So what the police are actually doing is if you are not currently in the process of committing a crime, we’ll help you out and get you involved in a crime and then arrest or kill you in the process.

  60. Have you ever heard of a case where the police officer actually HAD sex for money and then busted the john? That’s the legal equivalent of what these officers did.

  61. This is in relation to a prostitution sting, but it applies.-

    “Unfortunately, many courts have found that these types of law enforcement sting operations are not entrapment because courts have decided that the defendant’s willingness to contact the service providers, which is the law enforcement officer, and then arrive at the location constitute a manifestation of the defendant’s pre-existing intent or willingness to engage in the prohibited conduct.”

    I’m not sure how this sting was done. If the officers approached the people and asked if they wanted to buy drugs, it is 100% entrapment.

    As far as prostitution, if they ask for money without you mentioning it, it’s entrapment. But chances are if you’re smart to that and call out the officer, you’ll have violently resisted arrest/assaulted an officer and also face imminent death.

  62. In this case the cops can’t even justify their actions by saying “we took drugs off the street” Because, they PUT these drugs on the street.

  63. Cops have nothing better to do than set up poor people and bust them for a nickel bag of weed? If they have no other serious crime to fill their work day then they should be laid off. Fact is, there are serious crimes taking place somewhere in the vicinity of their little sting operation, but they are too busy trying to put someone in jail for a nickel bag to stop the smash and grabs, car jackings or armed robberies happening down the street.

  64. Jordan Shorette on

    this is ridiculous on all levels they also have legs to go along with those firearms if the guy had to back up then go forward that means he had to make a dead stop plenty of time to move out of the way not open fire bc he might get away. what the hell is wrong with these cops

  65. The article is correct about this reverse sting crap. It just makes the cops look like snakes (seems to be the standard for law enforcement nowadays). Their sole purpose was to go out and try to make somebody break the law, and then arrest them for it, so what is the purpose? Interestingly enough, maybe if I ask it like this: Cops are trying to trick people into buying drugs, yet not trying to trick people into murdering/stealing from people, so doesn’t this just make it look like a money farming scheme? Go to jail for a short period of time, prey off their common vice again. Snake. Then they HAD to shoot the guy, no other options…yeah sure…makes sense.

  66. When cops run a prostitution sting, they don’t actually COMMIT prostitution; they merely suggest the possibility of sex. These cops clearly violated the law. And when you kill someone in the course of committing a crime, it’s murder.

  67. These cops should all be arrested for Distribution of Narcotics, Conspiracy, Using a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, and Murder. Police are not above the law.

  68. He was fleeing from armed criminals. Even if he had hit one of them it would have been self- defense.

  69. Because the Drug War is racist?

    “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

  70. And there is always:

    “I feared for my life”
    “Furtive movement”
    “Reached for his waist band”
    “Refused to follow orders”

  71. I am all for cops making it home to their families at the end of the day. One of the many problems I have with this is that I have watched so many shows from the series “COPS” and almost every time when a suspect tries to flee in a vehicle and they have to drive by a cop. The cop will almost always claim that the suspect tried to hit them even when it was clear on the video that it wasn’t the case.

  72. Police love drug laws, investigating real crime would require them to actually put in some work. In this case the cops actually COMMITTED the crime of Distribution of Narcotics,
    then busted their customers. This allowed them to make several felony arrests without doing ANY investigations. And even the cartels avoid killing their own customers.

  73. The concept of small time drug stings makes me sick. The amount of tax payer dollars spent on these stings is not at all worth the end result. Just watch these Florida cops at work doing their little drug stings on the television show ‘Cops’. You have at least 4 or 5 cops and 2 or 3 vehicles involved in these operations, just to arrest some hapless person trying to buy a nickel bag of weed that the cops are trying to sell them. Then there are the court costs and the costs to feed and house the offender in jail. After all that, the arrestee is back on the street 24 hours later and not one bit ‘cured’ of his or her desire to but another nickel bag of weed. So exactly what did the cops or the taxpayers really gain from this exercise in futility other than giving another person a criminal record?

  74. Why is it that when cops shoot and kill an unarmed white man the media doesn’t mention his race, but every time they shoot a black man the media wants to make sure you know that he was a black man?

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