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Florida Dems Add Medical Marijuana To Ballot To Boost Voter Turnout


Florida medical marijuanaFlorida Democrats are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would put medical marijuana on the state’s ballot this November. If the initiative passes, Florida would become the first southern state to legalize some form of marijuana usage. Recent Battleground polls have shown widespread support, especially among young voters.

In a previous MPP blog post, we discussed how about 70% of voters (nationwide) would be more likely to vote this fall if marijuana was on the ballot, and how midterm elections traditionally have lower voter turnout, especially with young voters and liberals. In the 2012 elections, Washington and Colorado both saw significant spikes in voter turnout, possibly due to marijuana being on the ballot. If Florida follows suit, it will be a testament to marijuana’s spillover effect.

Florida Democrats are hoping it “could have a marginal impact,” which doesn’t sound like much, but “a marginal impact in Florida could be the difference between winning and losing,” according to Steve Schale, a Democratic consultant who managed Obama’s Florida campaign in 2008.

A recent Republican victory in a special House election last month typified the Democrats’ turnout problem. The St. Petersburg-area district has 2.4 percent more registered Republicans than Democrats, but GOP voters outnumbered Democrats by eight percentage points, according to election results.

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  2. Yes on 2!
    As a physician I strongly support medical cannabis.
    It is imperative that you vote!

  3. lol, Yes Scott should be Gone and We Floridians Will X Him out next Election, you wait and see! My Hubby and I were Petition circulaters and the Majority of registered voters want him gone even with out the cannabis arguement

  4. hey, your vote alone doesn’t cut it but OUR Votes Will make it come to life! i and my Hubby are voting YES!

  5. Dam spanky right! Florida all ready has a law that even Floridians are unaware of re: cannabis. If U have a Good Lawyer and a Dr. that says the positives out weigh the negatives for you to have and use it, there ain’t much they can say….

  6. Perhaps you need to read the words written , we are not in disagreement, this is not a confrontation, but an exchange of ideas, my point again is, this is not a party line vote, if rick scott was a democrat I would still vote him out, because he is a bad leader as well as a crook, even poor uneducated people know this, an it was voter apathy that got him elected, we need everyone to vote on this. The party system has failed us. Dem. And rep. Failed to represent the people that’s why we had to petition this law to override our corrupt politicians, because they are sitting so hard on the fence of the status quo, the fence post are stuck up their bums I meant no disrespect or mean to insult you.,,,I even liked your comment, I don’t know what the he’ll these other people are talking about mother Mary Jane and PhD gay sex videos , perhaps that some sick kind of mockery

  7. I am not passing judgement on someone for being gay and doing gay porn dressed up as jesus, and doing animals and children. Each to their own, AS they say

  8. Mother Mary Jane Cuntis Gapus on

    I am not passing judgement on someone for being gay and doing gay porn dressed up as jesus, and doing animals and children. Each to their own

  9. Uncle Arthur on

    You said that the Gov and Pam Bondi should stay out of the way, and I replied that the best way is to vote them out: That was my point and I’m sorry that it got lost on you. I’m just having a conversation, please don’t turn onto a confrontation.

  10. The democrats will get over it. Let’s just let the healing begin for christ sakes. Is there any other bill that’s trying to get passed that I should know about that could either enhance or prevent 2’s victory? What about other types beside Scott and Bondi?

  11. I don’t know what you point is , yes vote the crook out, he doesn’t care about poor people he turned down federal funding for health and vowed to not let mmj in this state. My point is politicians are not motivated by some benevolent warm fuzzy feeling. They are drivin by re-election, power and money. That’s why I am a democrat but have voted other. That’s called integrity. Nixon won because the d party wasn’t doing their job. Vote if you don’t do anything else, Vote , everybody vote, I am blind and crippled, I still vote, no one has an excuse to not vote if you haven’t lost your right

  12. I live in FL and I am voting yes on # 2 and scott and bondi OUT!!!!! Both refuse Medical Marijuana and even tried to stop the people of Florida to vote on the matter. You let the people of the state speak and have a fair vote…not silence them and make that decision for them.

  13. I really hate that this has become Dems vs Reps when so many people are in dire need of the medicinal qualities associated with cannabis. The fact that Charlie Crist works for John Morgan’s law firm could be a problem. I hope not. When he was governor before he got in line with all of the other political sheep and did not keep his promises.
    When I became of legal voting age my two choices were Nixon or McGovern. Nixon was already a legendary asshole by that time and so I listened to McGovern and came away with the opinion that he was a liar and no better. They all were and are. So, since 1972 I have never even bothered to registered to vote. Until now. I will certainly be voting yes on amendment 2. I don’t think my one vote will make a difference given that the bill has to pass by 60% of the votes even if it is on the up and up. But it is something I believe in.

  14. If Florida medical marijuana advocates are serious about keeping Gov. Scott out the way, they would vote his sorry ass out. I’m not saying that because Scott is a Republican mind you, I am saying that because he’s a first class jerk.

  15. This is not a democratic issue, it’s bipartisan, a nd was not sponsored by the democratic party, it was sponsored by United’s for care, which is funded by John Morgan who is involved with the democrats. The democratic party has been stymied by the republicans on this mater, and many others. What’s just as important is if the voters win, to not let the governor or pam bondi get in the way of implementation

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