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Florida Governor Scott’s Marijuana Mistake


united for care florida medical marijuanaI received the following message from the Florida campaign:

On Saturday, Governor Scott signed a bill making medical marijuana legal for people who can prove they’re dying within 12 months.

The law is a total mistake, and here’s why:

By passing this illogical, limited bill which does nothing for the vast majority of patients (whether they are dying or not), Scott and his cronies in the legislature will try to say they’ve already passed medical marijuana and therefore we don’t need Amendment 2.

They probably think this law gets them off the hook and/or will distract the public into thinking the job’s done.

They’re wrong. While they’ve acknowledged that marijuana is medicine, the new law does nothing for people who are fighting to stay alive, who need marijuana to help inspire hunger and alleviate pain, or alleviate life threatening (but not necessarily fatal) seizures. The new law denies medical marijuana to soldiers with PTSD and to those with MS.

Amendment 2 gives access to those who are seriously debilitated, whether or not they are dying within an arbitrary period of time.

We MUST pass Amendment 2 for those patients and more. Please support our efforts and our drive for 1000 new donations between now and April 30.  We only have 755 to go!

Click here to support our 1000 donor drive with a contribution of any size.
Thank you for everything you’re doing to support medical marijuana in Florida.

– Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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  1. @ Billy Bob Merkowitz: Actually the CBD thing just took a long time to start being used. My friend’s wife was prescribed it back in October or November (I forget the exact date) of last year foe her seizures and the only difficulty was finding pharmacies that carried it and took her insurance because most don’t have it in stock. Many just wouldn’t, and the few that did would have to custom order it and it could take a week or 2 to arrive. She just started buying it at a local vape shop instead. Cheaper and more readily available. Still… This “only if dying” thing is utter BS.

  2. The amendment will win, but nothing will happen or a legislative non-momentum scenario will ensue. As has been proven in the past 2 years. Dear Gov. If I had 12 months to live, do you think I give a shit about asking for your permission. Which would probably take 10 months to get. If I had 5 years to live, I still would not give a shit. Life unto itself “Is an STD and it’s a Terminal Disease”,, therefore I qualify.
    It was made mandatory that they all attended the Chis Christie Marijuana Seminar by orders from Walt Disney.
    Afterwards Walt Disney called Scott, many legislators, as well as others and left a voice messages on their phones. He said “No” and hung-up. He also texted them also.

  3. antoinette nardelli on

    Hi…the only thing with the new law that is up for passing good’ol Gov. Scott is making it so you must be within so many months of death, non-compassionate, doesn’t care about what cannabis can do…I. just left there in 2015, now in Oregon. MUCH better here, for so many reasons! Oregon rules ?

  4. I can attest to Florida being beautiful as is Louisiana and eastern Texas and the hill country in Texas when it is green. Some of the south is breath-taking, but I just couldn’t live there. The political atmosphere is painful at best.
    The people will have to make a stand of 60% to win and I believe there is the will to override sickly corruption. The people almost did it with limited nationwide publicity last time [58%], but this time the states that are changing want to see more change. Go go Florida voters!!!! Let’s topple this farce by pushing over a key state in the south. It would be a sick win.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Scott only has one vote on this in November, like everyone else.
    Congratulations on moving from a fascist state to a free state.

  6. antoinette nardelli on

    He’ll never allow it. It’ll fail again. Glad I don’t live there anymore, Scott is an embarrassment to Florida. He just doesn’t get it, never will. I feel so bad for those who have no choice but to stay there. I’ve overcome SO much since leaving there. Thank you ?, Oregon, for everything…is all I can say ?

  7. Billy Bob Merkowitz on

    Two years ago, Florida Legislature and Governor Scott, passed legislation legalizing “Low THC, High CBD” Medical Marijuana for use by Children suffering epileptic seizures, and others who could benefit from the Medicinal Qualities of this amazing drug. http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/office-of-compassionate-use/ In the two years since this legislation’s passage, the number of people who have received and been helped by using this drug in the State of Florida are staggering. Would you like to guess exactly how many people have received this life saving drug since passage? If you guessed any number other than ZERO, you are incorrect. No One… Not One Single Patient, has received this medicine. The program is a complete Farce. A Sham. A shining example of the bungling ineptitude of our State Legislators in action, and the Incompetent Governmental Bureaucracy they have built.

    NOW, in an attempt to do an end run around Amendment 2, they’ve added Medical Marijuana with a High THC content to the “Compassionate Use” legislation, and provided it’s use as a compassionate act, to those of us with less than a year to live.

    The people who will benefit from this newly passed Legislation are currently healthy, and have yet to be diagnosed with a disease that would qualify them for it’s use.

    Florida is an amazing State. It is absolutely Beautiful. It has the best climate in the Continental United States, and it has the most insanely mentally challenged legislature you could ever ask for. I’d just like to know WHY anyone would ask for the moronic legislature we have today.

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    Scott doesn’t give a shit about alcohol and tobacco, or the people who need medical marijuana, including the people who need it to reduce their use of prescription opiates. He’s just trying to let off some steam from the pressure cooker. Pretty sure it’s too little too late.

  9. TheSinnedAngel on

    Their first draft was even worse.
    They proposed to only make it legal for those people who have already died.
    Fucking idiots!!! is right.
    The Sinned Angel

  10. So Scott thinks he’s pretty smart, taking the quick and thoughtless direction on this issue. I wonder if he’s considered someone taking RSO in the last 12 months of their life, and suddenly they live to 13 months or longer because the Cannabis is beating their cancer. What’s the Florida government going to do to those people?? Remove the life saving medicine, because they lived too long!?!? Fucking idiots!!!!

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