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Florida Governor Signs CBD-Only Medical Marijuana Law

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2014 has been a big year for CBD-only legislation. States that aren’t normally associated with medical marijuana reform efforts have passed CBD-only medical marijuana legislation. These states include Utah and South Carolina. You can now add Florida to that list. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a CBD-only bill into law on Monday. Per Reuters:

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law on Monday allowing for the limited use of a special strain of marijuana to treat epileptic seizures and other diseases.

State lawmakers passed the measure this spring with bipartisan support after impassioned appeals from parents seeking access to the form of marijuana known as “Charlotte’s Web,” named for a Colorado girl whose epileptic seizures have shown some response to the drug.

While CBD-only legislation helps some suffering patients, it’s a far cry from real medical marijuana reform. CBD is mostly associated with helping people who suffer from epileptic seizures. However, CBD medicine only helps those patients who can actually get their hands on it, which is proving difficult in states that have passed CBD-only legislation.

Florida deserves a real medical marijuana program. A real medical marijuana program allows possession of the entire marijuana plant, and allows cultivation and safe access. The recently signed Florida legislation only helps a very limited number of patients, as most conditions do not qualify to become a medical marijuana patient. Every suffering patient in Florida needs medicine. If you live in Florida, and believe in having a real medical marijuana program, support United for Care and their Amendment 2 campaign. You can find out more about the campaign at this link here.


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  1. Anthony Castelluci on

    The media assault from local FOX news and corporate owned papers like the Tampa Tribune are the battle ground for ratification of medical cannabis laws. Both news papers and TV news stations used the term, “Florida Rejects Medical Marijuana”. But the FACT is that that bill got 58% of the votes when it needed a super majority of 60% doesn’t mean VOTERS rejected it. It means our legislature rejected it. In fact, the house speaker refused to even acknowledge the bill brought before the Florida house in 2013. So the voter ballot initiative for 2014 was fueled by this fact. I’ve personally had discussions with retired Florida Reps and they told me they thought legal recreational cannabis was a good idea for Florida. Simply on the tourism standpoint and taxes it would be a boon.

    Lived in Denver briefly to research the industry and hydroponics. While I was there I had an intuition that people would book trips to Denver and stay in a budget motel ONLY to smoke weed. Well low and behold, a friend of mine happened to tweet he was in Denver. So we met and had a great time. And the funny thing is, he was there for exactly the reason I had figured out. Freedom is popular. And people will spend money to experience it.

    Florida is already a world wide tourist destination. How amazing would the tax base be from a reasonable recreational marijuana law? I think people would forget Denver exists. Seriously! Kayaking a cold spring in Central Florida during the summer doesn’t force your body to have to deal with altitude sickness. I heard that a lot from tourists while I lived in Denver briefly.

  2. I am a Christian and I believe God created marijuana and gave it to us and then politicians and Federal Government over ruled God and took it away. Who are they to think they have this right ? This plant can cure cancers and may save my tiny grandson from a life of seizures and dangerous medications. Shame on you people trying to keep CBD and marijuana from people who need it for quality of life and shame on you Government for making so hard to get for the people who need it. Legalize it already and then we can start to make it more accessible for the patients who so desperately need it !

  3. HolisticHope FL on

    While this law was a great step in the right direction, as many have pointed out, it still isn’t in effect in Florida.

    While we wait for that to happen, you can get all the legal CBD you need right now from Holistic Hope!

    We ship everywhere in Florida as well as the rest of the country and all of our products are infused with CBD.

    For more info on CBD and how we are able to carry it right here in Florida, check out our website at http://www.holistichopefl.com or give us a call at 954-410-8956.

  4. I’m a christian and use mj for depression. Even made signs for legalizing it here in Oklahoma. Please don’t label us as the reason this isn’t passing fast enough. There are many Christians who are for this.

  5. I hear you AJ. And I do understand where you are coming from. I’m still waiting for the High CBD strains to become more available. It seems like a no-brainer. HCBD is different enough to make it worthwhile. It’s usefulness would assure demand, and I would think every outlet would be stocking it. With so many genuine herbal enthusiasts out there, it’s a shame when the business managers are that out of touch.

    And growing is not easy!! Take note, all of you hopefuls. There are so many potential mistakes to be made when you aim to produce medicinal quality cannabis. Multiple learning curves. Years of mistakes! You have to develop a flawless system of growing and processing to achieve connoisseur/medical quality.

    You sound like a thoughtful, considerate person. If we lived in the same State I’d love to have you as a regular Patient. I am so grateful for all of the legal movement taking place. I’m looking forward to a really healthy cannabis economy that works for everyone.

    Thanks to you for spelling it out.

  6. Abby Jo Ovitsky on

    not over my head, i only buy organic and ask for a laboratory test for purity

  7. Abby Jo Ovitsky on

    Valient, they can say what they want, ignorance is still ignorance. These CBD only laws help legitimize marijuana as a medicine, it is a good start to change thinking that it is a “weed” or a “gateway drug,” which my son says is still taught in high school now. I do not see how more than one state can have CBD only laws and the fed can keep marijuana on Schedule 1 at the same time, the two events are contradictory. Schedule 1 says there is no medical value at all to the substance, obviously Charlotte Figi and Florida disprove this.

  8. Abby Jo Ovitsky on

    HeyJah, I have no trust fund. My income is very limited as I am 100% disabled. I do not expect my grower has a trust fund either. Eco Firma Farms is the only local grower growing “high” CBD plants and he only sells to dispensaries. I tried to buy from him, it’s against his personal policy, he’s entitled to have a policy. He does not want to deal with individuals when he can sell 8 pounds of high CBD for cash to one out-of-town (not in Portland) dispensary, which is what he did last month. It is his crop, he is a private party, so I can’t ask him to distribute it closer to the city if he likes that particular dispensary, but I am not going to drive out there again.

    When I find someone who has what I need, I am loyal to that dispensary/grower, they see me every 3 weeks without fail so it is up to them to market to me as a CBD user. When they do not then they do not see me. If they had the CBD herb in every dispensary, at least one strain, they would eventually attract more customers. I’ve also seen at least one dispensary disappear off the map due to licensing hassles. There is no dispensary in my little town because the State closed it down. I already pay $400 a year just for the canna-medical exam and licensing permit. I already pay $240 per ounce. I already drive to go get it. I already suffer pain. Is this not enough? Why do I personally have to compensate the dispensary owner for the flakes that are not loyal? Why do I, senior citizen, low-income sick person, have to make up for bad planning, bad marketing and no lab test? I am more than willing to pay a standard price when the dispensaries bother to sell CBD cannabis and have it lab-tested, the test is $70, they only need one test for each crop, a crop worth more than $30,000. I am asking for QUALITY, for purity, in return for loyalty and payment of a standard price. When the prices go UP every month there is no quality control and the meds are not even to be found “because they are not profitable” then serving sick and alleviating pain is given a lower priority than dispensing psychoactivity.

    I am 55 years old, spent three decades working as a legal assistant and have no green thumb. Furthermore, I am deaf, no phone, no voicemail and no connections because the only growers I know of talk, only one guy uses email and he won’t sell to any individual. CBD seeds are also expensive and difficult to obtain, even from seed banks that have all sorts of high THC. This includes seed banks in Holland and UK. They do not have any CBD seeds YET. I have some that took a few weeks to arrive from Canada. Half of them did not sprout. The first two that did grow are big males. I do hope the rest are female but it takes me 90-130 days per crop, because I keep it energy-efficient, or it would be too expensive.

    I do brew beer, paint houses, bake bread, make medical edibles and I also cook my own food, clean my own house and was “smart enough” to buy the house so I have a grow space. Most patients smart or not do not have grow space, let alone seeds. Seeds and clones are not generally sold in Oregon. The seeds can cost as much as the dry herb. If one uses traditional Sodium lights, the electricity alone can cost $500 a month. The average SSI payment is about $700/month. What about people on welfare, if they are sick, they are not entitled to any medicine at all? Does “equal access” to healthcare mean nothing if the care is cannabis? Does that seem fair or just to you?

    So I DO grow, legally, but it is not enough for my pain reduction. I need 600mg or more CBD per day, even the store-bought herb is only 15% CBD that is the “high” CBD. There are no higher concentrations of CBD seeds yet, hopefully Florida will study it and produce some for the rest of us that need it. I think of growing medicine plants as an art, it’s not as simple as saying all smart people who are good at writing will also be good gardeners. I have been trying legally for 15 years, all I have produced so far is rec pot.

    The State of Oregon regulates alcohol by only allowing one liquor store per zip code and those are all listed online with an address, a name, a phone number, business hours and PRICES of what they sell. I want the same for CBD cannabis is all.

    I am lucky if I harvest 1/8 oz each month and some months I do not get even that, because I am limited to 24 plants, some are male, some die. A REASONABLE profit is expected and encouraged, a maximum profit is not, nor is the commercial attitude of capitalizing and taking advantage of sick people. $60 a gram for RSO is outrageous, because insurance won’t pay. I have seen over 100 dispensaries in 15 years. Those that overspend on employees, on fixtures, on rent cannot survive, but then neither can any other retail business. Many of the owners do not grow and some are not patients, they do not know as much as a pharmacist knows about pharmaceuticals. Most importantly, they do not understand, accept or act as if they are serving sick people, they act like it is a bar and the customers are coming in for a drink. I do not want to be treated in this way. You betcha I will keep tryin’ to grow, Jah Jahla willing.

  9. Profit seems to have become a four-letter word with you. In theory, the profit a business makes becomes somebody’s personal paycheck. Usually, the profit a business makes gets reinvested to create better product, and it gets recirculated in the community. Greed is inexcusable, but we all need a paycheck.

    Frankly, Abby, you sound smart enough to grow out your own medicine. Maybe you should give it some more thought? I find it hard to believe that you can’t find someone local to garden for you.

    Having said all that, you should know it’s a challenge for growers to meet their expenses when their only support is a handful of Patients who purchase next to nothing on a regular basis. It’s a business, out of necessity, for many people. There is no guarantee that your grower has a trust fund backing him/her up.

  10. Abby Jo Ovitsky on

    The fallacy here is that “most conditions do not qualify to become a medical marijuana patient.” In fact, ANY chronic condition accompanied by PAIN qualifies one as a patient. What qualifies a patient in Oregon is a medical record of the chronic nature of the pain and $400. Pain is not even limited to physical pain.

    The truth is CBD only works if one can get one’s hands on it. In fact, it is almost impossible to get even with an OMMP permit in Oregon because “it is not profitable.” I only know of one grower who grows it and he won’t sell to individual patients. I am a sick person, not a gardening expert.

    The vast majority of Oregon dispensaries sell high THC herb, because the patients want psychoactive medicine. As a CBD-only user who is only interested in getting rid of pain, I attest it does work and without psychoactive side effects and not just on rare forms of epilepsy. Some of us just want pain medicine. There needs to be some price control so that medical dispensaries do not profit from the suffering of sick people more than pharmaceutical companies who collect insurance dollars already profit.

    Dispensaries are cash-only without any standard prices there is something wrong with this. Dispensaries are not accountable. They exist for their own profit. Dispensaries do not, for the most part guarantee purity. They do not guarantee continuity, predictability or price either. Sick people should not have to chase down dispensary owners or growers in order to fill an RX prescription. Pharmaceuticals can be ordered online, paid for by credit card and shipped by FedEx. Any non-cannabis herbal, homeopathic or naturopathic remedy can be as well. But to fill my legal RX with CBD-only herb, I have to drive all over creation. Why? Why is nobody asking when the insurance companies will pay for RX CBD-only medicine prescribed by licensed medical doctors? This is an herb with documented medical benefits and no psychoactive qualities. If I want a recreational experience, I can drive across the bridge to Vancouver. Pain alleviation needs to be prioritized higher than the politics of personal profit.

    I encourage legislation that distinguishes between THC-laden medicine and medicine that has at least 15% CBD as a main component. Those that need it will use it. Recreational outfits can sell the THC herb and medical dispensaries should be required to carry at least one “high” CBD strain, most do not and I do not understand how they can call themselves “medical” anything when all they are really selling is a recreational experience.

    I also live in Oregon and have a BA in Political Science.

  11. This info is over the heads of most of the readers of weed blog, they are smokers, not growers. But you are right!

  12. I find it amusing that Chris Christie was arguing in New Jersey that he can’t pass CBD because people just want to get high. Now all of the southern Republican states are passing CBD only and will be saying people just want to get high when they try to get more.

  13. So nice that they base their decisions on science. Tobacco directly kills approximately 400,0000 each year in the US. Cannabis has never directly killed anyone in all of recorded history. Yet tobacco is completely legal without prescription to anyone of age. Cannabis, you need a prescription, plus they put all these BS restrictions on it. Does something sound fishy to you?

  14. Smell my Nugg on

    Not only that, Fla is too high in humidity to grow cannabis outside, It will have to be done indoors, unless they air condition and use dehumidifiers in a greenhouse and black box using the sun

  15. Temporary Sanity on

    The 5 nursery owners allowed to grow this strain are sure to use toxic chemicals to control disease and pest, thus making this oil a toxic mess for anyone to consume. Unless its grown 100% organic it will not be safe for consumption. Why not hire experienced master growers from medi states? Because it makes too much sense.

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