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Florida Medical Marijuana Bills Are ‘Effectively Dead’


florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuanaFlorida came very close to legalizing medical marijuana in 2014. A medical marijuana initiative failed by just roughly 2% on Election Day. Had the initiative been in just about any other state, it would have passed, but Florida requires 60% of the vote when it involves constitutional amendments. The 2014 Florida medical marijuana initiative received more votes than any statewide candidate in Florida that same year.

Since the vote was so close, and an overwhelming majority of Floridians clearly want medical marijuana, advocates were hopeful that the Florida Legislature would step up, have some compassion, and do what is right by passing a real medical marijuana bill this session. Unfortunately, it appears that won’t be happening, at least not this session. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

An attempt to legalize medical marijuana in Florida this year via the state Legislature is “effectively dead,” a key lawmaker behind the effort said.

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, sponsored a bill that at first had the support of the 2014 campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the state, but he told the Bradenton Herald on Wednesday that the measure and a companion bill have stalled.

Brandes pledged to keep working on the issue and return in the 2016 legislative session with another attempt, both at legalizing MMJ and also speeding up implementation of a CBD-only bill that was signed into law last year but has hit administrative roadblocks.

Medical marijuana laws in Florida should be based on science, not political views and fear mongering. Fortunately, United for Care has an effort underway right now that will hopefully make the 2016 ballot. If so, the 2016 effort should have a better chance of passing than the 2014 effort since it’s a Presidential election year, and the initiative and campaign will be more tailored.


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  2. Trisha Freitag on

    Too bad they limit the sizes of shirts available. I’ve not been a size 16 in women’s clothes since I got sick and had to go on medication that made me gain weight. Now I’m discriminated against by clothing companies, too!!

  3. Charles Rutherford on

    Most “red states,” aren’t very outgoing when it comes to advances in medicine, (though medical marijuana isn’t necessarily advanced, it is a forward idea.) As an epileptic, I have done lots of research on the benefits of medical mj in regards to my disorder. The prospect of being able to minimize the amount of pills I have to take is quite exciting. By limiting the resources of treatment to patients, all Florida’s politicians are doing is harming the well-being of the people.

  4. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    I DO live with chronic neuropathy from a spinal cord injury that left me a paraplegic. I experience severe tingling in my legs and pinpoint sensations that can manifest anywhere below the level of my SCI that vary from intense burning to feeling like someone is stabbing a knife into me and twisting the blade. I experience this every day, so don’t try to talk to me like I don’t know what chronic pain is all about.

  5. I wish upon you the daily pain I live with from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. And, on top of that, be told no doctor in Florida will give you pain medicine Except for shots that only target certain parts of the body. Live one day in my agonizing shoes, confined to the bed, unable to do daily living activities.

  6. If the Government were to take over growing, rating/classing (base as alcohol) for potency, packaging, taxing and distribution (legal to 21 years of age,–unless–you are military (you deserve these rights if you put your life in the charge of your Government to Serve and Protect your country, at age 18, legal enlistment age) of Marijuana, our national debt would be wiped out. There are people that would abuse it, just as alcohol is abused. But for those that have given all for their country, (myself included),and those that are dying, those that are permanently in pain, it should be legal. My husband died of Bladder Cancer, in severe pain, no matter all the morphine and other drugs he was on, he still hurt terribly, and couldn’t eat, until a friend brought him some Marijuana. It made him hungry, relaxed him, made his pain ease… -there is proof that it has pain killing properties-and I would have gladly gone to jail if I was caught giving it to him. You cannot feel another’s pain, but you can feel the pain as it is YOUR loved one hurting, and you are losing them to death… You would do ANYTHING to make it ease up or stop. God made Marijuana, like he made hops… Both are used/abused by people. Be careful in your judgements–what you criticize and put down today may be your friend and helper in a day, month, year…. PERCEPTION is a sly animal…your ‘side’ today may bite you in the ass in the future.

  7. Majority is a Majority – Overwhelming or not, in a country that is referred to as a Democracy the wants of the voting public should be recognized. But this isn’t a democracy, this is America and American Laws, regulations and policies are no longer determined by the wants and desires of the majority of voting tax-payers but instead by the majority of Lobbyist dollars and the wants and whims of Corporate America – Between Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the Alcohol Industries and the influence their Corporate contributions, the will of the people will be squashed for a very long time.

    You continually hear about how easy it will be for kids to get their hands on medical MJ but we are talking about the same kids who are being prescribed mind altering drugs in record numbers at the age of 9 and up.
    When you live here in the state of Florida which was (due to very lax enforcement and monitoring which entirely benefited all Big Pharma Corporations selling highly addictive pain pills and other drugs that are prescribed like candy) one of the Biggest Pill Mills in the US for several years up until the fallout could no longer be ignored by our “leaders” -between the record deaths and crime tied to the sales of Oxycontin and similar drugs.
    There was no real issue there and MJ is a much more serious threat the general public according to the money addicted dullards “elected” (these days you get to pick from this hand picked corporate messiah or that one) to serve the better interests of Corporate America.

    If you want to see change, it’s time to recognize and put an end to the obstacles standing in the way – in this case the biggest obstacle is the tolerance the American public has for bought and paid for Corporate puppets posing as elected officials. Get rid of money grubbing Corporate whores in politics and you would be amazed how quickly the actual will of the people would be imposed – not to mention putting and end to the Corporate welfare checks that are written out to the tune of billions per year, each and every year so that Corporate America can write off taxes and leave them for middle America to pay.

  8. I refuse to take pills for the rest of my life for my permanent pain! Period. The people voting against marijuana will be stuffed with pills on their death bed, death will be even faster because of the pills taken during their life, not just the so called natural illness; it doesn’t have to be. My grandmother lived to be over 100 (no pills during the last seven years needed for anything, just a baby aspirin per day) she even graduated from Hospice once because I refused to give her hard pills or other drugs, she recovered, to be happy, walking and enjoyed life a few more years! But, I also was the only one giving her the care needed for seven years straight! If people could live without some libraries, and some gasoline cars or vinyl records, I am sure they could live without some pills too! People who rather take pills, will be enough to keep the pill companies in business! I was on pills from doctors while living in Florida. Awful! I’ll return home when I can use my marijuana there, never was into pills of any kind. Thank God I don’t get headaches other than ones I get when trying to understand what is taking Florida so long to at least medically allow pot.

  9. Legalize_It on

    Ugh, wish our state would legalize it already! My hubby and I have been getting a lot of people talking with these “legalize” shirts at http://www.potteez.com. Does anyone know of any rallies or anything coming up where we can make our voices heard? Writing to the gov’t hasn’t been successful so far.

  10. newageblues on

    I think people are tired of this bullshit too. But a lot of them have other issues that are most important to them. So their conscience is torn and they wind up voting for the better, or least bad, person with a chance of winning, even if they disagree with them on MMJ and recreational marijuana.
    Thank goodness for states with citizen initiatives.

  11. After reading through the comments directed at your diatribe, it is clear to see that the “super majority” is against YOU. Get off this blog and RUN to a statistics 101 class because you are not welcome here.

  12. That’s my whole point bro. State Legislatures are being extremely short sighted on this issue. You can’t tell me they don’t know about nor read these same polls you mentioned? The American people are tired of this bullshit.

    In FL, if an initiative is voted in by the people. Are the Legislators in FL then able to amend the wording of the Initiativ the people voted on. Read THIS clause differently than what was intended by the voters? Change the language of the Initiative so it won’t be workable, therefore effectively KILLING it?

    That can’t be done in AZ. My point is State Legislatures aren’t listening to the people! We’re the only ones who can put an end to it. We have the power of the VOTE! If we ALL exercise our RIGHT to vote, we can vote against EVERY clown who wants to maintain prohibition. Even if that clown happens to be your DADDY, tell him WHY you’re voting against him! Tell him you love him more than anything, but you don’t like his stance on this issue! Maybe Dad will sit back and see he’s being a DOUCHEBAG on this issue. People think they have NO power. That’s SO wrong! We’ve got something that EVERY politician wants. We’re in control of that power. If you tell them you support them on MOST issues and that’s great, but you’re not getting my power, transferred to YOU, until you change your stance on this issue!

    If we were all to vote or conscience, instead of better of 2 evils we win. But they’re asking for YOUR power all b/c they’ve got a cute lil Donkey or Elephant as their logo? WE can oust these people, if you work at it. Find other people in your neighborhood that feel the same way you do. Stick together and VOW that none of you will no longer just GIVE your power away. Not voting is giving your power away and I never will understand how people don’t exercise that right?

  13. As of Monday 4/27 at approx. 5 pm. it is back on the table for a last effort.
    With a “ditch bill” of the 2014 bill, and a new re-write of the new one. Or most likely just another effort for appeasement. Like saying at least we tried, it wasn’t my fault it was his. There is one sure fire failure I foresee as I read in the new bill. It increases the THC from .8% to 15%. That will not fly with the 64 oz. Beer Growler drinkers (just approved) in Tallahassee. IMHO

  14. Pay attention. It’s as clear as can be that many people in Florida support medical marijuana but voted againsr the specific language of the 2014 initiative, which was quite liberal. Look up what recent polls are saying about MMJ in Florida. Overwhelming is the only word for the level of support for MMJ. But I won’t tell you to put the bottle down, drink all the killer booze you want, this is America.

  15. It did have a majority. 58% voted in favor. That’s higher percentages than any recent president even. But good ole Florida passed a super majority law that 60% is required to change the constitution. Which is an oxymoron in itself since the super majority vote didn’t even get the 60% approval…. Florida = dumb.

  16. 58% of Florida voters, in an ‘off year’ election, supported a specific quite liberal initiative to legalize MMJ. Many more support MMJ in general but were persuaded by pig Adelson to vote against this specific initiative.

  17. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    I DO have chronic neuropathy due to a spinal cord injury. I learned to deal with it instead of getting high all the time. So, do you have anything else to say about that?

  18. Larry Meredith on

    I don’t usually wish ill of anyone but, as a person who suffers from many illnesses, including chronic pain, I hope that you get to experience the daily agony of lumbago, neuropathy or any other illness that does not respond to established medications. It’s easy for you to assume people only want marijuana to get high unless you experience the pain yourself. You do what you need for your health and let others do the same.

  19. Florida was a pretty liberal initiative, leaving it to the discretion of doctors as to who would benefit, subject to an uncertain process of holding doctors accountable. This left an opening for uber pig Adelson’s casino loot to attack it. Many people who want some kind of MMJ legalization were convinced to vote against this specific initiative.
    State polls have had cannabis over 80% in a number of states recently, I’ve seen 2 polls that had it at 88% (1 was NY, forget the other).

  20. Dear Madam, Please take all your medication every day. Stop cutting the pills in half to save money. Your Rx regimen is not working for you. You must take the whole pill. Remember the movie THX1138 (rent it please),, You open your med cabinet and a voice will ask you how do you feel. Then a response will tell you to take two yellow,1 red and a green one, 2 hrs. later. That is your future or is it your present.

  21. Smarterthanjordan on

    You are an idiot. You are using “Overwhelming” objectively. So if it doesn’t seem overwhelming to you it’s not overwhelming. Statistically speaking, 58%, IS and Overwhelming majority.

  22. Mlive Spammer on

    You would have lived like a king in the 20’s. Your rhetoric would’ve been a little different though (although not much). “Marijuana makes white women sleep with negroes”, and all that.

    A hundred years later, and the worst you can do is slam my choice in entertainment, and junk food. That’s what I call progress.

  23. wowFAD… I’m in 100% agreement with you on what our 2 party system has done to our country. BOTH parties have separated the citizens of the U.S. into little Subgroups, (Racially, Religiously, Sexually, Pro-Choice, Pro-life, by economic status, Sexual preference, Age groups, etc… further segregating Americans and then they pit EACH group AGAINST the other groups to create so much chaos that Americans become polarized. All , so they can remain in power.

  24. wowFAD… Don’t worry about Sabet. He’ll humiliate himself again very soon. He actually already did with his comments about the Documentary “Weed 3”. I’ll let you know what they were very soon! I’m with a Veterans group that includes the Veteran interviewed for Weed 3. I’m unable to comment on it until we go public. But we’re tearing his ass up!

  25. Y’all gotta have y’all priorities in order first.
    This has passed ;;;;;
    The restrictions on craft beer and liquor sales will be eased with Friday’s final passage of a measure that also legalizes the sale of the popular 64-ounce beer growlers. Bradenton’s Motorworks and Darwin’s brewing companies will benefit handsomely.

    And consumers could buy more than two bottles of liquor per calendar year from craft distilleries such as the maker of Siesta Key rum, Drum Circle Distilling.

  26. “Intellectual heavy-lifting left to us”. Yeah right! It’s “Intellectually Heavy Lifters” like YOU, that have this country in the condition it is now. $19 Trillion in debt, 47 Million people on Food Stamps, 90% of Americans get SOME form of assistance from the Govt monthly. Are you taking about superior intellects like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Mezos, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerburg, as well as your Dr’s, Nurses and Lawyers, etc…? Those types of unsuccessful people?

    It was the R/x drugs YOU want me to use that killed my brain. I’ve gotten it back the last 4 years. It’s no longer in an “Opiate haze” and is being utilized again thanks to cannabis.

    Don’t ask me to tell you, my DR’S will tell you that! One of em had to quit seeing me b/c U of AZ told him he couldn’t treat me anymore b/c I’m a medical marijuana patient. I told him I’d “..QUIT, if that’s what he wanted me to do!” My Dr of 14 years looked me in the eye and told me…

    “… No, no, no, no, no! That would actually be malpractice on my part. Look at what it’s done for you! You go find another Dr. They’re out there and when you find one have em call me and I’ll fill them in on what all it’s done for you.”

    This Dr’s NO quack either. He’s been voted “Top Doc” in AZ in his field for 18 years running by his peers! After watching what it did for me, he had his daughter write a paper on medical marijuana for Med School.

  27. Vague malady like “back pain” huh? How insulting! People don’t understand back pain until it becomes THEIRS. Then they’ll call you wanting to know “…WHAT do I do about it”. Saying, “this’s killing me. I’ll do ANYTHING!” Asking ME for MY Morphine, but didn’t come to see me or call me BECAUSE of what that Morphine did to me for 17 years! However, when it’s their own pain they don’t care if it’s against the law, legal, etc… They just want it to stop! What makes them any different than the guy down the streets back pain that has crippled them for 21 years!

    Tell someone who’s had 5 back surgeries and was STUCK taking 800+ mg of Morphine/day, as well as 26 other DIFFERENT medications at one time to quell their pain and control the PTSD, they have “vague backpain”, or “vague chest pain” from the panic attacks we have from our PTSD.

    The opiates actually stopped my heart in 2011! I had to have a pacemaker/defibrillator installed in my chest because of them. Cannabis has allowed me to DROP my R/x intake by 80%! I no longer take 26 different R/x drugs. This one to get me up and going in the morning and that one to make me sleep at night. This one to counteract the effects of that one., etc..

    58% FOR is a much better percentage to have for the passage of an initiative, than the 30% that’s OPPOSED to it right now. Especially since they only need 2% of the 13% that is undecided at this point.

    Don’t even THINK of calling me a “hophead” bro! I didn’t use marijuana until 3 years ago. I’ve been a Conservative my whole life! I’m 55 yrs old and had jobs that wouldn’t allow me to do it (Oil Well Fire fighter, Military/Airline Mechanic). I’d have been FIRED for it’s use, no questions asked and I SHOULD’VE been. But the kicker is, it was certainly okay for me to go out and work on Commercial Aircraft KNOWING I was taking Morphine and Soma, in order to be able do it. When I put forth my reservations about it, I was told “if you don’t show up to work, you’re FIRED”. All b/c I got them FROM a Dr.? Now that’s smart thinking eh?

    Don’t you understand that MOST medical marijuana patients are ALREADY taking R/x drugs for their ailments? These medications are 1000 times worse for them than the marijuana they want to use to relieve their pain?

    I don’t understand the hypocrisy in those policies which it sounds like YOU support? Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE that could look in the mirror and tell themselves there’s NOTHING inherently wrong with that, would be a MORON. That’s in reality what you’re saying b/c I was under Dr’s care the whole time. What you’re saying is people shouldn’t be able to use a LESS harmful alternative to these “Synthetic Opioids” and R/x drugs. Even though they’re KILLING us and in many cases NOT working for them. They’re SAFE, afterall, you get them from Dr, or a Pharmacy.

    If I were allowed to have taken a lil cannabis related products, I’d have been able to continue working instead of becoming a burden on the system and my family for 17 years. A lil cannabis would’ve made me a better mechanic as well. As it is, I couldn’t do very much at work b/c I was many times unable to get into the correct body position. I was more worried about my hurting back than I was the tasks I was performing on a 737.

    Instead of classifying all of us “hopheads”. Why not do some research on that of which you’re commenting. History is on OUR side! It’s only been illegal 80 out of the last 10,000 years! You just happened to live during those 80 years of Govt propaganda.

  28. But this will pass. (copy / paste)

    • The restrictions on craft beer and liquor sales will be eased with Friday’s final passage of a measure that also legalizes the sale of the popular 64-ounce beer growlers. Bradenton’s Motorworks and Darwin’s brewing companies will benefit handsomely.

    And consumers could buy more than two bottles of liquor per calendar year from craft distilleries such as the maker of Siesta Key rum, Drum Circle Distilling.
    Ya’ just gotta love priorities.

  29. In electioneering, 58% would be considered a “Landslide”. 60% is considered a Super Majority. They fell 2% short on their first attempt. Needing ONLY 60% of the vote to pass, I’d say 58% is a damned good starting point. AZ’s running a legalization campaign in ’16 which I believe WILL pass. They’re starting out with a 53% For and 43% Against 7% Undecided.

  30. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    It is also slang for “dope smoker”, which I have little doubt that you are. Just go back to your Cheetos, video games, Japanese Anime, and haze of Marijuana-induced laziness & leave the intellectual heavy-lifting to us adults who understand that the world runs on hard work and ideas other than “if it feels good, do it.” We’re done here.

  31. Mlive Spammer on

    Because Florida elections, have never been subject to fraud. Lay off the insults and pick up a dictionary, bro.
    “Hophead may mean:
    Someone who appreciates highly hopped beer. The term is used in the names of beers[1][2] and brew clubs.[3][4][5][6]
    Pejorative slang, an alcoholic whose drink of choice is beer.
    An early 1900s American slang term[7] for a user of Opium [8]”

  32. All true. The political distinctions people discuss like college football rivalries never come down universally on any issue, and people who would have us believe the false dichotomy that is our two-party system is a *necessary* distinction simply perpetuate that football rivalry mentality. Politics got polarized about 50 years ago, and there are a lot of folks who refuse to let it go, even refusing to acknowledge the polarization exists. Nope. They simply insist their party of choice has all the answers, and the other party is being unreasonable. It keeps their perspectives easily controlled, making people (voters) far more easy to manipulate.

    The supposed rivalry between Democrats and Republicans is staged to keep us at each others’ throats instead of holding our elected officials responsible for how screwed up things are. Instead of writing our representatives about our dissatisfaction, we go on the internet and yell at *each other* for “voting the wrong way.” The issue of cannabis is interesting because, had Democrats spearheaded the issue, they could have fractured the Republican party along ideological lines. But they don’t! They won’t! If they fix it, they can’t blame Republicans for breaking it in the first place.

    One need only look at how politics rarely reflects public opinion anymore. There are a couple better examples than cannabis, but the way both parties handle the cannabis issue, on the whole, shows neither wants to repair these particular broken laws. Thankfully, members of both parties have gotten increasingly hesitant to come down squarely against legalization *during* a campaign, at least. Faced with rapidly shifting public opinion and lacking any clear strategy or method to re-demonize cannabis, most politicians (in both parties) resort to avoiding the cannabis issue, entirely — unless they’re far away from a campaign and they think their current audience would respond well to coming out for or against cannabis.

  33. 58% and it couldn’t get passed because it was a constitutional amendment. Had the bill been a regular ballot measure it would have pasted easily. I think its opponents knew as much as were very happy to see it fail. Anything passing in a legislature is just purely a miracle.

  34. The legislature does not necessarily do the will of the people. If the alcohol industry and the pharmaceutical industry oppose a bill, you can be sure it will not pass, even if an overwhelming majority of the people favor it.

    Note that the article is about 2 different things: the initiative, which failed by 2% and a bill in the legislature which did not even come to a vote.

  35. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    And yet it still fell short of the required 60%. But hey, “close” is good enough, right? I mean, who needs to stick to established standards when you could all be toking up for some vague malady like “lower back pain” or “frequent headaches” or whatever the stoners who use this “medical marijuana” nonsense as an excuse to just get high.

  36. freedomlover on

    The only thing I don’t like about you post is that it is implied that only liberals support legalization. It is true that conservatives generally are against it. However a recent survey noted that somewhere around 60% of young republicans support it. The republican party hopefully is changing. I believe the younger republicans are bringing more of a libertarian view to the party. I am a conservative, not really republican and I am in full support of it.

  37. freedomlover on

    In terms of elections, 58% is a landslide. No politician in Florida received 58% in the Nov 2014 election. More people voted for than any politician that was elected.

  38. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    No it isn’t. Something like 80% would be “overwhelming.” 58% isn’t even a strong majority, it’s just slightly more than half. Put the bong down and grab a dictionary.

  39. XxLR_JORDANxX on

    “Since the vote was so close, and an overwhelming majority of Floridians clearly want medical marijuana…”

    Clearly this assertion is bullshit. If there were an “overwhelming majority”, the initiative would have passed.

  40. They’ll GET that 60% as well next time. It’s stupid that State legislators just don’t pay attention to their constituents. I dunno how it works in Florida, but they came within 2% of getting it last time. 2016 will bring out the vote.

    I know in AZ, if a citizen initiative goes to ballot and wins. The way the Initiative was written and voted on are the rules of the Initiative. State legislators can’t amend ONE word of it, nor may the State deviate from that language without getting 2/3rds Majority in BOTH State legislative chambers. Which you’ll NEVER obtain! So you’re STUCK with the Initiative, good OR bad and you can’t fix the problems.

    Third, if WE were to vote legalized marijuana in AZ and the Initiative states there will be NO tax on this legalized marijuana, the State Legislators can’t change it. I just think these States are being so short-sighted on this issue. The American people want this FAILED War on Drugs stopped!

  41. 60% for a constituttional amendment is not unreasonable. Proponants need to be more persuasive.

  42. 84% support for medicinal cannabis in Florida and the legislature refuses to respond. This is as big an insult to democracy as it to human rights, and that’s saying a lot.

  43. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Cannabis helped me through depression and PTSD. Still smoke it to this day. I would be dead right now if forced to take anti-depressants. Came 80% close to killing myself one night. Darkest days of my life. The feeling of death will never leave you. anti-depressants was the devil in the pill. Government pills = death. Cannabis = Life. God perfected this world for the body. We should use it! Government hates true gifts from earth. They must perverted absolute healing to justify absolute insanity.

  44. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I’am Christian, but an outcast from organized religion, for my views on life. this is how I live my life. The ones who throw the stones, represent (Government — Religion — hatred ) Christ stood for peace, men wanted power over salvation. In this world you have dictators or Gods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H41FT08icFk

    When you see kids dying in front of you, it changes your soul. When you see death and war, it crushes your spirit! When you see truth, it lets humanity breath in absolute redemption. Christ stood for redemption and was killed for it! MLK stood for redemption and was killed for it! JFK killed. Gandhi killed. Truth seekers silenced.

  45. Local Surfer on

    Ever notice that people who are against cannabis have never even tried it? They would rather believe in a pharmaceutical companies because their senator was paid by said company to hawk their products and make them legal to unwary consumers and get them addicted. Personally I believe the 1% has good reason for all this – population control. Same as all the baby boomers with Hepatitis C – funny how an unknown disease can ravish a whole generation before it is found and then when it is it is kept quiet. Now the pharma companies are charging $150,000 to cure them. Sorry for the rant.

  46. Local Surfer on

    Pills are only medicine? What do you expect from a bunch of people who believe in fairy tale gods and occurrences just because it has been brainwashed into them by governments with hidden agendas. Look at most Muslims who practice extreme bullshit which is indoctrinated into their brains from childhood. Thousands of years ago other religions ruled and dictated death and the way we are supposed to think with blind faith. Now Muslims and Christians are the death of civilization at this time in earths era. Why do you think the Ten commandments state ; ‘I am a jealous god so thou shall not have ANY gods or idols before me.” So not to be questioned about all the bullshit. Just believe and shut up is their motto!

  47. Jeb Bush recently shared space with cannabis on a Florida poll — cannabis is more popular than he is. I only bring this up because, as governor, he pushed for the initiative that raised the standard to a 60% requirement instead of a simple majority for ballot initiatives. That’s why 40% of Floridians control how the other 60% lives. In the biggest irony, Jeb’s initiative barely got 50% at the ballot. Had Jeb’s initiative been held to its own standards, it wouldn’t have passed.

    Of course, it’s their own funeral if they want to, yet again, share the ballot with a cannabis initiative. Maybe the prohibitionists were able to eek out a win thanks to the stupid liberals who voted against it (22% of self-ID’d liberals voted against Amendment 2 — had just under 1/4 of them voted differently, it would’ve passed) and also the lazy couch-potatoes who stayed home instead of voting (because deciding who runs state and local government just isn’t important enough to bother voting more than once every four years). I don’t understand “Liberals” who vote the same as people with whom they claim to disagree, or don’t vote AT ALL.

    If you don’t vote, you’re not a liberal or a conservative, really. You’re nothing. If you don’t involve yourself in the political process, your opinion doesn’t matter, so your label doesn’t matter, either. A lot of people put countless hours into Amendment 2, but it was all wasted. Given the exit polling, I know with certainty Florida has more voters than the 2014 election recorded.

    Worse yet, Kevin Sabet is based out of Florida. Had FL managed to legalize medical cannabis right under his nose, he might have found himself looking for a new job in 2015. We missed the chance to humiliate Kevin Sabet, and now must wait until 2016 for the next opportunity.

  48. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    sounds like NC politicians. Just look at the people who voted no this year. One works for pain management. One works as bail bonds. One owns alcohol distribution company. 70% said yes in NC and a few people said no! Christian action league also came in a told the lobbyists to shutdown the bill. Christian action league stated “Only Pills are medicine”.

  49. PhDScientist on

    This is horrifying. If you want to know how horrifying, imagine what it would be like if people had this attitude towards insulin, antibiotics, or anti-retrovirals.

  50. The problem is Florida politician are either bought and paid for by the prohibition industry or they are the prohibition industry.

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