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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Is Very Close To Verified Signature Goal


united for care florida medical marijuanaI received some very good news from the Florida medical marijuana campaign today. It sounds like they campaign only needs roughly 45k valid signatures to make the ballot again. Ballots are still being counted, and the signature goal could be met very soon. Below is an update I received from the campaign today:

Over a million petitions have been turned in, and now it’s down to the final week, waiting as the Supervisors of Elections in each county finish processing them. As of this afternoon, we only have 45,823 left to be validated to hit our goal of 683,149 petitions.

I am confident we have turned in enough petitions to make the ballot by the deadline next week—and once we do, we are almost certainly going to be Amendment 2 again.

In 2014, we got 58% of the vote—more than the Governor—despite having more money spent against us than all of the previous opposition campaigns in any state combined.  Still, they managed to overwhelm certain parts of the state with lies, and we simply didn’t have adequate funding to push back hard enough.

To get to 60% this year, we need to gear up and make sure we have enough funds to do statewide advertising for weeks, and make sure that voters in every market know why they should give doctors the right to recommend what’s best for their patients.

Will you help us get a kick start on our persuasion efforts?  Please make a contribution to our outreach to undecided voters here. 


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  1. The more I learn about Medical Marijuana the more impressed I become with its medical benefits This has become an urgent issue that needs immediate attention at the national level. I feel deeply sorry for everyone in Florida who needs Medical Marijuana.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    Trust me they are growing, just not legally. I’ve smoked some great stuff from old Jeb’s state called Orange Blossom and its hardcore! It’s potent, tasty and a decent amount of cbd’s and cbn’s. Supposedly some was smuggled from an undisclosed town in the mid-southern gulf side to Steep Hill Labs out west and seems highly desirable and needed for Floridians and the world. So soon when they get their mmj program up and running-the growers will have a heavy hand up. From what I sampled, so will the patients!!!

  3. I see one problem after reading the proposal, there is no pre-defined plant count or ‘on hand’ limits for caregivers, it is left up to the board.

    Not good, if haters are in control it will be only a few plants, small amounts of usable product and unworkable.

    When coming up with a ballot proposal you must put the wording in it that you want, DO NOT leave it up to a hater to determine how the proposal will turn out.

    Once again a great effort on getting 600K+ sigs but without proper wording in the proposal it is useless, someone else will determine how this will fly and if they are haters (like here in Michigan) we know how that will turn out.

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