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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Needs Volunteers


Florida medical marijuanaI received the following e-mail from the Florida campaign. If you live in Florida, get active!:

If you have even a little time to spare to help us get medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot, we could use your help. We are expanding – and we need more volunteers in a number of capacities:

– Petition gatherers
– Event staffing
– Graphic design
– Clerical/office assistance
– Data entry
– Phones

Please sign up as a volunteer here.

If you have already signed up as a volunteer and haven’t been contacted yet, please click here, sign in if you’re not signed in automatically, and please update your information to let us know what kinds of volunteer roles you are interested in.

Thank you for being part of such an important and compassionate cause.


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  1. Time to do it….However I see Florida as being the last state to legalize. Too many dirty politicians in your state…..Please prove me wrong.

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