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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Needs More Signatures


Florida medical marijuana
Reminder – The campaign needs EVERY signature it can get. The campaign has enough signatures on hand, but they still need to be validated. Validation rates can be between 40-70% usually, so more are needed to absolutely guarantee that medical marijuana makes the ballot. Shout from the rooftops, tweet from the hills, pass a note in your community college class, whatever it takes to get as many people to sign as possible. Every signature is going to count. You can go to United for Care’s website to find out how to help. Help bring medical marijuana to Florida!


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Johnny Green


  1. It is tough – I’m over 50 when I finally learned pot was great for pain relief and never kept up with the “stoner” crowd of my high school days. I had to start tapping people on the shoulder – finally tapped a middle aged biker type dude with long hair and tatoos – he hooked me up but made me toke with him first – cause I look straighter than an arrow. That got me 6 months worth of weed till I lost track of him. I finally started my own little secret garden – provides me with a very modest supply for my own needs.

    Sometimes you have to tap a lot of shoulders to find a friend. But the conversations you start will benefit us all in the long run.

  2. What’s funny is, this is a democracy, meaning the people have a right to vote on things they want, or don’t want. Blocking something to the point the public can’t even vote on it is indeed unconstitutional. How does that cunt still have a job?

  3. I wish i could do that for my husband. These pain pills really mess with him mentally and physically. We can’t find anyone around our area to get us some pot for him try and see if it helps him or not. I really wish they would just legalize it already so people who really need it can get it! Best of luck to you!

  4. Barbara Angus on

    I don’t go to a pain doctor so I don’t get tested I just smoke pot and live with the other pain. Pain pills aren’t good for me.

  5. I wish i could grow my own for my husband. He suffers with ALS and complications from over a dozen surgeries. This would definitely help him get off the pain pills and more than likely help him feel a little better. We had a few people say they could get us some but they kept forgetting so we gave up!

  6. they were getting pettions signed in groves last night (sublime illuminations leds got about 20

  7. saynotohypocrisy on

    23 years for marijuana cultivation, a year or two for drunk driving murder (or no time at all if you have enough money for a very well connected lawyer). Go to hell, Florida, and the rest of you sadistic alcohol supremacist bigots

  8. Just curious, the first post has me confused. Is this an attempt to get medical pot for use or an attempt to legalize pot? The three different people that approached me to sign a petition appeared to be users already and I thought two of them were actually a joke because they looked like they were dressing as hippies for Halloween! I don’t think that helps the cause much when people look like they are already stoned trying to get me to sign a petition. Just saying, the movement might want to use more people that don’t look like they are stoned everyday now. Using Morgan and Morgan certainly is not going to help either. They may win a lot of cases but the reputation in many circles is they are more like ambulance chasers. All of this is just a perception but you know how perceptions can affect people. Just saying.

  9. saynottohypocrisy on

    Looks real nice, Matthew. Quite a few nice logos have been created by cannabis war reformers.

  10. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yes those supporting,this piece of crap law have stabbed millions of their fellow citizens in the back. And now the Florida AG and Legislature want to stab democracy in the back as well. Hope these thugs all need MMJ real soon.

  11. After seeing your post. I made contact with some Ca. Ppl. See what kind of $$$$$ we can get for help. They had no clue to this.

  12. A real Shame I have Cancer,Cronic Meyloid Leukemia,and I am Scared to Death to even be around it,I want and need it,but it has taken me a year to get what pew Pain Pills I am Getting,and would lose them if I show up on the Blood Test with THC in my system,and here in Florida,they will Burn your Ass over a Roach,and I would not be able to pull a hitch in Jail now,that would Finish me off,so people like me that really need it,are the ones that are suffering the Most,we get Drug tested every month,and some months,twice,for THC and Street Drugs,Anything,to take away our few Pain pills,and put us in Jail,I was a Coal Miner in WV ,until I started getting Sick,now I am at the Mercy of the Good People,thats getting this passed through Florida,I want to thank the ones that are able and doing all of the work in getting this done,It is a Trap, at this time,so dont be smoking much until it is passed,they are watching just for some of us to be Stupid,Be careful and help the ones that are Helping us that need it,I really do Thank the ones that are doing this.

  13. His law firms are in many states. He is doing this for compassion for the the people of Florida. The movement will grow. He is the main backer for this movement!

  14. Fentanyl patches 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Mmj works great. I use both. My spine is in two pieces. Thanks for your service.

  15. The Az Health Dept requires a label on our medical weed that states it may cause cancer! does anybody believe that anymore? Makes AZ look dumb

  16. Matthew Cunningham on

    Americas greatest corrupt and most disgraceful betrayal to American jurisprudence is the prohibition of Cannabis. Study its history.

  17. Matthew Cunningham on

    It’s printed on many medicine back then I can assure you cannabis it self is not poison

  18. Matthew Cunningham on

    Ben I have been making a few buttons to give out if you want to down load my file I changed it a bit photo shop.

  19. STOP MIS INFORMING FLORIDIANS!!! This came out from United with Care TODAY!

    For months now, the Florida legislature, Attorney General Pam Bondi, and others have been working to keep voters from having a choice about medical marijuana. They’ve blocked hearings in the state capitol, fought us at the supreme court, and outright misled voters about what our petition actually says. In the end – however – we are confident of victory. The only thing we believe can stop us is coming short of our petition goal. Will you help us get to our petition goal before time runs out? Please help us by making a contribution to our petition operation today.

    Your contributions helped fund our biggest petition week ever – over 140,000 petitions. We have 200,000 to go, and while we will keep handing in petitions until the supervisors of elections tell us we can’t, we need to come up with enough cash in the next week to get it done. We’re almost there – please help push us over the edge by making a contribution today.

    Thank you for your support.

    Ben Pollara
    Campaign Manager
    United for Care

    – See more at: http://hempbeach.com/florida-has-200000-signatures-still-needed-to-have-a-medical-marijuana-vote-in-2014/#sthash.1LhRjHov.dpuf

  20. Matthew Cunningham on

    This is only a start many people will end up growing their own if its block, they cant put the genie back in the bottle now.

  21. Christopher J Schaaff on

    I bet they’re going to make it impossible for anyone to acquire a recommendation letter from a physician

  22. I agree – pathetic. But it’s not about people’s lives/quality of life. It’s about greed, power and money. Do you want it REAL BAD – price goes up. Not just about money, but control over others.

  23. Officials count slow and are easily distracted…. one, two, what was that!….oh never mind – one, two…

  24. Folks we are shooting for one million plus signatures. It is imperative that we take full advantage of these last remaining days and add to the total. Please sign and get a friend to sign too! Here is the link for a petition for those registered voters in Florida: http://www.unitedforcare.org/petition

  25. I have suffered 40+ years with chronic pain and since the government doesn’t make anything stronger for my pain than morphine the idea of having something additional to help me to have as normal a life sounds very appealing, I pray for the day that our lawmakers realize that us disabled Vietnam veterans still vote for them, Maby they will wake up and serve those who are litterally begging for this to pass so we can finally get some relief.

  26. I hear the ad Morgan and Morgan post every day, a couple times a day on Real Radio 101.4 fm in Orlando/Cocoa Beach. It is real.

  27. Morgan and Morgan is the law firm owned by John Morgan, he has seen first hand of seeing beneficial medical marijuana because of his fathers illness. He is prepared to spend whatever it takes to push this through.

  28. Matthew Cunningham on

    Hate to rub salt on the wounds but when you consider Nixon’s own Shaffer report that he just trashed as his vendetta against the hippy’s.


    On August 14, 1970, the Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Roger O. Egeberg wrote a letter recommending the plant, marijuana, be classified as a schedule 1 substance, and it has remained that way for nearly 45 years. My research started with a careful reading of that decades old letter. What I found was unsettling. Egeberg had carefully chosen his words:

    “Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that marijuana be retained within schedule 1 at least until the completion of certain studies now underway to resolve the issue.”

    Not because of sound science, but because of its absence, marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 substance. Again, the year was 1970. Egeberg mentions studies that are underway, but many were never completed. As my investigation continued, however, I realized Egeberg did in fact have important research already available to him, some of it from more than 25 years earlier.

  29. Thanks for that link! Huge discrepancy! But those are only the number of signatures they have validated, not the number that have been turned in. I bet they are behind in the validation process. Draggin’ their feet?

  30. What website, and who is Morgan and Morgan? From the United for Care website “about us” page…

    “…Today, the organization is chaired by John Morgan, one of the state’s
    most influential attorneys and activists for the rights of individuals,
    and managed by Ben Pollara, a veteran in Florida political affairs and

  31. now they wanna legalize it after my Uncle spent 23 years in state prison of Florida for marijuana cultivation.

  32. I just did some searching about Florida and the quest for legal medical marijuana, and found that in 2010, Floridians donated $54,368 to California’s Proposition 19 initiative to legalize marijuana. Yet United for Care has received a whopping $28 from Californians. Granted – Peter Lewis was a Floridian who donated $50,000, but the rest of the $4368 was from other Floridians, most donations at $100 and under. All I have to say is WTF, California? That is helluva way to say thanks. But it’s not to late to make your tax deductible donations – https://unitedforcare.nationbuilder.com/contribute.

    Source – http://fcir.org/2013/12/10/florida-medical-marijuana-ballot-measure/
    and the LA Times – http://projects.latimes.com/prop19/results/?name=&employer=&amount_min=&amount_max=&occupation=&first_date=&last_date=&city=&state=FL&zip=&position=Support&search=Search

  33. AmeriquestSucks on

    I think this is Fake, I check the web site for Morgan and Morgan and it says nothing about this.

  34. No no no, our fine governor promised we would. We dont even have the lottery, how bible are we?

  35. http://bit.ly/1cTd3db

    Please share with every Florida
    registered voter you know. Thank you so much:)

    Click here and print out the blank petition, just fill it out, all instructions
    are included. Thank you for your help:) Please put it in the mail today! We
    only have a few more days, and we need everyone’s help.

    Please Florida residents…Please sign the petition for medical marijuana. Print it out and sign it and send it in. Just
    one stamp and a moment of your time can make a difference for many people.
    Please print it out right now. We all need to join together as one and help
    those who need medical marijuana. You may be the next one who may need it for
    severe pain or cancer, etc.

    God Bless you for your
    compassion and understanding! Let’s make Florida the best State for tourists,
    and the most progressive State in the USA:)

    Watch this…this is Florida. These are taxpayers and voters.


    A campaign for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida is running short of
    signatures ahead of the Feb. 1 deadline. Do you approve of legalizing medicinal
    pot? If you do or if you have compassion for sick people who need it, we need
    your signature and there just isn’t enough volunteers to go door to door. But
    you could do your part and print out the petition and get it sent in. Thank you
    for your help and support and a big hug for caring:)


    Click and printJ

  36. Don’t be a fatalist. Put positive energy into it for change that may take a while, but is inevitable.

  37. That would be ideal. It’s called reciprocity. I think many states are afraid of their cannabis crossing state lines, which will bring the wrath of the feds down on their programs. Montana had it, and then took it away a year or so later. But it will happen, eventually. I would rather the lawmakers feel good about their version of the law in their own state, and if that means leaving that out for now, so be it. I’d rather they add it on later than take it away like Montana did. Being flip-floppy like that makes it harder to reform.

  38. can you remember where you read that? And does anyone know if there is only one version of a MedCan initiative in FL?

  39. Alabama is always last in everything, but we’re giving them hell. Our state government is blatantly hiding the MASA survey of physicians’ opinions on Cannabis. It’s pathetic when many peoples lives/quality of life hang in the balance while the government plays politics. Prohibition of Cannabis must end!

  40. Matthew Cunningham on

    If these prohibitionist politician’s block this from the ballot there will be out rage in the sun shine state.

  41. Patrick W. Schubert Jr. on

    I just read the other day that they only had 163,000 plus valid signatures. Because you have to be registered to vote for it to count.

  42. the states that do allow it, need to have something in writing for those who might be visiting etc another state….for example my Michigan card, would allow me to get meds if I were in Florida….

  43. Now to wait and see what the Florida courts say about the ballot language. Any odds on which way they will rule? Me thinks politics is going to be a major factor…….

  44. This is great news! I hope this will speed along the other southern states that should follow florida lead in time. I am sure that GA and SC will be the very last to do so

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