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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Reaches Supreme Court Review Signature Goal


united for care florida medical marijuanaThe Florida campaign to legalize medical marijuana received some great news this week. Below is more, via the United for Care campaign (please be aware that the donation matching is over, but you should still donate if you are able!):

We have just hit 73,713 VALIDATED PETITIONS – enough overall and in the required districts to trigger a Florida Supreme Court review of the petition.

Our work is not done, however:  We must get another 609,436 validated petitions (and Supreme Court approval, which we expect) to be placed  on the 2016 ballot.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the next phase – and we need every bit of support we can get to collect the ballots we need.

PLEASE make a contribution tonight before midnight - and John Morgan will match it, doubling its power.

Thank you to everyone that have gotten us this far.  The pace of the progress is incredible and bodes very well for next year.


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  1. I was going to say that if you want to help them gather signatures, why not provide a direct link to the petition signing page, but when I went to the website and found the page myself first it put me in a circular loop of — “fill in blanks-hit submit-fill in blanks-hit submit- repeat ad nauseum — then it showed me a pdf that wouldn’t print properly from the browser and so after three tries to get that to print I had to download the pdf, open it in Adobe, and then print it out in order to sign and return it, I realized that if this group can’t make a website work a bit better than that and if they can’t make signing a petition not have to involve semi-advanced computer skills to navigate through the mess they don’t have a chance at success… how the hell are a bunch of stoners gonna manage all that?

    I’ll sign this and put it in the snail mail to go off into the dark recesses of the postal system but It’s likely a wasted effort anyway. Rick Scott and his band of thugs aren’t going to let a little thing like “what the people want” get in the way of his agenda.

    You can download the pdf you need here: http://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/themes/514b50948ed5f02b1e000002/attachments/original/1420837312/Final_Approved_Petition.pdf?1420837312

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