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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Tops 200,000 Signatures


florida signature gathering marijuana reform initiativeAn encouraging message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign, United for Care:

We have now collected over 200,000 petitions.

This, combined with yesterday’s news about upcoming oral arguments at the Florida Supreme Court, means we’re closer than ever to finally getting medical marijuana approved in Florida.

We are trying to do what legislators should have done: Allow people access to the care they need.

None of this happens without your support. Please make a contribution right now to our legal defense and petition gathering operation.

Written filings are due in days. Oral arguments are in 6 weeks. Simply put, costs are mounting as some in power are doing everything they can to oppose us – and the will of 70% of Floridians.

Pam Bondi and her supporters think that it’s better to watch people suffer or wind up hooked on prescription opiates, than get access to medical marijuana under doctor’s supervision.

They don’t want to the public to know that in the 20 states plus DC where medical marijuana is legal, society has not broken down. It has not caused crime to go up. It hasn’t led to an epidemic of addiction. It has, however, helped people with cancer, AIDS, hepetitis, neurological diseases and injuries, epilepsy, MS and numerous other conditions.

It’s our job to tell voters the truth. We have a challenge ahead – but we have already made enormous, unprecedented progress.

Please support the battles coming up in the next weeks by making a contribution today.


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  1. Good luck to Florida, we need to get these past this failed, deadly, costly and just despicable War on Cannabis. It should be a medicine, it should be in every home like aspirin. It would eliminate the need for a lot of the deadly opiates that we have in every home now. It helps with everything from smoking a little to get to sleep, or using Cannabis oil to stop and even cure cancer or epilepsy.

  2. Wish Texas Had 200,000 signatures…
    I get my cannabis news at 420newswire.com since that one guy posted on a few post ago they have pretty good news, actually ALOT of news, but I love this site too! Except I see some of your commenters and members are “Trollers” which 420newswire.com was just made so they don’t have any of those yet. (Hopefully Never)

  3. They can say those things because they are not doctors (or patients, it appears). They are not chemists or biologists or neurologists. The do not understand how medicine works. (ANY medicine, looks like.)

    But I think you’re going to have to live with the fact that natural cannabis and synthetic cannabis are going to have to learn to co-exist. I think it’s only fair that ALL patients have access to the plant, and not all patients will want or care about a natural product. I’ll be honest. As a patient, at this time I think natural is the way to go. For me. But I am being priced out of that option and there’s nothing I can do about that. At this time…

  4. First they said marijuana has no medical value. Over and over again. Marijuana has no medical value, its not a real medicine, its a dangerous addictive deadly narcotic, marijuana has no medical value, marijuana is not medicine. So then they were showed the people with cancer, aids, ms, glacoma, ptsd and all these illnesses being helped by marijuana and not dieing from it.

    Then they said no medicines are smoked, no medicines are smoked, no medicines are smoked, no medicines are smoked, we dont smoke opium why should we smoked marijuana, no medicines are smoked…… So the marijuana advocates said marijuana does not have to be smoked, theres vaporization and edibles that could be used to take marijuana which are safer than smoking.

    Now theyre trying to say that vaporized or eaten marijuana isnt real medicine either!

    You know what this means right? Basically what theyre really saying is natural plants you could grow yourself cant be medicine. Its uncivilized to use natural medicine! Only chemicals cooked in a lab by a pharmaceutical company is medicine. They want to force you to buy from Big Pharma.

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