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Florida Medical Marijuana – Fact Versus Fiction


Florida medical marijuanaI received the following e-mail from the Florida medical marijuana campaign (United for Care):

I’m in Tampa today, debating medical marijuana with one of the most outspoken opponents of our campaign from last cycle.  This guy – who regularly brought up complete lies about Amendment 2, has resumed his (inexplicable) fight against the patients who need medical marijuana to treat their serious illnesses and conditions.

Fighting lies is a big part of what we have to do over the next 14 months.

We are going to win in 2016 – but we must make sure we’ll have enough money to run TV ads across the state.

Please help us build our war chest for the coming fight by contributing today.

Last year, a billionaire came out of Nevada, and handed our opposition $6 million dollars in the last months of the campaign. Prior to that, no entity had ever spent that kind of money to oppose the rights of patients.

This year – he said he is going to help fight us again – but we’ll be ready.

We’re already communicating to hundreds of thousands of people – but you can help us get the truth about marijuana to every undecided voter in the state.

If you’ve already contributed, I can’t thank you enough.  I can only ask that if you’re in a position to do it again, please do so here.

If you haven’t yet contributed, please join us here.


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  1. Here in Florida, a state in need of Viagra (just look at a map of the U S, Florida appears very limp).
    The legislators have passed “The Right to try” meaning any medication that may
    help with a terminal / serious condition when all else has failed. Signed by the Governor
    and enacted. But as you read the bill in it’s entirety, you get to the last sentence. Which states
    Now with meds like Sativex for cancer pain in phase 3+ trials and showing promise in areas of pain
    and M S. You would think this falls into the right to try scenario. We all know that pain treatment is an escalating treatment as more and more opioids type meds are needed. This is often taking it to a point were the amount of meds moves into it’s own danger zone. Yet escalating marijuana / Sativext does not.
    (no LD 50). this thought process is NUTS.
    It’s already legal {Sativex} in 28 countries, even some with very harsh cannabis laws. MMJ is legalized decriminalized throughout the USA, I lost count of the total numbers
    This is crazy, or is it big Pharma at work and play. But heaven forbid your taking some heavy pain meds for a serious condition and you show up positive for THC. You are tossed aside and reported to the Florida Dept. of Mental Health. Even those in simple pain management, if you show up positive. The Doctor is required to report it, to Fl. mental health. Most look the other way, but they to are taking a chance if your chart is reviewed by the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement (they now have nurses on their staff, for chart review).
    I say vote YES to any amendment that’s on the ballot , ANY

  2. there is a much better petition than the one john morgan offers. it is by a group called Florida Citizens for the Legalization of Medical Cannabis. they stand for home grows for patients and caregivers, and the proposed amendment offers a slight bit more regulation than morgans’! here is their website with links to their petition. http://www.fclmc.com/index.html

  3. Sheldon Adelson is giving millions once again to fight the amendments? Is that correct? Is Mel Sembler also going against us?

  4. California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA)

    National Sheriffs’ Association Corrections Corporation of America Mel Sembler Sheldon Adelson Kevin Sabet

  5. Follow the money if this ass hat wants to spread lies, spread the truth. Find the skeletons in his closet and publicize them. Show how opposing change is bringing money into his coffers or past drug use, or what ever his excuse is for opposing the will of the people. Show him for the evil clown he is.

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