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Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Deadlines Are Approaching

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I received the following campaign alert out of Florida:

Deadlines are looming for this campaign.

We have to make sure we get 683,149 petitions in by January. Realistically, based on when the bills for petition collection are due, we need to raise another $73,000 by the end of the year. We’re hoping to raise another $23k Tuesday, if we can.

The longer it takes, the more expensive it becomes.

This push for petitions is going to come down to the wire – and we need your help TODAY.  Please contribute here. 

If everyone that opened this email donated $10 or more, we’d be hit our mark. We could then move from the petition phase of this campaign, to to working on educating on-the-fence voters as to why they should support (what is likely to be) Amendment 1.

If you haven’t contributed, will you join the list of contributors here?

If you have – will you donate again here?  Even a small amount adds up.

Thank you for all that you’re doing.


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  1. Closet Warrior on

    Johnny Green, please block this ignorant attention-seeking Karen Giles!!! It’s bad enough she can’t spell correctly but this forum you and your pals created is being invaded by advertisers and idiots!! Again, Fuck you karen!!!

  2. mental health? is that what you said? did you know that marijuana causes brain damage, schizophrenia, psychosis and a whole host of other mental problems.

  3. Syndi Williamson on

    Hope approved for mental health patients as well. Other Pharmasuedicals cause so many adverse effects and cause physical problems.

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