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Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Fails, But Still Gets Strong Majority Of Votes


Florida medical marijuanaSadly, it appears that Florida’s medical marijuana initiative has failed to pass, according to several media reports. The ‘Yes on Amendment 2’ campaign did a stellar job and shouldn’t hang their heads. A strong majority of Florida voters approved the medical marijuana initiative. In just about any other state the 2014 Election Day results would have been enough. But in Florida an initiative has to get at least 60% of the vote, and as a result, the initiative didn’t pass.

Opponents will no doubt celebrate their ‘victory.’ However, I hope they know that they didn’t really win. If they want to congratulate each other on getting a clear minority of votes as a result of running a highly funded campaign that was largely built on lies, by all means, go ahead. Kudos for using shady political tactics to get barely over 40% of people to agree with you. Below is a reaction from Tom Angell, the head of Marijuana Majority:

“While it’s disappointing that patients in Florida won’t be able to find legal relief with marijuana just yet, tonight’s result does show that a clear majority of voters in the sunshine state support a new direction. We didn’t get the 60% needed to pass medical marijuana as a constitutional amendment, but patients and their supporters will keep pushing until the law reflects what most voters want. The campaign this year faced several key challenges, including that it took place during a midterm election in which turnout dynamics don’t favor marijuana reform. Next time medical marijuana is on the ballot, organizers should put patients and medical professionals at the forefront of the campaign rather than relying on a well-meaning but much less sympathetic political donor as the chief spokesperson.”

Here’s to the Florida medical marijuana 2016 campaign! Clearly a majority of Floridians want medical marijuana. It’s just a matter of making one more push, learning from the previous campaign, and following thru. Had marijuana been a statewide candidate in Florida, it would have received more v0tes than any other candidate. Preparation for Election Day 2016 in Florida starts NOW! Below is also a reaction from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

Amendment 2, which would have protected patients and doctors from prosecution for using/recommending medical marijuana for serious medical conditions, has failed though it garnered a solid majority of votes. Covered conditions would have included cancer, AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s “or other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient,” but would not have allowed patients to operate a motor vehicle under the influence, consume marijuana in public or on the job and would not have required insurers to pay for the treatment. Unfortunately, because the initiative was for a constitutional amendment, it needed 60% to pass and looks like it will fall just short of that number.

“This is a loss for the sick, for the elderly, and for all those who care about public safety,” said Special Agent Raymond Strack (Ret.), a Florida resident and spokesperson for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “The only people who have benefitted from this election are the violent gangs who continue to make money on marijuana’s prohibition.”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit of cops, prosecutors, judges and other law enforcement officials who want to end the war on drugs.


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  1. You know that some billionaire asshole Sheldon Adelson who lives in Las Vegas spent millions on anti compassion act campaigns and commercials to prevent people like you and I to get help on pure relief. Then a lot of stupid old people who watch Fox News and listens to their terrible propaganda. On top of Sheriff Grady Judd who wants all the money from kickbacks from the DEA and seizures of people’s property for using cannabis a harmless drug. He went to churches and spread lies and misinformation about Amendment 2. Just because he wants his sheriff’s office to get the shiny new tank that can bust down your for and violate your rights. Tried using God as an excuse. I think it’s funny that most Christians ignore the bible verse Genesis 1:29 Then God Said “I give you all seed bearing plants of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds in it.They will be yours for food.” New international version.

    Most Christians take the bible as literal most of the time. No metaphors hardly at all. That is of course until it used to show them something that they don’t agree with. Then they try to twist it by saying something like “Oh well God didn’t mean cannabis” First how the heck do you know what GOD meant. To me is pretty clear ALL seed bearing plants. Even though it has exactly the right amount of vitamins and amino acids your body needs. Or that its been used since the dawn of time by consumption,smoked, used for paper, sails, food, medicine, over a billion textile uses from its fiber (hemp) alone and who knows how many from its cellulose and not a SINGLE DEATH can be directly linked to it. Alcohol and tobacco kills hundreds of thousand of people a year still perfectly legal. But they immediately try to shut down on those arguments because it proves them wrong in a rational debate.

    Also I believe that another reason Florida didn’t get enough votes is because young people today don’t give a crap about politics. They don’t vote. Old people vote. Unless you vote nothing will ever change.

  2. I’m another disgusted Floridian who’s been dealing with complications of cancer for a long time. And I’m so disgusted that lies are used to misinform people. Also someone like Grady Judd going around to churches and actively spreading misinformation bc he is a law officer and chief of the sheriff’s office and they get money every time they bust a marijuana user. They are able to size their property their cars and any money they find.

    Thank you Florida for making a cancer patient suffer.

  3. “Thank You” people of Florida for keeping me away from Satan’s Weed, and allowing me to continue to take all the prescribed (photo) medication from my educated physician. For allowing me to enjoy daily, all the side affects they cause. Also keeping me from having sex with Negro’s, listening to evil jazz music and being unproductive. From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you, I hope this photo made the post.
    (this is posted as jocular)

  4. “Why did he do it”. For the reason we are having this conversation. Making it nearly impossible for a Floriduh Constitutional Amendment to be presented and passed “By The People”. Not only for this MMJ scenario, but for anything else that the people want to address because the legislators will not. So “The People” take it into their own hands and address an issue. A save the mosquito amendment would still need 60% to pass, which it probably would down here.
    Therefore leaving it all up to the (what’s in it for me) legislators. Floriduh is the only state that has this 60% threshold. I believe that it may be un-constitutional to have this out of reach threshold of 60% for the people. There is no equal protection, it does not apply in any other state. It’s a, make them feel happy set up, only to fail.
    If the Governor needed 60%, we would never have a Governor.
    The majority dose not rule in Floriduh, Tallahassee does.
    In the meantime I am starting a “Save the Mosquito” campaign. lol.

  5. Is this US democracy at work? Are these laws even Constitution in the first place?

    Wayne T
    Queensland, Australia


  6. So, 58% of the people get screwed. What a state.

    The land of the free the home of the brave

    And the grave of the sick.

    Wayne T
    Queensland, Australia


  7. Placed there by Gov. Jeb “The Bush” in 2006. By an amendment that only needed 50%. So the people in Floriduh voted to increase the % by a vote that needed 50% for a constitutional change to 60%.
    You cant make this stuff up, if you did Floriduh would be a weekly comedy sitcom that would beat “Friends” in the ratings.

  8. They are grooming a new one now! Another one named “George Bush” in Texas! He is a nephew yo George W. , speaks fluent Spanish! Hasn’t America had enough of jumping into the BUSH! GOOD GOD!

  9. I applaud him for trying! But, I watched a lot of his debates and came to the conclusion that he was a bad choice for the debates! i honestly believe his intentions were good but the measure deserved better representation from the experts! Mainstream media should be held accountable for “False Advertising” and misleading the masses!

  10. I’d like to see a recount…just because of a story that I read about! A voter punched a straight party vote on a machine and it changed it to the opposing party’s vote…nothing shady there is there! I also believe that FL has had problems in the past with those same types of voting issues!

  11. Much agreed. Not to mention the damage that pain killers do to your body that marijuana does not.

  12. They needed 60% because it was put up as a Constitutional Amendment. That part was already in their constitution and not just a special rule for this.

  13. Theresa.Cyrgalis on

    These people should be much more afraid of Roxies and Meth and their kids getting that and its all over the damn place, than them getting medicinal pot. People are so damn ignorant sometimes makes you wonder if the government thinks for them.

  14. Theresa.Cyrgalis on

    This is ridiculous you get 58% of the vote which is the majority in any other kind of election and you get a NO. What is the problem Florida? why is everything in this state so ass backwards. People that are in chronic pain well at least me and many people I know do not like taking pain killers. I hate them, they make me panicky. I have several auto immune diseases as well as degenerative disc disease and Lupus where pain and migraines are a daily ritual. For the folks worried about youth getting it you should be much more worried about your kids getting their hands on Roxies and Vicodin than marijuana. No one has ever overdosed on weed to my knowledge. So as long as this doesn’t pass people will still be using pain meds, they will still be getting stolen from their parents or grand parents and ending up in the street the people who have become addicted to their scripts that need money are still gonna be selling them and the cycle continues. It’s a natural plant. Mother nature put it out there why are there even laws that regulate a damn plant. Seriously can’t they find something else to regulate.

  15. Theresa.Cyrgalis on

    Should have known a Bush was behind it, GEEZE what a freaking surprise, they should take up making beans like their cousins, lol. Stay the hell out of politics they have done enough damage.

  16. Theresa.Cyrgalis on

    Seriously someone explain to me why Florida needs 60% of the vote. I mean come on they got 58% of the people which is the majority, doesn’t the majority rule, obviously not in this state. Sorry they got some serious issues in government in this state. Too many hands in the kitty!

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  18. If they rewrite this bill to benefit senior citizens. Making 65 and older the only group able to cultivate and sell to the despenseries. This would help senior citizens have a livable income and keep the boost support for medical marijuana. People will vote “YES” on anything that will directly benefit them.

  19. This didn’t surprise me when you have a casino owner throwing millions of dollars to make sure legalization did not pass. This Casino owner will gain at least 2 times the amount he spent to fight legalization from all of the retireies who go to his casino. Big bucks win again

  20. Oregon. is the place to be anyway , mild winters mountians.resonable housing great healthcare , I live in fla at this time and was going to get involved in the industry yet I think its time to head out there myself, good luck

  21. There are warm areas of southern colorado near the arizona border just below the mountains. You might see snow a couple times in winter but it’s relatively warm. The weed climate is very nice also…good luck.

  22. Homer Salisbury on

    John Morgan’s drunken rant, is in my belief what killed the Florida Amendment 2. I am an Alcoholic that has 19 years of sobriety and I do know what I am talking about. I would not be afraid to bet when He (Morgan) sobered up and looked at the video of himself making a total mockery of what the Amendment was all about, said to himself. There goes my 4 Million dollar investment in the….. Bottom line, If not for the destructive effects of a non scheduled legal drug “Alcohol”. Medical Marijuana would be a reality in Florida today, I say a prayer for all those that are suffering Needlessly due to induced or hysterical ignorance.

  23. Although the medical marijuana laws didn’t get passed, we can still get all the benefits of the cannabinoids found in marijuana, from imported hemp! At places like Holistic Hope in Fort Lauderdale, they sell hemp oil with a full range of legal cannabinoids, including CBD, which is found in higher quantities in their hemp oil then in the Charlotte’s web oil. Not enough people know about these alternative sources and they can help!! We just need more people to realize that what they’re looking for most of the time IS LEGAL!

  24. What a shame it didn’t pass in Florida. I am a MMJ patient in my home state of Michigan and was really hoping it would pass in FL where we winter.

  25. It’s been obvious for quite awhile now that the south will be the last to legalize. I’ve lived in Fl. for far too long now anyhow. My wife retires in January and then we will pack it up and head west. Leaning towards Oregon at this point. Plan on vacationing there again soon. I know Colorado is a pretty expensive place to live but I wonder what the cost of living is in Oregon? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  26. As a senior I feel very bad for the old people that don’t get MMJ in FL. I wonder if it was the senior vote that sunk it?

  27. I’m just disgusted that it didn’t pass. Nothing cool ever happens in Florida. The fact that it had to be 60% of the vote is absurd. 58% of the vote is clearly a win. The people of Florida have spoken, and we want it legalized.

  28. Florida voters were missled by false informing the voters by the media and the corrupt Republican COMMUNIST!

  29. I know this sucks and I hate it we need a recount but I live hear and talk to these people and ask them why would you vote no as there Drinking or taking pills they say I dont want my kids to do it , or it is a gate way drug I am so sick of it I smoke pot I dont go out and get crack I work a Good job and dont live of the Gov . I want this to Pass . my Dad died of cancer and his last days were pain free and said ,I should of had this the the times on cemo . so for all you drinkers out there and pill heads I hope they stop you then we will see

  30. I take the position that we won, using the majority rule. 58%, just like it is in the real world.
    Here in Florida recounts are the state pastime. Almost like the state bird, “The Mosquito”. They are the go to experts on recounts. Other states call and ask for guidance on how to do recounts.

    If MMJ ran for Governor. POTUS or Dog catcher, it would have been a landslide victory at 58%, but good old boy Jeb “The Bush”, when Gov. slide in that 60% threshold. after on the same ballot he got his amendments passed at 50%.

    So voters voted for amendments at 50%, while at the same time voting to increase it to 60%

    I take the position that we won, using the majority rule. 58%. I’ll give Tallahassee 6 months to smell the coffee and make a legislative move (not holding my breath) Crack Head Scott repeatedly stated “No Way”. So while I wait, this election has determined my new location. My thoughts are toward Prescott Az. again.

    Almost moved there in the 70’s when the NYPD fell apart.

  31. “I’m going back to New York City now, I do believe I’ve had enough”
    quote by; Sir Robert Dylan

  32. I am one very very lucky bastard! I just recently moved from Ft.Worth ,Palestine to BEAUTIFUL Medford Oregon where I can now smoke the fuck out whenever and not give a shit.
    And Yes, I VOTED! For the very first time in my life. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I’m sooo high! I have almost 25lbs of White Widow to smoke.

  33. Big whoop.
    We’ve all known that mmj has large majority support in fl but our politians couldn’t care less.
    Power of the people was our chance, but unfortunately not enough.

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