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Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Gets Enough Valid Signatures For 2016 Ballot

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The Florida medical marijuana campaign team that put medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot have been gathering signatures for a 2016 effort, and the good news broke earlier today that enough signatures have been validated to put the new and improved initiative on the 2016 ballot. The 2014 version lost by just 2 points, and this election cycle should be more favorable since it’s a Presidential election cycle, and also the initiative was tweaked a little to be more ‘Florida voter friendly.’ Below is a message that I received from the campaign. Onward to Election Day!:

Thanks to you and your support, medical marijuana will be on Florida’s 2016 ballot.

The Florida Division of Elections has confirmed, we’ve validated enough petitions (and qualified in enough districts) to give voters a second chance to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of suffering patients.

This effort cost millions of dollars – but it needed to happen. The legislature sat on its heels. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Pam Bondi stood against us. But I told you when we came up short in 2014 that we would win the war, and we will.  Medical marijuana is coming to Florida.

Now the campaign officially begins.

We’re waiting on the official designation of Amendment 2 (again), but we have 10 months to raise the millions more we need to fight it out on the airwaves, online, and more to make sure that undecided voters make the right choice and get us to 60% in November.

The fight starts today. Please make a contribution to the soon-to-be-officially Yes on 2 campaign here.  

We’re back.
We’re going to win for the patients.

John Morgan
United for Care

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  1. Billy Bob Merkowitz on

    I’m not “Anti-establishment” I just happen to believe that Florida’s Marijuana Laws, and Federal Marijuana Laws are based upon Fear, not Science. I’m old enough to have purchased many an ounce at Ten Dollars an Ounce… Sadly, this new proposed legislation rules out far too many patients, and has no provision for private cultivation of Medical Marijuana for Personal use.

  2. I hope Florida’s proposal is tight, our Michigan legislation has turned our mmj laws into a convoluted freaking mess.
    I won’t go get my card because I refuse to pay for such a fucked system. Pure Michigan.

  3. Google Silver Tour
    Senior Citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana users.
    Google Law /Enforcement Against Prohibition
    Their group is growing pretty fast too.

  4. I totally agree. Many forget we are the Woodstock Generation. We just had to conform to the “Man”, so we could survive, raise and support our families. But deep within our facades we remain anti-establishment. It’s part of our resolve.

  5. I’m waiting to hear how the “Street Dealers Union of Central Florida” replies to this.
    As we assume that you are their union president. what is you response.

  6. You might want to rethink your comment about seniors not supporting/using it because I don’t find that to be the case, and I’m speaking from the experience of senior age.

  7. I wouldnt be surprised if theres less support this time. The 60% threshold makes winning almost impossible. Republicans and seniors like always, wont support it no matter what. Over half the time when other states voted on this issue, it got below 60% even with no opposition from Sheldon Adelson or Kevin Sabet. A presidential election wont do much to help since turnout rises equally across the board.

  8. 114,000 Floridians will be diagnosed with Cancer this year alone.
    Half of them will eventually die of it, after suffering horribly.
    CBD won’t do squat to help with the majority of their symptoms and High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy (HDMMOT) needs all the components of Medical Marijuana — Not just CBD.
    Every Floridian with Cancer deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Just like everyone else in the world does.
    Every. Single. One.

  9. AmyPaulie Green on

    Thank you so much Mr. Morgan for all of your efforts to right the grevous wrong perpetrated on all US citizens. We are Medical Marijuana card holders from Michigan. We recently relocated here for the winter months. We are forced to do without medicine during our time here. If we were to attempt to purchase meds here it would be in an undesirable neighborhood or in areas of criminal activity. We would ask that you please draft something into the bill that would allow us to use our certification from Michigan to purchase meds in other states. One lesson we learned in Michigan is that the original bill needs to be as specific as possible or lawmakers will extort any and all possible loopholes. Thanks again, we will do our part to spread the word of your efforts in this matter.

  10. Closet Warrior on

    It’s a shame that all that money has to be spent to get a point across that mmj is needed and wanted when it could have fed so many hungry mouths but that’s what are country seem to be comprised of these days-pride, greed and arrogance. However, I am glad that they are fighting for patients rights but wouldn’t it be so much easier and cheaper to simply ask what the people need/want then act on it w/out all the personal tragedies along the way while waiting….

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