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Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Officially Makes The 2014 Ballot


signature gathering marijuana reform initiative florida medical marijuanaEnormous news from the Florida medical marijuana campaign, see the e-mail I received below:

It’s official: The Supervisors of Elections have validated enough of our submitted signatures to place us on the ballot in November – more than the 683,149 we needed and in the required number of congressional districts.

This is an amazing feat. I have to admit, less than a year ago I never thought we’d see this day – but thanks to your support and hard work, we were able to make history together. I want to thank everyone involved in this campaign – particularly our staff, donors, petition collectors and volunteers – for making this possible.

The only thing holding up official certification and placement on the ballot is the ruling by the Florida Supreme Court, which could come anytime between now and April 1.

But we can’t stop for a minute – an even greater task is at hand. We must make sure that at least 60% of Florida voters support the Amendment come November 4th.

One of our key donors, Barbara Steifel, has generously offered to match any donation you make between now and 11:59 pm, January 31st.

Please be a matching donor before then by clicking here to contribute.

That task is going to require a very quick ramp up of this campaign – and it’s going to be expensive.

I need to raise $20,000 before the end of the month so we can get this new phase of the campaign off the ground.

Please contribute here before the end of the month and help us reach our $20k goal.

Thank you, again, to everyone who helped us pass this critically important point in the campaign. Together we will bring medical marijuana to the thousands and thousands of seriously ill Floridians who are desperate for relief.


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  1. Most low CBD strains happen to have high THC levels (The substance mainly responsible for getting you stoned) and the High CBD strains are usually bred to have lower THC levels so patients can medicate to whatever extent they need to without getting too high.

  2. Just as I moving away from this backward state they finally approve it. WTF! Let’s go Florida, you have the right to vote to make this happen!

  3. BREAKING NEWS,,,,,A Florida measure that would allow the use of medical marijuana has cleared its final hurdle and will be on the November ballot.

    Published: January 27, 2014 | Updated: January 27, 2014 at 02:29 PM
    TALLAHASSEE – A Florida measure that would allow the use of medical marijuana has cleared its final hurdle and will be on the November ballot.
    The state Supreme Court on Monday approved the language for the proposed constitutional amendment.
    The justices approved the ballot summary 4-3 just three days after a petition drive reached the required number of signatures to place the measure on the ballot.
    The decision is a defeat for Attorney General Pam Bondi, who challenged the ballot language by saying it’s misleading.
    Personal injury lawyer John Morgan has spent about $4 million to place the issue before voters.
    Gov. Rick Scott is opposed to medical marijuana. His Democrats challengers, state Sen. Nan Rich and former Gov. Charlie Crist, both support it.

  4. “The only people who should really sin are the people who can sin and grin.” Ogden Nash, brainyquote.com

  5. You haven’t given a good, convincing reason to doubt their chances. So far, all you’ve done is insist you’re going to be right, and that we should just wait and see. Sorry, but simply asserting by fiat that the initiative will fail (despite the polling numbers and the building national momentum) is not a sound argument. That’s the sort of fact-proof thinking that fortold Mitt Romney’s landslide victory.

  6. You seem to be an expert on state policies and where they are going, do you have connections in government?

  7. I found strains with lower CBD content to be too strong and always favored high-CBD. I am confused by this statement, is it a typo?

  8. No such thing as bad press. The more attack ads against the cannabis initiative, the more enthusiastic supporters will become. No one is going to flip-flop from supporting medical cannabis to not supporting it because of an attack ad. In fact, attack ads will probably just draw more millenials to the ballot. The lawyer spearheading the effort has an incredible ground game, which is why Pam Bondi was hoping to usurp the effort by keeping it off the ballot, entirely. The opposition has the uphill battle, not us.

  9. Still. I’m excited, maybe it won’t be this year.. but only a few more before the dream is reality. THank you citizens of Florida!

  10. It hasn’t “officially” made the ballot yet. There’s still a pending decision by the Florida Supreme Court before it can “officially” make the ballot.

  11. FYI — I would be happy with only ++CBD strains, as when I was living in California for the sole purpose of treating autism–through the explicit assistance of my father, along every stage of the course–I found strains with lower CBD content to be too strong and always favored high-CBD. In my California medical cabinet, High-CBD was always the most stocked and interestingly because from a recreational-standpoint it’s the weakest and most unexciting “experience” but still in terms of countering autistic symptoms: a profound impact.

    THank you very much. Hope this helps you make the right decision!

  12. …hopefully it gets passed and I’ll actually start having an incredibly normal life, functioning at that level is a daily battle living without help nor treatment for Autism-spectrum disorder. Currently it’s a huge stress even procuring, both on my family and friends (step-family) and on myself because as I get older and more aware and further understand the risks in seeking such an end-game treatment, causing increasingly unlikelihood that I’ll maintain such a degree of functionality. It’s worrying faced with the real prospect I won’t see my hopes, dreams, and future, if medical marijuana is not made available.

  13. Yes, that’s almost a certainty. But the quickest way to undermine the issue is to make demands outside the comfort zone of the legislature — I’ve said a number of times that, if the only reform to happen this year is the CBD oil for those kids, I’ll be perfectly satisfied. The groups pressuring the legislature aren’t going to push for more than is possible and risk NO bill passing, at all. No one expects a comprehensive bill to pass, this year. 2014 is an especially short session because of the early primaries, so if *any* bill passes, even if it’s just helping those kids, we should be overjoyed.

    While Peake is pushing for an immediate bill legalizaing CBD oil, McKoon is establishing an official study commission to explore the medical benefits of cannabis, and their report will be due by Dec 1st. That means, even if the only bill that passes *this year* is for CBD oil, they’ll revisit the issue in 2015, and a comprehensive bill CAN pass. In the meantime, the local groups pushing for change like Peachtree NORML and Georgia CARE can finesse the legislature.

    And it’s going to take finesse. After all, Georgia has only gotten hot for the cannabis issue in the last month, which isn’t enough time to overcome 40 years of moralist propaganda — there are still a lot of people with polarized, 1980s beliefs about it. I don’t expect the GA legislature to change overnight, but they do change incrementally. Yes, they’re going to drag their feet and be overly cautious and test every last reefer madness concern they’ve heard in their long lives and they won’t move a toe if they think they’re risking their seats in the legislature. That’s just expected.

    What we should also expect — if Peake’s bill passes, and the overwhelming reaction from the public is *positive* (and it has been so far), then expect the rest of the legislature to jump on the bandwagon after McKoon’s report is finished. Pushing them too hard, now, before they have a chance to warm to the issue on their own, could jeopardize our 2015 prospects.

  14. LOL — If you think Arizona, Arkansas, and South Dakota are all like Florida, clearly, you’ve never been to any of the four locations.

    November 2013 poll of Florida shows ***82%*** of registered voters support medical cannabis. The best polling numbers for Prop 215 in ultra super mega “liberal” California was only 74% supporting implementation in 2004 — after it had already passed.

    You may think your glass is half empty, but it’s actually 82% full.

  15. Johnny Bloomington on

    You can’t use those past results because we didn’t have recreational at those times. This is important because of the jump in overall popularity in legalizing marijuana in general. You also overestimate project SAM.

  16. Well, we got 55% to vote for complete legalization. It got more votes than Obama did, in a state he carried. This is not really an issue between the left and right. Its between what is right or wrong. Here in Colorado, two of the leading far left leaning Democrats, The Gov and the mayor of Denver, both campaigned heavily against legalization. Both are in the pockets of the alcohol industry. The Gov used to own a big brew pub here in town, was recently quoted as saying that he “hates” we legalized, then less then a week later is throwing a party at the mansion for “important craft brewing” industry in Colorado.
    Then the leading Rep. candidate, that is VERY right, Tom Tancredo, came out in favor of Amendment 64 saying “I support Amendment 64 not in spite of my conservative views, but because of them.”
    This need to be made an issue in elections. This is a matter of smart public policy, compassion, justice and liberty.

  17. Vincent Nibblin on

    High CBD oil is al they are interested in, they will NOT passa bill allowing adults to have medical marijuana with THC. All the adults in chronic pain and with MS will be overlooked I PROMISE!!!

  18. Politicians had every opportunity to help the patients in Florida. To this day they still refuse to help anyone even the sick children with the high CBD. The response from some politicians is you have the right to move to another state. So now they will have to deal the whatever initiative is voted in. The people will have the say this time. Most people want the option to choose their own treatment. Instead of the current railroad pain pills being prescribe. It will pass no question ??

  19. Heres a list of some of the vote tallies for previous medical marijuana ballot initiatives.

    California 1996 (55%)
    Oregon 1998 (55%)
    Alaska 1998 (58%)
    Washington state 1998 (59%)
    Maine 1999 (61%)

    Arizona 2002 FAILED (36%)
    South Dakota 2006 FAILED (47%)
    South Dakota 2010 FAILED (36%)
    Arkansas 2012 FAILED (48%)

    Florida is an extremely conservative tough on crime tough on drugs state. Its not enough to win with a simple majority. Florida law requires you get 60% just to get it passed which is going to be nearly impossible. Getting 60% of Americans to agree on anything is hard. Not only is Florida tough on drugs but now you gotta deal with Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet scaring all the voters about how “smoked marijuana isnt medicine”. Hes gonna scare the voters that theres will be pot tarts and pot sodas targeting kids. Medical marijuana is coming under a lot of scrutiny. 2014 is a midterm election year which significantly decreases voter turnout among young liberal relatively pro pot voters. You could hate it all you want, but pot smokers are just too outnumbered to make a difference in the outcome of the election. Every single pot smoker in Florida could show up to vote yes on medical marijuana and it still wont pass.

    When you combine all of that, its going to be impossible to win the medical marijuana initiative in Florida in 2014.

  20. It’ll pass. It’s been a big issue down there for years, and they decided to spearhead the effort for 2014 — the reason Pam Bondi and Rick Scott were so desperate to keep it off the ballot is that it’s an increasingly popular issue that always boosts voter turnout. And if there’s one thing Florida Republicans hate, it’s increased voter turnout (hence that whole purge thing they tried two years ago and got nationally roasted for even attempting).

    Maybe I’m just a cynic, but part of me believes that Democrats are warming to the issue faster than Republicans simply because *this* issue is the only way to get millenials to get out and vote in midterm election years (years Democrats don’t do so hot), like 2014.

  21. The kids with seizure disorders could have access to CBD oil this year, if the GA Legislature crafts a bill quickly enough. There’s a lot of local news coverage about the 15,000 signatures on the petition and the two recent polls showing 51% and 54% in favor of regulation and taxation like CO and WA, 57% for medical cannabis, and 62% in favor of decriminalization. The craziest part yet — there’s been so little of the blind outrage and reactionary objections you might have expected. State Rep after State Rep keep coming out in favor of such initiatives and, when they *do* speak up, they’re getting thanked. Nobody is giving them a hard time. The prospect of cannabis reform in GA is getting more and more realistic by the day.

  22. no way in hell this is going to pass. Even in liberal states you barely get 60% for medical marijuana.

  23. I’m taking 10-1 odds that the court rules on April 1st. I know the feds, if they could rule on the 20th they would. Seriously folks, no foolin’.

  24. The politicians in GA are down right retarded, I believe it could take another 10 years or more

  25. People of Florida, Rick Scott is against your rights for medical marijuana, So is Pam Bondi, These politicians have forgotten they were elected to serve not control the will of the people. Vote these bums out of office Now!!!!!!

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