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Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Still Leads In Latest Poll


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaIt wasn’t that long ago that a poll was released showing that the Florida medical marijuana initiative was winning by a landslide. A poll was released earlier this year showing the initiative winning 88% percent of the estimated vote. While the lead has shrunk in recent polls, the latest poll still shows the initiative winning. And not only is it winning, it’s getting more than the required 60% ‘yes’ votes to pass on Election Day. Per Public Policy Polling:

Florida’s medical marijuana amendment is still receiving more than the 60% it needs to become law, but opposition to it has risen in recent months. 61% of voters say they support it to 33% who are opposed. That’s down from a 66/25 spread in favor of passage in June and a 65/23 spread in favor in January.

There is still work to be done in Florida. While I’m confident that victory will be achieved on Election Day and compassion will prevail, it’s far from a guarantee. If you live in Florida, contact the campaign, make a donation, and/or volunteer to help spread the word. Truth is on the initiative’s side, along with compassion, voters just need to know it. The battle in Florida has been fierce, with the opposition spreading propaganda as much as they can. Let’s send those opponents packing and win on Election Day! You can find out more about the campaign at this link here.


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  1. I will waste each and every single one of my votes until people wake the fuck up and realize that both parties work toward the same agendas. Period.

  2. I admire your persistence, but without a run-off vote enforced when no candidate gets over 50% of the vote, I refuse to waste my vote.

  3. Vote yes on 2. Don’t forget we need a Governor and a Attorney General on our side to insure no problems, so don’t forget to vote for Adrian Wyllie for Florida Governor and Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General when voting!!!!

  4. I will vote, will you? on

    The focus of the last paragraph of your article is spot on. We can win this thing, but we NEED everyone’s vote – not just their support. And while we’re expressing the importance of voting, let’s be careful not to define members of a political party that’s different than our own as being our opponents – lest we cause them to become our opponents in reaction to our words. Without their vote we can not, and will not, win.

  5. It takes just 30 min. in that same time some one in this country many of them sick and dying are being arrested for MMJ. JUST SHOW UP AND VOTE YES ON 2

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