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Florida Medical Marijuana Opponents Get A 2.5 Million Dollar Donation


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaIn case you haven’t heard, the State of Florida will be voting on medical marijuana during the 2014 Election this November. Multiple polls were released this week showing Florida’s medical marijuana initiative (Amendment 2) with a substantial lead. Those polls were very encouraging for Florida medical marijuana patients and supporters.

This week also brought unfavorable news to the Florida medical marijuana debate. Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire from Las Vegas, donated 2.5 million dollars to the ‘Drug Free Florida Committee’ which is fighting hard against Amendment 2. There are numerous theories as to why Mr. Adelson would make such a donation, but the fact of the matter is he made it, and now the Amendment 2 campaign has to fight even harder than before to debunk the false propaganda being spread by the Drug Free Florida Committee. Per Fire Dog Lake, that propaganda includes the following statement by the Florida Sheriff’s Association:

“This amendment as a matter of fact is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, president of the Florida Sheriff’s Association.

He warned that the proposed amendment is “cleverly-written” for “use and abuse,” will lead to children legally obtaining marijuana and predicted crime rates will soar.

“You will pay more taxes because it’s going to take more policing,” he said.

Number one, medical marijuana reform does not lead to increased crime, per a study that can be found at this link here. Number two, medical marijuana reform does not lead to increased use among children, per a study that can be found at this link here. This information should be common knowledge by now, but it’s possible that 2.5 million dollars worth of false propaganda could change some minds. Make a donation to the Amendment 2 campaign today to help spread the truth, and help patients in Florida get the safe access they need and deserve.


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  1. Wow, does that man enjoy burning money. Daddy Warbucks simply doesn’t grasp that we’re on the up-swing of the Information Age. Adelson, specifically, thought more than a hundred million dollars was enough money to white-wash Mitt Romney’s record — but it wasn’t. Over $100 million wasn’t enough to stop the free flow of information to over half the country. The information on Romney was out there, and easily accessed by anyone who looked for it. That’s why Romney lost the election.

    Even with all that money positively dripping off of Romney’s campaign (thanks in no small part to Adelson), it wasn’t enough. And $2.5 million won’t be enough to stop the free flow of information in Florida (not by a long shot). The polling in favor of medical cannabis in Florida is already comfortably in the 80s. Florida is home to over 19 million people, the overwhelming majority of whom support medical cannabis.

    I know that the donation makes some people worry, but your worries are unfounded. Remember this important fact: nobody goes from supporting medical cannabis (and cannabis law reform in general) to *not* supporting medical cannabis. That bridge only goes one-way. Once someone is clued in, there’s no undoing it. Money can’t *actually* lobotomize people, it can only color the opinions of those who are completely naive about something (those precious few who either don’t have internet access or only use it for LOLcats and pr0n). Adelson’s donation is a couple decades too late to make any significant difference. His only hope, at this point, is to buy a time machine to go back to 1991 so he could buy controlling interest in AOL to prevent the internet from going mainstream.

  2. stellarvoyager on

    Indeed. His approach seems to be, “hey look, we’re taking the ‘middle ground’ between incarceration and punishment on the one hand and full legalization on the other hand.” It is a very clever marketing ploy, and for that reason I see Kevin Sabet as a potent threat to the movement, since he’s making a concerted effort to target those who might be open to legalization but are undecided. So don’t interpret my comment as defending Kevin Sabet, but rather as highlighting just how extreme Sheldon Adelson and the Semblers are, so much so that they make even Sabet look “reasonable.” And the folks at SAM depend on extremists like Adelson to shift the debate so far to the right that their positions seem reasonable by contrast. It is a common tactic used on the right for all sorts of issues.

  3. These are people that need to be on foreign soil as captives and held there till they die!!! They are committing use to a slow painful death, that this medical marijuana will help us survive to tolerate the pain and the side effects of are conditions. How I wish that they, and all who are against this helping amendment, eat shit and live!!!!! They will NEVER WIN

  4. Kevin shithead doesn’t support anything to do with weed. He’s just peddling the rehab line so it doesn’t appear to be “arrest and punish”. It’s actually “rehab or jail”, pretty much the same thing IMO.

  5. People don’t believe the negative propaganda vote for medical marajuana . Pass it on

  6. Taking this stance is a slippery slope for them at this time. It isn’t 1976 anymore. I hope they effing waste all their money.

  7. stellarvoyager on

    Kevin Sabet? These guys are even worse than Kevin Sabet. They are all about incarceration and punishment. At least Kevin Sabet purports to be in favor of treatment instead of incarceration. At least Kevin Sabet would allow for very limited medical MJ use. The Adelsons, the Semblers, and the politicians they back, such as Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, would have nearly everyone in the country taking drug tests by requiring them for medical care, jobs, getting a drivers’ license, just about anything. If these people and the politicians they back get in power and start making policy, watch out, you can kiss all of the progress we have made on cannabis policy goodbye.

  8. stellarvoyager on

    Make no mistake: Sheldon Adelson and those like him (The Semblers, whose “drug treatment centers” were forced to shut down due to rampant child abuse) are hard-core prohibitionist zealots, and are playing for keeps. They are truly awful. They make Kevin Sabet look reasonable. And Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino magnate, is loaded, so much so that he can make a donation that is greater than the entire net worth of most 1 percenters as if it were pocket change.

    One would be wise to keep informed of their activities and who they back. Sheldon Adelson and the Semblers were big bundlers for Mitt Romney in 2012, and are now lining up behind Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush served on an advisory board of Save Our Society from Drugs, a group founded by the Semblers to spread hate, lies and hysterical fear-based propaganda about cannabis. Make no mistake that they have their sights set on winning the White House. Jeb Bush will run for president, and he will be a formidable opponent. He has a very good chance of winning the GOP nomination, and with his connections, is a major threat to take the White House. If we get President Jeb Bush in 2016, you can kiss MJ legalization goodbye for at least another generation. Time to take actions now to fight back and not be caught flat-footed in 2016.

  9. ….For every American behind bars, for a non-violent marijuana related offense, the federal government is guilty of wrongful prosecution, and they know it. When you study how the Nixon policy of scheduling against what his medical adviser Dr. Egeberg who was bullied into only a temporary classification #1 and discarded 700 pages of his own commissioned Shafer report. This was all about getting back at his enemies.

  10. 2.5 million wasted. He should have looked at the polls. Do they really thing they can change 10-15% of Floridians mind with a couple million dollars? I doubt it… VOTE YES on #2! Get EVERYONE you know to REGISTER TO VOTE!

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  11. All the money poured into prohibition doesn’t change the fact the they are lying. Polling shows that more people are on board with MMJ that ever before, and these numbers are ever increasing, and to me this shows that the lies are being exposed because people ARE watching and listening for the truth. The more often and louder the prohibitionists speak, the more attention they draw to themselves as being unreliable sources of fact. Jetdoc’s story about his mom is proof that the silent majority IS paying attention. I LOVE these stories. Love, love, love.

    We have truth on our side, and as long as we can keep debunking everything they say with facts they will not win in the end.

  12. $2.5M for Kevin A Sabet to spread his BULLSHIT propaganda. That’s A LOT of money to shovel his shit. I called my Mother in FL and told her NOT to believe this shit. I told her crime goes DOWN in areas where there’s an Medical Marijuana Dispensary. I told her that “teen usage” does NOT go up in MMJ States etc…

    To my somewhat surprise… Mom says… “… well, Marijuana should be legal anyway! It’s no worse than Alcohol and definitely not as bad as cigarettes are to society.” I was like… you GO Mom! Moms 80 yrs old too.

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