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Florida Medical Marijuana Opponents Plan To Spend 10 Million Fighting Reform


Florida medical marijuanaDuring the 2014 campaign, Florida medical marijuana opponents, led by political funder Sheldon Adelson, spent millions of dollars spreading reefer madness across the state. The 2014 initiative was defeated by just two percentage points. It sounds like opponents are planning on spending even more money this election cycle fighting medical marijuana legalization. Below is a message that I received from the Florida campaign:

We knew it was going to happen at some point. Today, it did.

Mel Sembler – Sheldon Adelson’s BFF and the leader of the “No on 2” campaign in 2014 – announced today that he plans to spend $10 million to defeat medical marijuana this fall.

I’ve got a message for Mel Sembler: BRING. IT. ON.

No amount of money and lies are going to stop us from winning this time.

We will pass Amendment 2 in November.

We will bring compassion to Florida.

We will match their lies with the truth about medical marijuana.

I need your help TODAY. Make a donation to the campaign now and send Mel Sembler and all those who would seek to stand in the way of compassion a message:



– John

Donate here. We appreciate any amount you can give.


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Johnny Green



    Also Melvin and Betty Sembler should be in prison, also funny the CPB (Center for Public Broadcasting) is managed by family members or relatives of Betty and Melvin Sembler, until they are removed, there will be no exposure on TV about Straight Inc


    The Prohibs seriously have no clue on the retribution they will get for endorsing Straight Inc and the child abuse and Melvin and Betty Sembler


    These prohibs including No2Pot tried to do a revisionist angle on the Semblers and the Drug Free America Foundation by trying to fool the public about Straight Inc, I am sorry but I have no respect who endorse child abuse but the Prohibs tried to justify the actions of Straight Inc where over 50,000 children was abused just for so-called ‘addiction’


    The prohibs have not learnt a lesson when they tried to perform a revisionist angle on Straight Inc, No2Pot a page on facebook tried the stunt of defending Melvin and Betty Sembler and the Drug Free America Foundation, and the full force of the Straight Inc Survivors went to No2Pot’s FB page and confronted the person why he would defend Melvin and Betty Sembler and the abuse that happened at Straight Inc, also on one of my conversations with a Straight Inc survivor, many Anti Cannabis groups defend the Semblers. Calvina Fay of Drug Free America Foundation also defended the Semblers

    Also for anyone who wants to find out who runs No2Pot and is a defender of Melvin and Betty Sembler and the abuse at Straight Inc, his website is below:


    No2Pot’s FaceBook page, is also open for public commenting feel free to give them any comment about their endorsement of Betty and Melvin Sembler and by the way the person who runs that page is based in Florida too:



    Also myconaut I have incriminating screenshots of No2Pot defending the Semblers


    The prohibs have not learnt a lesson when they tried to perform a revisionist angle on Straight Inc, No2Pot a page on facebook tried the stunt of defending Melvin and Betty Sembler and the Drug Free America Foundation, and the full force of the Straight Inc Survivors went to No2Pot’s FB page and confronted the person why he would defend Melvin and Betty Sembler and the abuse that happened at Straight Inc, also on one of my conversations with a Straight Inc survivor, many Anti Cannabis groups defend the Semblers, Calvina Fay of Drug Free America Foundation also defended the Sembler’s

    Also for anyone who wants to find out who runs No2Pot and is a defender of Melvin and Betty Sembler and the abuse at Straight Inc, his website is below:


    No2Pot’s FaceBook page, its also open for public commenting feel free to give them any comment about their endorsement of Betty and Melvin Sembler and by the way the person who runs that page is based in Florida too:


  7. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “they are only delaying the inevitable”

    We must strongly counter their “delays”,
    (even and especially of “clueless opponents”, wielding extensive media influence).

    Ronnie and Nannie Raygun “delayed” the “inevitable” for over 30 years!

    Cannabis prohibition won’t just “die” spontaneously, we need to KILL it!

  8. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Cannabis freedom requires ETERNAL VIGILANCE…

    Legalization of cannabis, (and the death of its prohibition),
    was ALSO thought to be “inevitable” during
    the President Carter administration,
    then Nancy “Just Say No” Raygun, and the ramped-up

  9. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    IF only EVERY pro-cannabis person actively VOTED… :-D
    …but sadly, DON’T :-(

  10. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Skoallio ISN’T against legalization,
    they’re just skeptical of its so-called, guaranteed “inevitability”.
    [and is actually issuing warnings CONCERNING the opposition].

    (to make it “inevitable”, to guarantee that it remains and improves!).

    We must NOT be COMPLACENT!

  11. Closet Warrior on

    Back atcha sayno, I’ve enjoyed your posts and a few others that don’t just keep saying the same thing over and over. Blah, blah, blabbity blah! Doc Deadbeat is on point too. Thanks for the memories, Lol. Stay Green

  12. Closet Warrior on

    That’s no rant sayno, you bring up some valid and scary points that would deter most from growing and sorry to hear about tha man squeezing ya but make no mistakes about my convictions. I am neither defiant nor a distributor because that would imply that I am doing something wrong and in my mind and heart I’m only satisfying my need and want for my meds. I don’t get rid of even a gram, that’s a good way to promote self ignorance. I feel marijuana should be free for all just as oxygen is to breathe. Stay Green

  13. saynotohypocrisy on

    I don’t grow my own because I got felony charges the last time I tried. Felony gardening and felony gardening with a friend. I’m not strong enough to go thru that again. Also, thinking about the energy needed to grow indoors is somewhat of a bummer, and my problem with outdoor growing, aside from being intimidated, is that I have an intense desire to watch my plants grow, which is a big security problem. I hope my rants are useful to the cause, because I’m not in the ranks of defiant gardeners and distributors, who are so crucial to our successful rebellion against the control freak bigots.
    I just realized that there’s a third reason LED lights are a blessing, besides being good for the environment and good for keeping the cost of indoor weed down. They make it less likely that the jolly jokers can use a high energy bill as grounds for a home invasion.

  14. Thank you . Finally words of truth. I think all use is medicinal . We ddon’t put enough importance on pleasure. Happiness .

  15. David Murray on

    I don’t really care what percentage of people in any state are in favor. I voted yes for myself many years ago.

  16. Not a drug. Plamt. How many drugs you know that have a dna. Sugar is a drug.
    Gambling . Liquor. And whores. Oh Yea great family values. Nevada needs to stay in nevada

  17. In CA- medical cannabis is currently being regulated by new legislation passed by state government.
    It’s strict- but there are guidelines now…here’s the study I did on the sheer number of licenses alone. It’s changing the industry.
    Counties are banning dispensaries and restricting citizen’s “land use” (for personal medical…even) currently so as to defer back to the State for the financial and “other”( guidance) on regulation issues regarding the subject of medical cannabis… instead OF IMPLEMENTING THEIR OWN policies individually by and for the people of the communities.
    Sure there are concerns with any changes. But here, They are calling the Dept. of Consumer affairs Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation…. BMMR for start.
    Their website is a work in progress and currently = less than we all deserve.
    AUMA is the future of CA,
    Legalization that works with the MMRSA (medical marijuana regulation and safety act), expanding the total licensing categories in CA in 7 years with Microbusiness and Large Cultivator categories….
    Notice there are no #’s 5 & 9 on the licensing structure paperwork …. I suspect that’s because
    AUMA (legalization on the ballot in 2016) implements two new categories
    #5. Microbusiness and
    the missing #9. Large Cultivation…..to this existing structure…
    If passed by the CA voter’s in 2016.

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    I wish prohibs could understand that however much they want to hate recreational users like me, they need to leave medicinal cannabis out of it. Medical marijuana prohibition is a monstrous crime against humanity.

  19. saynotohypocrisy on

    That’s a good question, but they certainly won’t think about it until it happens.

  20. Closet Warrior on

    That’s true, no progress w/out communication. I am also a repressed citezen. I was born, raised and still live in WV. Nothing is legal here, not even fun! Gotta have a federal permit for that. No matter where you’re from, these days all citezens are repressed intentionally for governmental gain and fear of revolt. It’s too late for a coup because our military is too strong and enemies too vast and watching so we go about our meager existence accepting what we’re allowed. I just don’t understand why more heads don’t grow their own medicine/recreation cause the DA can’t throw the whole country in jail if we all stand up and say “NO MORE” and all grow instead of buying black market or anything at all.

  21. saynotohypocrisy on

    No, Adelson and especially his addiction specialist doctor wife really hate cannabis. They love alcohol, an essential component of Adelson’s casino wealth, and project all the destruction caused by alcohol onto cannabis. They are a very good example of how hard it is to get someone to understand something when their economic self-interest depends on their not understanding it.

  22. darthhillbilly on

    I agree wholeheartedly…I’ve read several of your comments and am usually impressed by the structure/reasoning behind your arguments. I think that there is no reason that lines on a map should denote treatment options for a disease that will be active in 50 percent of men/33 percent of women. When as a developed country, we allow a situation where people must relocate to seek treatment to flourish, it is a sign that something is broken…I am fast approaching the season of life where I have to worry about my parents, my spouse, or myself to “need” marijuana as medicine. My oldest child (turned 8 this month) is already a Cancer survivor. He had DLBCL(Lymphoma) and underwent chemo. I have to ask myself how much CBD oil would have eased the adverse effects of radiation therapy. We were close to selling out and heading west…thank God it was unnecessary in our case, but my heart bleeds for those not quite so fortunate….

  23. saynotohypocrisy on

    They are not interested in discussing this. The only way to deal with them is to defeat them politically. On paper it should be easy. The 2014 Florida initiative got 58%. Between this being a Presidential election year where the turnout of young voters is much higher, the changes made to the initiative this year, and the ever improving demographics (the generation most afflicted with reefer madness dying off), and the rapidly increasing evidence for MMJ’s effectiveness, I will be very shocked and upset if it does not get to 60%

  24. darthhillbilly on

    Florida sucks…but at least they are having a debate. You should try living in Mitch McConnell’s home state…OMG!!!

  25. darthhillbilly on

    Skoallio, I may not agree with all that you say, but I do love that you make people think. I get tired of seeing parroted comments, that do not force the discussion…comments like the ones you make, lead me to rethink my position and how I go about talking to others…I still think we have reached the tipping point where reform is inevitable, the only real question is when…

  26. PhDScientist on

    I agree completely. I’m the guy who coined the phrase “Marijuana is a ‘rain forest in a single plant'”
    My heart breaks and bleeds on this issue.
    Marijuana isn’t just a “Wonder Drug”
    Its a whole bunch of them.
    Every time that people who need its benefits are denied them is a crime against humanity.

  27. PhDScientist on

    The kids in Florida who had Seizure disorders and who families didn’t have the financial resources to relocate have died — needlessly — after suffering horribly.
    This is a national moral crisis.
    I look forward to the day I can think about Marijuana the way I did when I was young — as something wonderful that made food, music, and sex better and led to wonderful times with friends — but that’s not how I think of Marijuana now. Now I think of it as a life-saving medication that is being withheld from people who are suffering and dying and who’s suffering it can help ease and who’s lives it can save and the thought of them being denied it and being used as “political footballs” tears my heart out.
    This is a moral crisis of almost biblical proportions.

  28. darthhillbilly on

    If Marijuana had been a recent rain forest discovery, it would be touted as a “wonder drug”. It is a pharmacopeia/panacea, where 1 drug treats ailments ranging from PTSD to Cancer…close to 100 years of demonizing the “The Devils Weed” had placed a stigma upon it which is just now being overcame.

  29. darthhillbilly on

    Because we have a few generations of people who are apathetic to the whole political process…polls show opinion, but factor in the amount of active voters and you will find a surprisingly large number that helps account for your missing percentage points. (Probably not all but a large amount)

  30. darthhillbilly on

    Given the fact that younger people are the most unlikely to vote…your words are more credible than I would like to admit. You forgot to mention that with marijuana laws changing to our North (Canada) and South (Mexico) that more pressure will be placed on reform. Eventually, I expect the prohibitionists will sponsor reform to have a say in how the laws are changed. As of now it is getting harder to cling to prohibition due to two simple facts 1) Marijuana is safer than Alcohol, Tobacco, and most pharmaceuticals 2) There are Medical uses for whole plant cannabis above and beyond the schedule marijuana is placed in. What do I know? I’m just an ignorant hillbilly…

  31. darthhillbilly on

    It isn’t an issue for those with the resources to relocate to Medical Marijuana states. Given the scenario in question I’m sure they would take steps to insure that “their” people will get whatever treatment they need. The rest of the people will do like they always have…get by however they have to.

  32. A few words about the funders of the no campaign:

    “Straight is about child abuse. It is about child abuse on a grand scale.
    It is about depriving American kids of food and sleep; of beating them
    and painfully restraining them without cause. It’s about making kids discuss
    their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies and activities in front of other
    kids; about making kids soil their pants; about watching kids while they
    defecate to make sure Straight hasn’t made them so depressed they will
    commit suicide. It is about spitting in a child’s face. Straight is about
    cajoling or scaring a kid into admitting to drug use or sexual activity
    he hasn’t actually engaged in to frighten parents into paying; it is about
    showing parents pictures of dead kids in morgues to scare parents further
    into submission. It is about paying politicians to say nice things about

    thestraights dot net slash melsembler

    If you live in Florida, spread the word about the Semblers and Straight, Inc. The campaign commercials will practically write themselves. Tie the opposition to the Semblers at every opportunity you get.

  33. Keep defending Kevin Sabet and the child-abusers known as the Semblers, who funded him and are currently funding this opposition campaign.


    Now you have removed the mask of the prohibition movement when you claim that it is about hating pot smokers, and not about public health in any sense of the term. You and your kind will be exposed, Troallio, and the results will not be pretty for your side.

  34. Hey look, everybody! Troallio and Kevin Sabet pal around with the child abusing monsters known as the Semblers. Yes, the very same Semblers who ran the torture centers known as Straight, Inc. in the 1980’s and who are now funding the campaign against compassionate marijuana policies in the state of Florida. Over 50,000 children were abused at these torture centers.


    When will Troallio acknowledge that Kevin Sabet lied about his relationship with the Semblers in his interview with Maia Szalavitz? In fact, evidence is mounting that Project SAM is a group that was created by the Semblers.

  35. Fact one: Sheldon Adelson owns gambling casinos. Fact two: there just aren’t that many stoners playing blackjack or feeding the slots. Smoking doesn’t lower inhibitions like liquor does, so throwing your money away at casinos just seems silly. Fact three: Sheldon Adelson wants his businesses full, not empty.

  36. Adelson didn’t fight medical marijuana in his home state of Nevada. He’s not fighting the recreational plan for marijuana in Nevada right now. The Florida connection is Sembler and all those money making torture camps he ran back in the 80’s. He wants to get those going again. Adelson is just trying to buy a casino licence by supported Republicans in Florida.

  37. A new survey released today by the the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that a record-high percentage of Americans — 61 percent — say they support marijuana legalization.

    The survey uses the same question wording (“Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not?”) on marijuana as previous Gallup surveys, which had shown a previous high of 58 percent support for legalization last October.

    However, AP-NORC asked a follow-up question that found a considerable amount of nuance in Americans’ support marijuana legalization. Twenty-four percent of legalization supporters said marijuana should be made available “only with a medical prescription.” Another 43 percent said there should be “restrictions on purchase amounts.” And one-third of legalization supporters said there should be “no restrictions” on purchase amounts.

  38. Google Silver Tour
    Senior Citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana users.
    My heart breaks and bleeds over this issue.
    82% of Oncologists want their Cancer Patients to be able to use it.
    Americans who are suffering, or worse, dying, shouldn’t be used as “political footballs”
    This is a moral issue of the highest importance.
    Medical Marijuana Saves Lives!

  39. No, you were speculating that support in Georgia (and other states you didn’t bother to actually look up) was in the “30s, 20s, and 10s” which is patently false, as I demonstrated. For you to presume to say rural counties in Oregon and Colorado are the same as the entire state of Georgia is laughable, especially when you can — once again — look up the actual poll numbers.

    So I’ll say it one more time: stop speculating.

  40. Its not speculating, I see how the different counties voted. In Oregon and Washington the suburban/rural counties towards Idaho lost in landslide. In Colorado, the counties farthest from Denver near Kansas and Utah voted the same way. Solidly red counties always vote against legalization and medical in every election. The south is a sea of red so theres no chance.

  41. 2014 was a midterm election, which has significantly lower turnout than general elections. Don’t expect liberals and progressives to stay home, especially if Ted Cruz or Trump are on the ballot. Also, to date, the only thing Adelson has done this year that is anti-cannabis is to pressure a Nevada newspaper he owns to change their pro-pot position. So far, he hasn’t spent a dime to oppose efforts anywhere — not even Nevada.

    Besides — most experts agree his opposition to cannabis in Florida back in 2014 was tandem to his efforts to court conservative lawmakers in an effort to bring Vegas-style gambling to Florida, which was another hot-button issue in 2014. He didn’t just spend a few million opposing Amendment 2, he sent a battalion of lobbyists to Tallahassee. Opposing Amendment 2 was probably a hand-shake deal between Adelson and pot-opponents.


  42. 61% in the latest poll. At this point in 2014, support was in the 80s and it still lost. On top of that Sheldon Adelson plans on doubling his funding to kill the Florida medical marijuana amendment with $10 million. Support always drops during the campaign and election day is months away. The opponents have a built in advantage. Its been like that for every medical/recreational ballot initiative. There’s never been a marijuana ballot initiative that outperformed every poll.

  43. Talk about delusonal you people that are aganst legalization are insane. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expectig a diferent result is the definition of insanity.

  44. Come on, If there was 61% support nationally, than the marijuana legalization initiatives in Oregon and Washington would have gotten at least 80% to counter all the anti marijuana red states. The math dont add up on that poll. If any southern state voted on legalization, support would probably be in the 20s or 30s. If OR, WA, CO, CA, MA are only 50something percent and TX, OK, FL, GA, ID, UT, KS, SC and those kind of states are 30something or 20something and 10s support, where are all the states with over 61% since thats supposed to be the national average???

  45. PhDScientist on

    Someone needs to talk to Mel and Sheldon about what we Scientists are finding out about the benefits of Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients. Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer Patients undergoing Chemotherapy and there’s incredibly strong clinical evidence that High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy (HDMMOT) may be an incredibly beneficial adjunct to Radiation, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy.

  46. PhDScientist on

    What do Mel or Sheldon plan to do when they or someone they love needs Medical Marijuana as part of their Cancer Therapy?

  47. PhDScientist on

    82% of American Oncologists want their Cancer Patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana.

  48. 61 per cent of voters in America think that marijuana should be ”made legal”. Regardless of the national poll that number went up 3 per cent in the last year. Millions of dollars were spent this past year recycling reefer madness and with all that hard work they turned off a few million people and turned them into YES voters. Mel Sembler and Adelson will be dead in 5 years. They still have power but they are dying as is the whole generation of NO voters. That is the stark reality.

  49. Closet Warrior on

    I declared mmj totally harmless and beneficial to my health and we’ll being of mind decades ago and grow my own medicine. It’s fun, rewarding and a simple right of passage from its creator and that no man has the domain over me to tell me otherwise. Just because it’s law doesn’t make it right and just because something isn’t law doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Think about it….THIS MESSAGE APPROVED BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Closet Warrior on

    I know right? Florida is the Original pill mill states and they wanna keep that legal money flowing till it becomes legal then they can diversify their stocks and get in on the pot game! Fucking hypocrites, I hate Florida for more reasons than that!!!!

  51. Keep seeing marijuana prohibition will die while Florida, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, and all the states with marijuana ballots this year fail. Keep saying Kevin Sabet and his funders are irrelevant when they repeal legalization in Colorado and Washington. Its delusional thinking. Not every voter is pro pot or on your side. Millions of voters hate pot smokers no matter what.

  52. Another pointless waste of time and money from these clueless opponents; they are only delaying the inevitable: Marijuana prohibition will die, one way or another.

    No amount of money will stop the inevitable truth about marijuana’s endless benefits for humanity around the world.

  53. ITS OVER. Medical Marijuana in Florida has NO CHANCE even if opponents spend nothing. Polls are already doing worse than the 2014 amendment. It needs over 60% to pass. Most states that voted on medical marijuana never reached 60% and Florida is a conservative retiree state.

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