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Florida Medical Marijuana Petition Headed To Supreme Court


florida medical marijuana campaign supreme courtOn December 5th, the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments in regards to the constitutionality of our medical marijuana petition. Besides collecting the 683,149 signatures, this is the most crucial hurdle to getting on next year’s ballot.

We’re pleased with the rapid speed in which they are addressing the manner, and feel confident with our legal position. In fact, we redrafted the petition last year specifically to comply with the stringent requirements of the court regarding ballot amendments.

Please help us gear up for this critically important legal battle by making a contribution here.

Our needs are now much more urgent – and as such we are rescheduling the money bomb for the day of oral-arguments, December 5th.

Over the next 60 days, we must not only expend great resources on this important legal fight, we must also broaden our petition gathering operation to historic levels.

The stakes are enormous and while we have received generous support from our donors, large and small, it will take even more to cross the finish line.

Our day in court is six weeks away. We have hundreds of thousands of petitions to collect before the end of the year.

We can accomplish everything – but only with your continued (and repeated) support.

Please, if you can, contribute here today.

Source: United For Care Campaign


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  1. Since I am not plugged into the blogosphere, I don’t know how that would be accomplished. It would have to be a highly strategic and coordinated effort, nationally I would think, that utilizes all the popular websites. However, I could see it being used locally as a pressure tactic too. I think I’m too old to know if this would become popular with the youngsters or not. I remember seeing the ice cream dudes on MSNBC during election time, with a stamp (I forget what it said) for using on dollar bills. Those ice cream dudes are popular, and nothing came of that (that I know of).

  2. It ACTUALLY worked VERY WELL in Michigan. It’d take ALOT OF COORDINATION from a couple of people in EACH State to help organize it… It COULD BE DONE, but it WOULD be tough to get.STARTED. We’d NEED to be able to utilize a couple of marijuana BLOGS, to help kick it off though and that’d be HARD TO DO TOO!

  3. I would personally like to be a guide to cannabis freedom for Pam Bondi and Gov. Scott. I volunteer for absolutely free to introduce them to hundreds of patients that would benefit from various forms of cannabis and cannabis products. I can assist in a comprehensive presentation of how cannabis legalization can take the place of drug rehab, drug testing, prisons and halfway houses. Not to mention positive attitudes in the workplace (which you’ve already experienced dining out) epilepsy seizure reduction, and great technological advances as already exhibited by cannabis users. Bite the apple. Or not.

  4. Yeah, I imagine it would be hard to do. Not too many people use cash anymore. Although that might be changing…

  5. It was done in Michigan to show the PURCHASING POWER of Cannabis users. They would pay for EVERY transaction they made for a month w/a $2 bill. It was quite noticeable to the merchants as well. I tried to organize one Nationwide, w/assistance from another website that NEVER transpired.

  6. I can’t remember where I read about a cannabis movement that used two-dollar bills as a symbol in day-to-day transactions of the dollars being spent in the community by its medical marijuana citizens. I was even curious enough to ask my local credit union if they carried a supply of two-dollar bills and, yes, they do. The very young man behind the bank counter told me that young people didn’t believe that two-dollar bills were real. Interesting…

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