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Florida Medical Marijuana Supreme Court Case Is Today


Gavel marijuana florida medical supreme courtFrom our friends at the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

Today is a critically important day in the fight to get medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot. At 9 a.m., the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against our ballot language, and ultimately decide whether we will be allowed a vote on medical marijuana next November.

If you would like to listen to the proceedings, they will be streamed live, today starting at 9 a.m. at this link:


We expect the arguments to last between 60 and 90 minutes.

After arguments are made, it could be weeks before we learn the court’s decision. In the meantime, we are working as fast as possible to collect petitions from voters across the state.

If you haven’t yet downloaded and filled out the petition, please visit here. If you’ve already downloaded it, please sign and date it and mail it to the address on the instructions ASAP. We have only a few weeks left to collect what we need to get on the ballot.

Thank you for your support.


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  1. Let me educate you on florida people, the people for the most part that move here have money . They got away from the snow. They only moved here to buy space in the sun and usually think they are better than other people. So they don’t have a problem telling other people what to do or not do


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  4. Only my 2.37 cents on the subject;
    1) During oral arguments between supporters and opponents of the measure,
    the court’s two most conservative justices seemed openly hostile to the proposal.
    2) But the fate of the measure could be decided by whether the five more liberal members
    of the bench decide to back the amendment or not. I am not holding my breath on this.
    3) The mentality of a Florida State Rep.
    “State Rep. Dave Hood, R-Daytona Beach Shores,
    who has battled brain cancer for several years, said he wants to gather more
    facts before taking a stance on the issue. He’s heard recently from about 10 to
    15 constituents asking him to support medical marijuana, which he said is a
    relatively high number of comments for an issue.”
    This Dude has brain cancer, and he is still on the fence.
    I can’t help but notice the open conscience of hypocrisy here.
    Ps,, as I watched the next case also. They all appeared to have the same cavalier attitude on a totally different matter.

  5. I have never understood why Florida isn’t more progressive due to the fact there are so many transplants from up north. I live in Louisiana which is the most backwards state in the union, so I would love to see Florida break on through to the other side and put pressure on our filthy pigs in the La state legislature. Last session those assholes couldn’t even pass a law to lower the maximum sentence of 20 years for 3rd offense simple possession to 8 years. Soooo pitiful and ignorant. I wish I could live somewhere else, but for many reasons I can’t. I hope the Florida legislature will take it up after Crist gets elected governor if the backwards ass Supreme Court fails to recognize the peoples’ right to vote on this issue. How can they ignore a poll that is 82% in favor of medical MJ??? Arrogant ignorance at its worst.

  6. If they turn it down, hold a special election to kick their old, decrepid, ignorant asses off the bench and get some educated people up there who will be fair about this decision!

  7. These judges seem very ignorant about marijuana and what the currant status is these days. I think the voters are way ahead of these justices. I think the voters are going to have to elect some officials who are not still living in the 1950s.

  8. NEVER try to read into what the judges are ASKING. I’ve NOT been right ONCE when attempting to do that

  9. We are f*cked. The people deserve to vote their voice but they will have that right taken from them. I suspect the next move should this fail will be the attempt for full on legalization.

  10. Going off the questions being asked by the judges thus far does not look good for the sponsors. I hope I am wrong but it does look like the outcome was already decided before the first answer was even given. :(

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