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Florida Meet the Experts II – Mike Boutin


The first time I heard of Mike Boutin was on the show ‘Weed Country.’ I wasn’t a fan of the show, which is not uncommon. There are very few marijuana shows from mainstream media that I like. I will say though that Mike Boutin was about the only thing on that show that I liked. I liked the way he did business, and from what I hear, he is a very skilled grower. Below is footage of Russ Belville interviewing Mike Boutin at the ‘Meet the Experts’ event in Florida.


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Johnny Green


  1. Mike Boutin’s one HELLUVA guy. I’ve gone back and forth with him several times and he ALWAYS writes back if possible. Mike looks at things through a CLEAR glass of water. You can not only see through the glass, Mike sees ALL the stuff IN the glass that most don’t look at. He’s a very cerebral guy. Mike’s backed out of being in the public eye after “Weed Country”. That’s why he now lives in Sacramento and not in Humboldt. He never really went into WHY he left the public eye, but he hinted at a couple different reasons. He doesn’t like the face of Medical Marijuana today. I learned a lot from Mike Boutin and he’s one guy we should listen to. He doesn’t like the commercialization of Marijuana in the U.S. IHHO, It’s gotten away from it’s purpose which was “for the patients”. It’s now been commercialized by the States and all they see are $$$!

    Mike’s one of the most interesting men I’ve ever conversed with! He’s EXTREMELY intelligent yet doesn’t ever insult you because you may not know something that he thinks is just logical. MOST people would be more focused on insulting you, Mike’s more focused on enlightening you! He’s NO “Johnny come lately” to the marijuana scene. He KNOWS what he’s talking about! If MORE people had Mike’s mindset, Medical Marijuana would look much different! Mike’s a TRUE American Patriot! One that not only KNOWS what the Constitution SAYS as well as The Bible and he lives his life through an integration of the two. He believes like I do that … “Medical Marijuana’s NOT a Law Order issue but a Health and Human Rights issue.”

  2. Sunburnt Sam on

    The florida medical marijuana law is bullshit for NOT allowing patients to grow their own, having to buy from a state run system will surely place limits on THC and keep prices at a premium. Not everyone who is ill can afford high prices. The black market will still thrive because of this. Its all about control and the money, who ever drew up this bill should be sent out to sea in a leaking raft in shark infested waters

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