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Florida Poll Shows Popular Medical Marijuana Measure Could Determine Governor’s Race


Florida medical marijuana poll governors raceBy Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project

According to a recent poll conducted by Hamilton Campaigns on behalf of People United for Medical Marijuana, 70% of Florida voters support a plan to mend the state constitution to allow the medical use of marijuana.

Those are great numbers, but analysts say that this level of support could actually have an impact on the gubernatorial race in Florida if it makes the ballot in 2014!

From the Miami Herald:

“Supporters of the proposed amendment are less certain to cast ballots in the 2014 governor’s race,” David Beattie, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s pollster, wrote in an analysis of the poll of 600 registered voters taken Jan. 30-Feb. 3 by his firm, Hamilton Campaigns.

If it made the ballot, the measure would draw even more attention to Florida’s nationally watched 2014 election in which Gov. Rick Scott will fight for his political life.

“The proposal to allow the medical use of marijuana could provide a message contrast in the Governor’s race,” Beattie wrote, “heightening its effectiveness as a turnout mechanism.”

Politicians should start to take notice of the effect marijuana bills can have on elections. As popular support for marijuana reform grows, so will the electoral chances of candidates that get in front of this issue.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. DavidTheExpert on

    I can’t believe that Florida, of all places, is close to cannabis law reform. Florida is so very conservative in many areas. I thought they would be one of the very last states to seek an end to prohibition, but it seems I was wrong. That’s great news. If even Florida is starting to favor reform, then the whole country is really on the right track.

  2. I am getting fed up with the pussies in Tally that can’t do anything right.
    Nothing right! I have wrote my reps telling them of my support of the current Cathy bill. Those pussy cops who raided her home today should be fired!

  3. The AG in Oregon knows what the power of the marijuana vote feels like. But if a Florida Governor feels the power, that would be a game changer, almost as big as CO and WA legalizing it.

    Hopefully, NORML and MPP will join together, put partisan politics aside, and let the weed decide who is elected. Let’s feel the power people.

  4. Matthew Cunningham on

    As the smell of freedom and liberty drifts over the continental devide and the new demographic as the generation most damaged by the lies of yellow journalism leave the scene new voters with easy access to the true science and the corruption from the prohibition industry is exposed. Politicals like Gov. Scott might find them self’s in front of a Judge instead of a voter.

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