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Florida Supreme Court Cancels Medical Marijuana Ballot Arguments


Florida medical marijuanaI received the following campaign alert from the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

The news just keeps getting better as we work to get medical marijuana on the 2016 ballot:

The Florida Supreme Court has cancelled oral arguments in the wake of Attorney General Bondi’s lack of objection.  While they still must issue an opinion about the petition, that they felt they did not need to hear from our attorneys is a very, very good sign. (It also saved us many thousands of dollars in additional attorneys fees!)

Should they formally approve the amendment language – that would mean the only thing standing in the way of medical marijuana’s return to the ballot is collecting enough validated signatures.

That’s where you come in: We are literally halfway to our petition goal, and we have less than 60 days to pull in the remainder of the funds we need to get the 400,000 more petitions we need. 

As he has for over a month – John Morgan has agreed to match your contribution 9x to 1.

Please contribute here – and John Morgan will multiply that donation by 9.

We need to collect another $37,000 in November to get to $100k in total matchable donations.  You can help us – and follow along with our progress – by contributing here. 

Compassion is coming.

– Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager



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  1. Thanks for speaking the truth Beverly. You nailed it. Hopefully we can turn this around soon in Florida.

  2. Wrong. Sheldon believes in medical marijuana — but not for Florida. He is a hypocrite. He is for it in Israel and he donates money to the cause frequently. His desire to build a casino in Florida and make Rick Scott happy is the only reason he does not want it legal in Florida. It all comes down to money and Sheldon Adelson is a greedy man.

  3. We got 58% to vote yes in 2014. We can get to 60% in FL if we can convince the old people not to listen to the propaganda. All the nurses and doctors I know are voting for medical marijuana. However, I know a 74 year old cancer patient whose husband also has cancer and she thinks it is a bad drug and voted against it. Those who need it most are the ones voting against it. I personally don’t need it right now, but if I ever get MS or cancer, I want it to be available in my state because Colorado is much too cold for this Floridian.

  4. As per Casino Magazine: Sheldon Adelson pulled out all lobbying efforts in the State of Florida. The article even notes about his action to defeat the MMJ ballot as a gift / deal to the Florida legislator to allow his organization to establish Destination Gaming Casino’s. The legislators did not come through for him. So he pulled out, but Scott still got pregnant with a new ballot and no opponent monies.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Between the Presidential year turnout, ever improving demographics, language less vulnerable to critics, and increasingly favorable news about MMJ, maybe it will be more than 62%. But 62% would be lovely. Even if it is already too late to help so many people…

    Maybe Adelson will be so focused on electing an Israeli West Bank settler lackey for President that he won’t want to irritate Florida voters with an unpopular stand on MMJ.

  6. David Archer Bond on

    Many conservatives in Florida are old white people. And if they can muster the energy, many of them actually want the option to use marijuana to treat cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, etc. Assuming Granny makes it out of the house and successfully drives to the voting booth, I see this thing passing with relative ease.

  7. Agree. Opposition is highly concentrated in the 65 and over group. Younger voters always increase their % of the electorate in presidential election years.

  8. I disagree, if you look closely at the campaigns in 2014, you can clearly see that supporters of the bill were hesitant due to the language itself. They stated it was too broad to be considered to amend the constitution. In lieu of that fact and 58.4% vote that took place, I believe that this year it will absolutely pass. Let’s not forget that we’ve had a whole year of changes throughout the nation which brought more education and insight to the people of our great state. I’m surprised that Pam Bondi isn’t taking a stance against this… Maybe she learned her lesson with Gay Marriage? Just a thought.

  9. You DO know that it got 58% last time in an OFF year election? There WERE flaws in the last initiative, that caused it some problems, in which they’ve fixed this time.

    Support across the State has increased over 10% since the last election. This will pass by a rate of 62%! That’s MY prediction! You mark this post! Then come back to me after the election. If I’m wrong I’ll admit it. But this’s gonna pass by 62%!

  10. You must be smoking yourself if you think it wont pass. It was barely defeated by 2% last time and there’s more approval for mmj now than ever before.

  11. You cant win if 60% is required. Not happening. FL law only allows constitutional amendments to be voted on by the public where a 60% threshold has to be passed. Marijuana is too polarizing of an issue to get that kind of mandate and Shelden Adelson will be back spending millions to defeat it again. The only way you have a chance is if every conservative in FL suddenly drops dead right now. This way they cant vote and medical marijuana will have a chance to pass the 60% theshold next election. Poll after poll after poll shows self described conservatives overwhelmingly hate medical marijuana and will vote against it no matter what. Too many conservatives live in Florida.

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