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Florida Supreme Court Votes To Allow Medical Marijuana On 2014 Ballot


medical marijuana florida supreme courtBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Earlier this week, we received news that United for Care, the campaign working to place a medical marijuana constitutional amendment on the ballot in Florida, had collected and certified the required number of signatures for qualification. Despite surpassing the signature requirement, the Florida Supreme Court still had yet to approve the language of the amendment. This afternoon, they ruled 4-3 in favor of allowing the amendment to be placed on November’s ballot.

“Florida and national NORML salute the decision of the Florida Supreme Court to allow our citizens the right to decide for themselves if medicinal marijuana is an appropriate course of conduct for their own adult lives,” stated NORML Board Chair and Florida resident Norm Kent, “Our group will be working vigorously, from Key West to our northwest panhandle, to pass this amendment and give our citizens the right to make health decisions best suited for their own lives.”

“This is a tribute to the initiative of John Morgan, the group United for Care, and the thousands of petitioners who labored all over the state to acquire the requisite number of petitions to get this item on the ballot,” Kent said.

20 states have now passed laws permitting medical marijuana and 2 have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Florida represents the first southern state to launch such an initiative, which divides the gubernatorial candidates, with the present governor, Rick Scott, opposing the initiative, and his likely opponent, Charlie Crist, saying he supports the effort.

The official ballot language can be seen below:

Allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician.

Allows caregivers to assist patients’ medical use of marijuana.

The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers.

Applies only to Florida law.

Does not authorize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana.

NORML will keep you updated as this effort progresses.

(Note: Florida law requires constitutional amendments to receive 60% or more of the final vote total to be approved.)

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  1. um, I’m 19 and I know where and already am registered, its not that hard to figre out, any teen who gets a drivers license knows u can register at the dmv because they ask you

  2. Vincent Nibblin on

    People of Florida, these people oppose medical marijuana in your state, Vote them out this year, They include Rick Scott, Pam Bondi Justices, Ricky Polston, Charles Canady and Jorge Labarga dissented. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO GO!!!!

  3. Now is the time for Florida to educate Florida citizens the positive and negative side of medical marijuana. The difference between clean and dirty marijuana. How State run dispensaries are better than black market drug dealers. How jobs and taxes on marijuana are good for you and the State. Show the citizens how the good vs bad from the other 20 States that already have legal medical marijuana. All these factors need to be addressed before Florida votes this November.

  4. I have a “Gut” feeling, (also a little birdie) and I remind all that this only my opinion.
    I believe that very shortly, very shortly, there will be a change in the “CSA” regarding cannabis “News at 11”. Think about this one option,, How can Washington allow the banks to violate the law, handling drug money with the CSA still in effect as sch. 1.
    The only legal option Eric has to bypass this, is to change the CSA. It’s that simple. There is far to much cash involved with practically no Fed monitoring, only state. But there are other thingy’s in the works (That little birdie).
    As for the seniors here in Florida, we have abstained or have been closet consumers for over 45 yrs. We had to join the establishment to survive and support families. We are the Boomer’s and the Woodstock generation all in one, our thoughts and minds have not change, only concealed. At our age we are stuck taking the Pharma route, as the legality issues can cause immense damage at our age. You can count on the senior vote big time. (We can even get the dead to vote) We started this in the 60’s and I dam sure we will finish it. We new the benefits then and we know how they can help us now. Peace

  5. Im not sure if that is neccesarilly a true statement. I think now is the perfect time to pass theese laws. Our elderly are from the era where marijuana was abundant, the idea of free love ran wild, they wore tie die and ran around in vw vans. Our younger generation is wild, unruly and will find out where to register just so they can “vote for the dope law dude” if its legal for medical they might make it legal for everyone. Take that however you choose. Me I take it as well do I really care how or why it gets voted in? No, why because I have epilepsy. I got it at 32 yrs old and it changed my whole life. Yes you can “get” epilepsy. It ussualy happens from traumatic brain injury and thats how I got it. All the pharmaceutical drugs in the world couldnt help me. All it did was make me unfunctionable and a zombie who couldn’t drive or barely get out of bed and couldnt eat, lost 130 pounds and wanted to die. Marajuana saved my life. End of story. The #2 condition it is used for under cancer I think. Dont quote me.;)

  6. This is far from a done deal… 60% of the voting electorate is not equal to some poll that says 80% support the initiative. Every supporter must continue to push as hard as they can to gain registered voters and their support.

  7. Vincent Nibblin on

    I believe the support among the general public at last count was around 84% which is amazing. I think when it come to this vote young voters will show in big numbers since it is a stepping stone to full legalization

  8. The hard part has just begun! We really need to educate the senior citizens they are always the deciding factors in these sort of things literally they outnumber the the younger voters 2 to 1 in this state! And the youth dont know where or how to register or to vote.

  9. I must say, I did not expect this, and must apologize for doubting.
    Personally, I believe this is the tipping point; legalization will be inevitable.

  10. This is huge movement forward for Florida! Special to John Morgan for his hard work and the millions he invested in this of his personal money. Because Rick Scott and Pam Bondi has opposed this measure they should be voted out of office this year. They were elected to serve the will of the people, It seems they have forgotten what their job really is.

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