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Florida SWAT Cop Guns Down Unarmed Man In Marijuana Raid


cops law enforcement special needs students entrapmentBy Phillip Smith

A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy on a dawn SWAT team pot raid shot and killed an unarmed resident of the home Tuesday. Derek Cruice, 26, becomes the 10th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Cruice was unarmed and no weapons were found in the house. Police did find about nine ounces of marijuana, as well as a scale, a drug ledger, marijuana smoking pipes, plastic bags and about $3,000 in cash.

Sheriff Ben Johnson said that Deputy Todd Raible, a member of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, shot Cruice in the face as the SWAT team came through the door of the residence at 6:30 a.m.

“They (deputies) were met with resistance and a shooting occurred,” Johnson said without offering further detail. He said he could not elaborate because his office had not yet interviewed Deputy Raible.

But sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson added that Raible fired his weapon after perceiving Cruice’s actions as a threat.

Cruice was pronounced dead at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City.

“The deputy, he’s all right, actually he is very shaken,” Johnson offered.

Sheriff Johnson said Cruice was listed in the search warrant as the subject of an ongoing “narcotics” investigation. He was one of six adults—four men and two women—in the house when deputies arrived.

Matt Grady, 24, was another one of them. He said he was awakened by banging on the door and opened it.

“A bunch of guys came around the corner and they are pushing me down,” Grady said. “And as I was going down on my knee I heard gunfire,” he told The News-Journal.

Steven Cochran, 24, was another resident. He said Cruice was not resisting anything.

“He had no weapons on him or in the house,” Cochran said. “Nobody was making any kind of resistance or keeping them from doing their job.”Cruice had been working as a delivery driver at Monster Pizza in Deltona. His co-worker, Thomas Figueroa, who had known him for nine years, stopped by the scene and broke down crying behind the yellow crime scene tape.

“He is not the kind of person that would do that (attack a deputy),” he said, adding that the pizza shop had closed for the day to mark Cruice’s death.

Deputy Raible, 36, is now on administrative leave, as is standard for deputy-involved shootings. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the death because a police officer was involved.

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  1. Any time that a cop shoots an unarmed victim we always hear about how the cop is emotionally distressed. Little mention of his victims bullet ridden body or their grieving relatives.

  2. I think he needs to go to prison because prisoners do not like cops so how long do you think he would last they will take care of him

  3. The deaths from marijuana “crimes” are from bull crap like this. Or dealers that deal in more than just marijuana. This is arrogance. Not just ignorance anymore.

  4. darthhillbilly on

    Benjamin Franklin stated it as, “it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer”. How many people need to die in this country before people realize that no non-violent offender should EVER be killed! Our government is broken. Cops can beat the crap out of you with little or no provocation. Instead of focusing on busting rapists or murderers we sit idly by while cops perpetuate a war on our own citizens…NO WEAPONS FOUND!!! UNARMED, with no weapons on the premises!!! Why are more people not outraged?

  5. get it together florida on

    if he was considered black the media would be throwing this in everyone face trying to start a riot, but since he was not, who cares except the “pot heads”.

  6. i hope the murderers end up after the war against its own citizens is over, are tried

  7. Actually, if you could follow a conversation, you would have seen that I was replying to a statement that ‘Moldy’ made and not referring to the article.

    ‘Moldy’ wrote, “You should know that they usually bust down the fucking door. Nit pick much?”

  8. When do we stop this an legalize a plant. Stop the killing of the citizens of America. Law enforcement agency are killing citizens in their homes . An no one is saying Stop!

  9. Malcolm Miraż on

    Actually @WMC if you ready this article correctly you would have notice that Mr. Grady an occupant of the home with the deceased opened the door for the banging Narcotics team and was thrown to the ground. Also the deceased Mr. Cruice was reported as not wearing any t-shirt at the time he was shot as well as not being armed. It’s pretty clear that the police officer was sent in to detain individuals under warrant from a judge and shot an unarmed man in the face for being “aggressive” which is sufficiently vague enough that it allows cops to run around SWATTING citizens like flies apparently. Pun intended.

  10. Well this has been repeated over 100,000 times during the sham Drug War and the bodies are piling up in the cemeteries.

  11. The cop will never be arrested for this murder of another innocent person; he deserves the same as he did; someone needs to shoot him. Another GOOD example of dirty cops and unsafe cops in Florida. In GOD we trust, NOT the cops…

  12. If America really was a country where the citizens were free to express their individuality in their own manner, marijuana would just be a plant. And police would actually Protect and Serve the citizens. And we, the citizens, would love them. After all, what could be a more noble profession than that? Unfortunately we have law libraries filled with laws and regulations governing our private lives. And the police in America are in the business of enforcing morality.
    So instead of protecting us, OUR police hunt American citizens. They drive around hanging labels on us to justify, and determine who they will stop and search. By enacting laws to enforce the moral codes of some citizens over other citizens, we’ve turned what should be a noble profession into one that attracts police officers that don’t care about us. If you can profile your fellow citizens, violate their rights, then send them off to a hell-hole run by prison gangs, over weed, then you’re an asshole. And if you’re not an asshole, then you won’t fit in with the police dept.

  13. All over weed in america in your own house u get killed by the person that is suppose to protect him sum one has to do sum thing this is getting out of hand Americans getting killed,beat up,houses and cars taken ,going to jail ,having a record ruin lives over marijuana I say everyone should vote the people out of office that are against marijuana and start vacationing and spend are money in states that has decriminalize are legalized marijuana

  14. Sheriff Johnson always hated me, why I don’t know. Every time I’d plant a seed he’d say kill it before it grows.

  15. This is bullshit the cop acted no better than a common thief killing someone for $3000. And a 9 ounces. The man was unarmed. I wasn’t there but you have to wonder if some retraining on raids might be a good idea. The cold heartless drug war is at an end did they really need to raid that house with that kind of intent. A few ounces and a couple thousand dollars is not a bug drug bust and it’s quite double that there would of been any resistance if the knocked on the door and flashed a badge. This is one of the greatest reasons to legalize Marijuana. People should not die needlessly over the Marijuana. This is whats going to happen they will investigate the shooting and say the officer was in his means during the drug raid (drug raid will be pointed out many times ) and being during the raid there locked like a gun in hand during this raid . It is unfortunate that Mr. Cruces was shot but we find no fault in the officer. This is nothing but an excuse.

  16. Silly Rabbit on

    I hope there is some major investigation into this matter …… It stinks!

  17. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Not wait out side in cop cars within view of the persons home, while shouting to step outside. Talking about being human and have one person come up to him alone as he gets into his car and ask questions.

    Just stating the difference between two realities. Moving to Vancouver in the summer time and it is night and day difference. I can just walk into a store, show some ID and been done with it.

    There is no need to be rude.

  18. I’m sick of this. I really hope someone huffs and puffs and blows this pigs house down..

  19. Jordan Shorette on

    oh so he will prob be prosecuted then. jk as sad as that is its prob the truth

  20. So the police have a narcotics search warrant to enter the residence, but you say they should stand outside and wait for the people to flush all of their narcotics down the toilet?

    “Colorado cops would just drive by without issue”
    What does that have to do with this case? Colorado cops would NOT just drive by “without issue” if they were serving a narcotics search warrant.

    Get real.

  21. Every.Time.

    Learning history teaches us that it doesn’t matter if we learn history, people keep doing the same terrible things over and over using the same exact methods.

    To be fair, it’s not quite how it happened this time. Usually it’s break the door down while they’re sleeping without knocking, fire first and ask questions later. This time they opened the door for the police who rushed in and shot, though they were just startled to waking.

  22. Yes, they usually bust down the door when serving a warrant and the people inside don’t open the door. A warrant gives them the right to do that. What’s your point?
    BTW; your need to use vulgar language to make a point shows limited education.
    No need to reply.

  23. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Rational thought: stand out side and then confront him and ask questions. No they need to brake down a door and open fire on an unarmed man. Colorado cops would just drive by without issue, but this man was in the wrong death state with trigger happy cops, playing war.

  24. Actually it was a figure of speech. You should know that they usually bust down the fucking door. Nit pick much?

  25. Silly Rabbit on

    Probably a blanket warrant stating weed was present and most likely other drugs so they called it Narcotics ….

    Maybe they had too many bottles of NyQuil!

  26. Silly Rabbit on

    I believe and agree one last bust before we can’t anymore …. Unreal but soon weed will be legal one Federal Level and the Cubs will win the World Series (wink)!

  27. Silly Rabbit on

    Wow way too heavy of action for nothing and a young man lost his life – What is SWAT thinking …. They are overpowering and have all kinds of weapons and body armor and then shoot the guy, TWICE, in the face, wow …..

    This guy should face some type of charges …. For sure here comes the civil law suits, which we, the taxpayers, will flip the bill for!

  28. You’d be surprised how much they’ve been busting down my apartment complex this year, I live in Austin Texas by the way… I think it has something to do with the fact that they know weed is going to be legalized before too long and they want to take out as many stoners as they can before, kinda like a of like a last fuck you I guess.

  29. How did you deduce from the article that the cops busted down the door for “weed”?
    I read that they were serving a “Narcotics warrant”.

  30. Jordan Shorette on

    I bet he gets off though, but then again what was the victims race? everyone knows that will make all of the difference!

  31. So what happened exactly? The cops felt that the safety of their vests and/or helmets were threatened? I can see it now, the sheriff dept PR rep on TV asking for sympathy for the deputies as the same deputies are wheeling carts of money and plants into a back room where you hear champagne spraying and everyone shouting “new cruice-rs for everyone new cruice-rs for everyone!”. Hopefully Sheldon adelson will donate more money to the state so we can continue incidents like this in the future. I mean what I really don’t understand is why they didn’t plant a gun or two at the crime scene. You’re invading some bodies house aggressively and expect them to not be apprehensive? Put it this way, apply the word victim to one person in this story. Keep up the good work law enforcement, I’m not sure why more people don’t support you lately.

  32. They get off on the adrenaline. Its a nasty addiction that kills people worldwide.

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