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Florida’s Medical CBD Program Faces More Hurdles


Florida medical marijuanaFlorida politicians passed a CBD only medical marijuana bill last year. So far, not one patient has been helped by the legislation. I like CBD for patients, but I don’t like when a state’s medical marijuana program only allows the use of CBD instead of the entire plant, and I really don’t like state medical marijuana programs that allow use of CBD, but have no means by which patients can legally acquire it. That seems to be the case with most CBD only programs.

Florida is one of those programs, and it sounds like there is another issue popping up that is going to prevent patients from being able to obtain CBD meds. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

This week, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Agriculture said he doesn’t want his agency to oversee quality control for Florida’s limited CBD industry, raising questions about who will actually take on that important task.

“We do not regulate pharmaceuticals or medicinals or vitamins or whatever marijuana is classified,” Commissioner Adam Putnam told the Palm Beach Post. “Our role…is limited to identifying nurseries who are eligible to bid on the job. Period.”

Florida has faced several setbacks as it tries to develop regulations and rules on the five companies that will eventually be allowed to produce high-CBD, low-THC medical products for a select number of qualifying patients. Previously, it had appeared that agriculture department officials would play a key role in ensuring that companies produce medical-grade cannabis.

Florida patients deserve a real medical marijuana program, one that allows the use of CBD as well as the rest of the plant. Florida’s current program isn’t helping anyone. It’s time that Florida politicians recognized that an overwhelming majority of Florida residents want a real medical marijuana program. If you live in Florida, contact your legislators as often as you can and remind them that there are suffering patients in Florida, and that they deserve safe, legal access to a medicine that is much safer than pharmaceuticals.


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  1. This is a perfect example of why Medical Marijuana needs to be removed from a schedule 1. Normally, the Department of Agriculture would regulate its cultivation, but because of the federal implications on this plant, the regulation and distribution is being put on hold, mean while patients in Florida are still waiting. The state must agree on a different way to make this available. There are already other systems set in place in other states…why not look there for guidance?

  2. CBD is NOT enough. Most patients need THC too. Medical Marijuana is about the WHOLE plant for ailments not just the CBD. It’s like taking a medicine without all of the ingredients. You have to have ALL of the ingredients for it to work. Just like baking a cake, if you leave something out of your recipe your cake is a FLOP. Those of us patients who have been studying marijuana for years KNOW much more than our legislators. Our legislators are NEW to all of this, they haven’t a CLUE as to what really works and what does not. I agree it NEEDS to become FEDERALLY legal, that is the ONLY way around all of this nonsense going on in all 50 states. Cannabis is MEDICINE. The WHOLE plant is medicine. You cannot use half of a recipe and have a good outcome. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  3. Commissioner Adam Putnam, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Agriculture.
    “IS ADAMANTLY OPPOSED TO ANY USE OF CANNABIS”, in any way shape or form.
    In the state of Florida Commissioner Adam Putnam, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Agriculture is responsible with the issuing of FIRE ARM CARRY PERMITS. Go figure that scenario out in relation to his statements. “I will not, can not wait until 2016”.

  4. How about Putnam shut his friggin mouth and do the job he is told to do by his superiors. This is called insubordination and he needs to be fired for it.

    Since when do department leaders tell their bosses what is going to happen?

    If he is allowed to refuse his responsibilities then the next head on the chopping block should be the Governor for allowing the insubordination.

  5. Whyiowa4medical on

    I am so, so sick of these CBD only demons from hell. I am a medical professional on LinkedIn, I have had a passion for cannabis for many years, but an assigned thesis in my last educational push for a position I do not have to be on my feet 18 hrs. a day pushed me over the edge to activist. I give these people medical fact after fact for whole flower cannabis. They reply back that I must suffer from “Pot Brain,” which I thought was a slam, until I discovered this was a real condition that was posed by the owner of PhytoSciences working with HU-210 (Spice) and CP-55,940 (45 times stronger than the most pure shatter). So you know me, Johnny; I went to work. What did I discover, we all know CBDs alone cannot work without THC to open both CB-1 and CB-2 endocannabinoid receptors. These people are gaining a strong following among professionals, so I had to find out – WHO THE HELL ARE WE FIGHTING. These are CBD only, no THC people and when asked directly if they support cannabis (as they are on cannabis sites), grow silent. So, I go to this guy’s site and I could have come to tears, with over 6,000 followers he is lying to them. He says hemp can be grown in all 50 states very freely. Iowa requires a dictionary’s worth of paperwork and if you persist you are fined $5,000 a year and can be DEA raided. The American Hemp Growers Association says their product is AS low in CBD as in THC and their product is not grown for human consumption. It is only for green fuels, carbon products, paper, or textiles and is treated accordingly by them with sprays and microorganisms that can kill. Their maps show all 50 states green and growing, but I can swear there are no hemp farms in Iowa. Worse yet, no cannabis farms underground either, it is easier to score LSD. Even bred down cannabis will carry some THC when extracted and they oppose this!!! They are the opposition!!! Their rally cry is 2016, 2016, 2016!!! They are infiltrating all sites that hold sway over doctors, lawyers, nurses, and “independent” labs. Their aim is to point testimony toward CBDs being the healing component of cannabis. Which is true, but do you think the opposition will admit that THC is a CBD? They ask for a win on the grounds that what I have spent 16 years studying, and has saved my life more than once is unnecessary. Cannabis products at .25%THC and very high CBD contents is what they claim we need, but we do not know it since we all have “Pot-Brain syndrome.” My god, Iowa Ditch weed had 2% THC. Everyone, the time to fight is NOW, or my medical move will be to a state that may lose cannabis to $600/60 ml. CBD compounds!!! Some charge as much as $1,850 per 60 ml!!! So, we MUST find a way to fight these people without cutting our own throats (which could happen as well), so we must be careful!!! I can bring names and companies; it is time to fight to not lose all our gains.

  6. I am a disable Veteran that only wants to see cannabis legalized in the state of Florida I receive medication from the VA for chronic pain we need people to unite to pass the bill in 2016 for medical weed I receive Morphine sulfate and would gladly replace it with medical weed

  7. good article. well done. eyes on the prize. it’s a matter of diligence and time and effort. we shall overcome.

  8. The blame goes on who elected this ass Putnam; if it is the people than quit crying about it, you are to blame; if it was the governor, same thing you are to blame if you voted him in for a new term. Putnam is more than an ass, wish I could say what I really think about this brain-dead asshole. We need marijuana to be full rec use like other states have done. My health is very bad and I can not take drugs from doctors because of the many side effects; Florida laws are KILLING me and someone needs to pay for this and all others who are suffering like me. We need and have to stand up and demonstrate for our rights; get rid of all this sum..

  9. I agree completely. CBD alone does not do much for cancer if anything. High doses of THC is what does it. This is why we have a CBD bill and not a THC bill. Let me know how I can help. I am trying to let others know they do have legal options and we can help

  10. Commissioner Adam Putnam, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Agriculture.
    “IS ADAMANTLY OPPOSED TO ANY USE OF CANNABIS”. Of which he had stated many times during his recent run for re-election. It almost reads like he is allowing his personal convictions to interfere with state government. On another note, “I CAN NOT WAIT TILL 2016”. Which in reality, if passed, will be in place by 2018 or 2019. Keep in mind that this is Floridauh.

  11. This is like saying here’s your cake but you can’t have any. I a. So surprised that these politicians are still in office. Can you say fired anybody?

  12. We sure do need something real, once we get that crappy medical bill amendment 2 then we need to go full legal with free medicine home grows (you can not control the distribution of a plant that will grow anywhere)

  13. CBD is NOT enough. CBD doesn’t help Cancer patients. This whole issue has to be dealt with at the federal level immediately by removing Marijuana from Schedule 1 so that Physicians can prescribe it to their patients for all conditions where the Physician feels its appropriate, just like any other medicine.
    Please call the Whitehouse comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President take Marijuana off of Schedule 1. That’s what the American Medical Association, the AMA, and the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, ASCO want him to do.

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