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Flower Friday Strain Review: Blueberry X Northern Lights 5 from Master Gardens


As a part of our farm feature on Master Gardens  out of Portland, Oregon, I did a strain review on one of their staples in the garden, Blueberry crossed with Northern Lights 5.  This hybrid strain has been in their rotation for them for a while and has been a consistent producer for them.

As you may recall from last week’s Flower Friday Farm Feature post, Josh Munk, one of the co-founders of the company said this strain was his favorite because,  “it has a very nice high: cerebral and body, and the flowers are gorgeous.  It also has a wonderful OG and earthy taste/smell with subtly fruity hints.”

This strain was tested by 3B Analytical and tested at 24.63% THC and 0.08% CBD.

The budsof this strain were big and dense and the nose was incredibly earthy…sort of like a danky woodsy with many bitter undertones but still very fresh.  It reminded me of a walk in the forest.  The taste, however, while still very woody and danky definitely had a sweet blueberry flavor upon the inhale.  The high the strain produces was perfect for an “anytime” high, as it gave me a good mellow body buzz but also had an uplifting effect that really perked me up.


It has been great getting to know the Master Gardens crew and see their practices up close.  The company plans to open another grow in the Hood River area and continue to develop and refine each of their garden sites.

Additionally, they are in the process of launching the company Cannley, which does everything from consulting to distribution as explained in the first article of this feature series.

Cannley, with 60 years of combined experience from the company partners, offers it’s own certification and helps companies become part of a national network,  It is a comprehensive enterprise that addresses issues that growers, distributers, processors, and retailers routinely face in this every changing industry.  Cannley offers strain support, staffing support, product placement and optimization; packaging, processing, branding, and access to an FDA kitchen.

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