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new approach missouri medical marijuanaBy John Payne

A few weeks ago, we told you about the initiative petition for medical cannabis filed by the campaign committee New Approach Missouri. We are proud to support that initiative and be a part of New Approach Missouri’s coalition.

We will, of course, keep you updated on the major events of the campaign, but to follow the day-to-day news and events, I encourage you to go to New Approach Missouri’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it. And, after you’ve liked the page, invite your Facebook friends to do the same and share it on your timeline.

As the campaign ramps up in the coming weeks and months, updates and media coverage will become a daily occurrence, and I don’t want you to miss a thing. Go here to like the page now!

Paid for by New Approach Missouri, Bradley J. Ketcher, Treasurer, through an In-Kind Contribution from Show-Me Cannabis.

Source: Show-Me Cannabis


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  2. Closet Warrior on

    We should all have the right to grow it in our back yard. Our forefathers said every good citizen should grow an acre of hemp so why not a dozen or so crazy tomatoes lol. For true though. We shouldn’t have to pay for it but I’m for reformc so let the monitary benefits help their communities.

  3. Be careful of the medical only measures proposed, and endorsed by New Approach, Show Me and NORML; they are quagmire traps that will Constitutionally protect corporate profiteers at the expense of we-the-people ever having full access to this non-toxic, miraculous plant.

    I hope you will help the full legalization measure (Missouri Cannabis and Restoration Act) that already has momentum get on the ballot, Bob.

  4. I will vote yes on Medical
    , but in the same breath say that Show me Cannabis has stabbed us in the back. We want full legalization and they promised to back us and have now craw-fished.

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