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For The Love Of Marijuana Legalization In Oregon, Register To Vote


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationNew Approach Oregon’s marijuana legalization initiative has officially qualified for the ballot for the 2014 Election. Oregon joins Alaska for ballot approval. Washington D.C. will hopefully join Oregon and Alaska as well. This is a very big deal for the State of Oregon, as well as for marijuana reform nationally, as Oregon would be a significant domino that would help build even more momentum for other state’s efforts and national efforts.

Oregon voters will get to decide whether or not New Approach Oregon’s initiative will pass or fail on Election Day. The key words being ‘Oregon voters.’ If you are not registered to vote, then you are not an Oregon voter, and therefore you don’t get to help decide New Approach Oregon’s initiative’s fate. You can be the most passionate, hard working marijuana activist on the planet, but if you are not registered to vote, you are not doing everything you can to ensure victory on Election Day in Oregon.

Not only do you need to make sure you are registered to vote, but you need to encourage everyone else that you know who supports reform to register to vote as well. Also, even if you are registered to vote already, you need to make sure that the address you have on file with the Oregon Secretary of State is up-to-date. I’d hate to see someone all fired up to vote ‘yes’ on Election Day, just to not get a ballot at the address they are expecting it to be sent to.

You can register to vote in Oregon at this link here

You can update your address with the Oregon Secretary of State at this link here

2014 is shaping up to be a very big year for marijuana reform in America. If Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. vote to legalize marijuana, they will join Colorado and Washington bringing the total number of states that have legal recreational marijuana up to 4, and would add our nation’s capital too. That would lay the groundwork and build the momentum for an enormous reform year in 2016, which has a long list of potential states pursuing reform. Register to vote, encourage others to register to vote, and make sure your address is up to date!


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  1. Everyone who wants marajuana in there state needs to register to vote. The thing is you have to go vote also. Registering is not voting. I you don’t vote don’t complain if it don’t work out. Everyone in all states register to vote so you can sign those petitions and make them count. Get them on the, ballets and go vote. It is your duty as an American and all things canabis.

  2. To voters in Alaska, DC, Florida, and Oregon: I hope you don’t become complacent as the polls show legalization ahead. If your voters pass reform by a narrow margin it might look like a small victory, but if by an overwhelming margin it will indicate a movement that is impossible to stop. Okay, I’m being selfish; what I’d really like to see is such an overwhelming victory that it would convince the rest of the country and the world that it’s time to get off the fence on the issue and legalize. And, finally, I’d like to see such a stunning victory that it get those spineless politicians to be running scared as they see which way the election winds are blowing and get on board legalization before they lose their jobs. So you see, all you voters have an opportunity and responsibility far beyond a mere passage. Please vote; the world needs you.

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