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Former Attorney General Eric Holder Says To Reschedule Marijuana


eric-holder-marijuanaEric Holder was the United States Attorney General, serving under the Obama Administration until last year. Several times Eric Holder was pressed on the issue of rescheduling/de-scheduling marijuana. Every single time Eric Holder refused to do anything meaningful on the issue, always punting the issue to Congress. Even when specifically asked why he wouldn’t initiate a review, which was well within the Obama Administration’s power, Eric Holder continued to punt on the issue. Per Fire Dog Lake:

During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today Rep. Steve Cohen (D) directly pointed out to Attorney General Eric Holder that the power to reschedule any drug, including marijuana, rests with his office.

When explicitly asked why he hasn’t even at least request the medical evaluation that would begin the rescheduling process Holder responded, “I’m satisfied with what we have done.”

What they “have done”  is actively stood in the way of change. Under Holder’s leadership the Department of Justice has not only refused to move forward with a petition from several sitting governors regarding the rescheduling of marijuana but has actually gone to court to fight against efforts to compel them to act.

Below is a video of the exchange between Eric Holder and Representative Cohen:

In a recent interview with PBSEric Holder had the following to say about rescheduling marijuana:

“I certainly think it ought to be rescheduled. You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is not appropriate. So at a minimum, I think Congress needs to do that. Then I think we need to look at what happens in Colorado and what happens in Washington.” – Former Attorney General Eric Holder

If someone is new to the issue of marijuana policy reform, those words may have come across as being sincere. However, anyone who has been following marijuana policy reform for awhile knows that this is basically just more of the same from Eric Holder, in that he continues to act like only Congress has the power to do anything about this issue, which is clearly not the case. And if Eric Holder truly feels the way he claims to feel, then at the very least it’s too little, too late. Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority had the following to say about Eric Holder’s recent statements:

“It’s nice to have Holder’s support for this sensible policy change, but it would have been a lot better if he’d exercised the power to get marijuana rescheduling done while he was still in office. We know that Holder and President Obama are good friends, so I hope the former attorney general encourages his former boss and his successor Loretta Lynch to follow through during these final months of the administration and get the job done. There’s absolutely no reason marijuana should be in Schedule I, and it would be absurd to keep passing the buck to Congress when federal law clearly gives the administration the power to act.”


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  1. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Bernie Sanders is the only 2016 presidential candidate
    calling for de-scheduling…

    Presenty, as a senator, Sanders introduced SB 2237 last November
    to remove cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act entirely.

    Hope that he, not Shillary gets the Democratic Nomination!
    (Clinton only wants to lower it to Schedule 2, same as coke, meth and Oxycontin®).

    ~ Bernie Sanders 2016 ~

  2. Well I am glad he is going to the press now. Hopefully it has an impact. It would be great if this made Obama rethink his position; but unless something changes, we already know he does not have any plans for marijuana reform during his last term in office (he said as much).

  3. Well if he said something about it I am sure we would have heard. The article indicates that this is the first time he spoken up about it, and that it would have been nice if he said something when he was actually in a position of power.

  4. Thank you so much for providing the video, Johnny. Wow! A Tennessee Democratic congressman (representative) challenging Holder over schedule 1 classification!

  5. De-scheduling, not rescheduling is the answer. Schedule 2 is not much
    better or worse than it is now. A history of no deaths from overdose
    (ever) and an LD50 that is out of sight begs for a classification of the
    lowest level.or none at all.

  6. politicians forget who they work for! and who put them in office…. all those in favor of getting something done, think about who you vote for.

  7. I’d be willing to bet money that Obama will come out in favor of rescheduling after he has left office, too.

  8. These cowardly politicians always come out for reform once they are out of office. Too bad he didn’t bother to lift a finger to do anything when he had the chance.

  9. I remember hearing about this guy back in 2012. Those were frustrating days (DEA still had their former anti-marijuana head). Things have, no doubt, improved since then, but it’s not enough. The current attorney general Mrs.Lynch, unfortunately, doesn’t show any signs of being an ally to the movement. This man is a coward for only saying this now, when he has no power whatsoever.

  10. We need change at the Federal Level NOW. Please call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and write the President by going to whitehouse.gov and clicking on “Contact us.” If enough people call and email it will be impossible for the President to fail to notice that fact and hopefully impossible for him to take action. For so many Americans, including American Children with Seizure disorders access to Medical Marijuana is literally a matter of life and death.
    Medical Marijuana its a true “Wonder Drug” for Americans with Cancer going through Chemotherapy and throughout the course of their disease. Please try to call and/or write at least once a day and enlist everyone you know to do the same. Americans, including American Children, are suffering and dying — needlessly!
    For far too many Americans, its literally a matter of life and death..

  11. Myself and many others are so tired of seeing former politicians come out in support of ending prohibition once they no longer have any influence on changing policy. Have the courage and common decency as well as compassion to do something when you actually have the chance. Now that they no longer have to worry about answering to the campaign financers who have much to lose from prohibition the former politicians all of a sudden have a change of heart. Its ashame they did not care about those who suffer due to prohibition cause of policy created out of racist ideologies while in office, now that they have left they all of a sudden feel change needs to happen. Thanks for standing up and having a voice well after anyone will listen to you!

  12. Total BS he could have done it. He could have earned respect but lost any reason to be respected. The banks got away with the biggest drug crimes ever, money laundering for the zetas cartel and he just let them be too big to jail. He let them go! He IS corrupt.

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