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Former NFL Player: Cannabis Was To Me, What Spinach Was To Popeye


NFL Weed marijuana cannabisCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Ricky Williams, a former NFL (National Football League) player who won aHeisman Trophy in college and was selected as the first pick in the NFL draft, recently compared his cannabis use to Popeye’s use of spinach, implying that it significantly improved his performance, according to USA Today.

The comment came during an interview with Campus Insiders. He was asked if his cannabis use – which led to multiple suspensions during his career in the NFL – slowed him down at all, and if it was an Achilles heel for him.

“I don’t agree that it was an Achilles heel, I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye,” he replied.

Williams also made news last month, when a former Miami Dolphins teammate told the press that Williams consumed cannabis before games on multiple occasions.

Williams joined an elite list of NFL running Backs in 2003 when he become one of only several players in the league’s history to rush for over 200 yards in a game.

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  2. firetheliberals on

    I have the same experience. I believe that canbabis eliminates depression and makes you more active because you seek to get out and have fun. Cannabis helps americans live like italians, quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love: italians enjoy life every minute ofvthe day.

    Cannabis helps me forget 40 years of working for the man…

  3. And about athletes using cannabis… Competition is very stressful, both physically and psychologically. The THC reduces stress, allows un-stressful thinking, expands the imagination, and does a bunch of other cool stuff. The CBDs, on the other hand, seem to have a direct natural benefit to the body (as opposed to a psychoactive one that allows for benefits to the mind and body). As an athlete, it is important to have the ability to visualize. Visualize yourself making touchdowns, or performing complex plays, etc. I’m not saying it will make you a super-athlete — rather that it allows you to enhance your natural abilities. It allows you to concentrate and fixate, if that makes sense. (I am never better at cleaning my apartment than when I have medicated first. Otherwise, I am too impatient and hurry through.)

    Being an athlete involves pain. Always. So it would seem to me that continuous use of cannabis would allow the body to more fully handle the pain, and then mend the body.

    I’m a little stressed out myself today, so I am very, very, very lucky that I am currently able to medicate safely and effectively. But I seem to be rambling here… I hope I’m making sense.

  4. Spinach is a plant that is very, very good for you. I don’t mind it on pizza, if it is covered in cheese… And cannabis is a plant that is very, very good for you. Cannabis is the new spinach. I like it.

  5. I smoked regularly from about 16 to 30. I was in the best physical shape of my life and accumulated four college degrees and three professional certifications and started a business all while working full time. I stopped because we were starting a family. Migraine headaches came back regularly with a vengence and other health issues developed over the next ten years. I started using cannabis again after CO & Wa. legalised it and the physical and mental benefits returned almost immediately. I am like a new person and its very noticable. It was keeping me healthy.

  6. Seems to me, the only “problem” he had with weed was the Leagues stance on Violating his Civil Liberties!!

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