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Fox News Poll: Nationwide Support For Medical Marijuana Legalization At All Time High


fox news medical marijuana pollBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Nearly nine out of ten Americans — including 80 percent of self-identified Republicans — now say that marijuana should be legal if its use is permitted by a physician, according to nationwide Fox News telephone poll of 1,010 registered voters. The poll, released today, was conducted by under the direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) and possesses margin of sampling error of ± 3 percentage points.

According to the poll, 85 percent of voters agree that adults ought to be allowed to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes if a physician authorizes it. The total marked an increase in support of four percent since Fox last polled the question in 2010 and is the highest level of public support for the issue ever reported in a scientific poll.

Although respondents were divided on whether they believed that “most people who smoke medical marijuana truly need it,” the overwhelming majority of voters nonetheless agreed that consuming the plant should be legal if a doctor permits it.

To date, eighteen states and Washington, DC have enacted laws authorizing the physician-supervised use of cannabis therapy. Medical cannabis legalization measures are presently pending in a number of additional state legislatures, including IllinoisNew Hampshire, and New York.

Voters in the Fox News poll were less supportive of the notion of legalizing the non-medical consumption of marijuana. The poll reported that only 46 percent of voters favored broader legalization, while 49 percent of respondents opposed the idea. Self-identified Democrats (57 percent) were far more likely to support legalizing cannabis than Republicans (33 percent) or Independents (47 percent). Men (51 percent) were more likely to support legalization than were women (41 percent). Those age 35 or under were most likely (62 percent) to back legalization while those age 65 and older were least likely (31 percent) to be supportive.

By contrast, in recent months national polls by The Pew Research CenterYouGov.comQuinnipiac University, and Public Policy Polling have reported majority public support for legalizing and regulating the adult use of cannabis.

Despite the overwhelming public support for medical marijuana law reform, legislation in Congress to amend federal law to allow for its use it states which permit it — House Bill 689, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act — only possess 16 co-sponsors (less than four percent of the entire US House of Representatives). The bill has been referred to both the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Health and to the House Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations — neither of which have scheduled the bill for a public hearing.

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  1. I beg to differ (just a little bit bud). I’m INVOLVED in the party. I see what’s going on first hand, every week! I see how many Republicans DO walk in lockstep, just like LIBERALS do as well. There’s a HUGE percentage of Republicans that lean more toward the Libertarian viewpoints anymore. Many more than you think and IMHO that percentage is growing rapidly. We’re starting to become a more “Constitutional” populace over the past 5 yrs. but it’ll take time to UNDO all the shit they’ve DONE over these past 100 yrs.

    I think we’re getting to the same point, it’s just how we arrive at the destination, isn’t it? You’re also approaching this from a “States Rights” viewpoint, which in essence makes it a “Law & Order” issue, when in FACT I’m approaching it as an actual “Health & Human Rights” issue. As an “Older…lol /Disabled/ Retired, Aircraft mechanic”, I was LUCKY enough to have LIVED THROUGH the fog and faced the toll that takes place with your body by using said Opioids. I was almost KILLED by them TWICE! The 2nd time it happened to me is when I said… “ENOUGH!… I’m NOT going to do this anymore… EVER!!!” and set out on a venture to find SOMETHING… ANYTHING… that would relieve my pain yet still allow me to have SOME semblance of a life! If they’d have told me that standing on my head and drinking MILK would relieve my pain, we’d have had a conversation UPSIDE DOWN! That’s how desperate I was to relieve my pain. R/x drugs are a MUCH bigger problem with “Impaired Drivers” on the road than is Cannabis. Although they recognize the problem, they don’t want a solution because that would cost their “Campaign Donors”. money. We’ve GOT to get a handle on the MAD DOSES of Morphine, Oxycontin, Percocet, Dilaudid and Soma that these Dr.’s are pushing on people as well as let them know the consequences and hazards of taking such medication. I was under the stupid assumption at the time that I was getting these from my Dr., so honestly… really how BAD could they be? Secondly, I WAS IN PAIN and would’ve done ANYTHING to relieve it. Yet I was STUCK in a rut if I wanted to relieve my pain from an injury I incurred at work through no fault of my own. It was a decision between taking the medication and suffering the consequences, or CONTINUE DAILY with the constant thoughts of SUICIDE to relieve my pain.(which is a whole other story) So I’m well aware of the medicinal benefits and how it’s changing people’s lives! I’m ONE of them who’s life has been changed by it! I was injured in ’94 and Medical Marijuana became “medicinally legal” in my state in 2011. Although I’d smoked when I was younger, like MOST of us did, I had to grow up one day and be responsible. I was in the Military, as well as held a Federally issued license to work on aircraft (A&P) mechanic. So I was subjected to piss tests all the time. It wasn’t until 2011 in which I decided to give Cannabis a GO… and that’s a LONG time after I’d already found out that I’d NEVER be able to work again. I can’t guarantee an employer that I’ll be there 5 days in a row and stay for 8 hours. My body just won’t allow it! There’s actually 8 yrs I spent in an Opioid fog and 10 yrs that I have absolutely NO RECOLLECTION OF whatsoever! NONE! I was so screwed up on the Morphine they were giving me. Since Medical Marijuana became legal in this state, I’ve been able to cut my Morphine & Soma intake by 50%, which is HUGE considering the doses I required. If it could help ONE more patient be able to NOT have to take those synthetic drugs, I say it’s worth it.

  2. firetheliberals on

    Dude, republicans don’t walk in lockstep and the weed issue appeals to the libertarian aspect of conservatism. Cannabis is a states rights issue and since our current govt keeps stealing our rights, these issues create a precedent on changing govt for the better. Perhaps , the benrfits of weed are also changing the lives for thr better for older folks who are traditionally conservative.

  3. Stuart Getz on

    The Government knows that legalization will change peoples minds, and then thry will throw them to the dogs-G-d Bless that Day!!!!!!!!

  4. This poll is VERY telling… of the attitude that Republicans are taking on the intrusion of our Government into our lives. We’ve been LIED to for 70 yrs. as well as had our Personal Liberties stepped on over and over, all in the name of this FAILED War on Drugs, and people are getting TIRED of it. I’m a Republican that’s involved in the party, but I’m SHIT FULL of my Government putting its’ NOSE into issues that our Founding Fathers NEVER GAVE them the authority to do in in the first place. The $$$ ($50 BILLION/Year) this country BLOWS on this FAILED War on Drugs is absolutely ridiculous and we’ve now PROVEN that INCARCERATING people for “Victimless Crimes” doesn’t work. Take that money and put it into Prevention or Treatment and not only will our crime rate go down, families will be RESTORED and our economy will have a whole new revenue stream of the magnitude of which could only be equaled by the REPEAL of Alcohol Prohibition

    We should take all of those Private Prisons and turn them into “Low income housing”…. HELL… that’s all they are now is… “Low income housing”, only the ACCEPTANCE procedure’s a little different! We’ve got to get past these NeoCon views on Cannabis, both Medicinal as well as Industrial. Probably industrial more than ANYTHING! When the American PEOPLE see how many different things Industrial Hemp can be used for, they’re going to be PISSED that this was Prohibited in the first place The brand new flow of revenue that can flow into the Govt. both medicinally and industrially again. By legalizing/decriminalizing Cannabis, we will no longer be the “MOST INCARCERATED nation on Earth”. We have more people in prison in the State of Louisiana than CHINA and RUSSIA have COMBINED!!! It’s time we REFORM our Cannabis laws in this country and instead of allowing all the money/profits to go to the CARTELS and Organized Crime. Let’s instead put it in our own citizens pockets, local govts. municipalities, ancillary businesses etc… The economic impact will be felt LARGELY amongst the population virtually immediately with new jobs with is something we DESPERATELY need!

    Let’s take the money that we spend on “Eradication” as well as taxes from farmers to grow Hemp and turn this economy around!

  5. Wait, what? The public believes doctors over politicians! Well, I guess not all of them. But, you know, 4% of the population believes shape-shifting reptilians rule the world.

  6. Stuart Getz on

    Just Legalize Marijuana for all, anytime!!!!!! or make Booze illegal everywhere!!!!!!

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