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Fox News Poll Shows Majority Support For Marijuana Legalization


fox news medical marijuana pollThere have been a lot of polls lately that show majority support for marijuana legalization in America. The latest one came out yesterday via Fox News. When Fox News is showing majority support for marijuana legalization, you know that the times are changing. There have been a lot of other polls that found majority support a long time ago, but Fox News seems to want to stay consistent in that they are late to the party. Better late than never I suppose. Per Fox News:

For the first time, the Fox News poll finds more than half (51 percent) favor legalizing marijuana, while 44 percent oppose it.  That’s little changed from last year when it was 50-43 percent (January 2014).

More voters were opposed than in favor as recently as 2013:  46 percent in favor vs. 49 percent opposed.

By a 15 percentage-point margin, voters under 35 (54 percent) are more likely than those 65+ (39 percent) to favor legalizing marijuana.  And by a 10-point margin, men (56 percent) are more likely than women (46 percent) to favor it.

Majorities of Democrats (62 percent) and independents (53 percent) support legalizing marijuana, while a majority of Republicans opposes it (59 percent).

While marijuana opponents stick their head in the dirt and pretend that they are winning the war on marijuana, the rest of America is moving on and wants to see a new approach to marijuana laws. People like Kevin Sabet are rapidly becoming dinosaurs. Marijuana prohibition has failed. That is very clear. It’s time that marijuana prohibition ended once and for all.


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  1. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I agree with that. I believe legalization will gain higher % of profit and peace.

  2. Defected…the real problem with Kevin is he is paid for his views…if he wasn’t getting a paycheck from S.A.M. he wouldn’t even be in the picture…which is and continues to be the root of the opposition to legalization…oh they can claim all they want they are doing it for your own good and what about the children, blah, blah blah…but when you get right down to it, they are protecting their money donors, period…really when you think about it..who stands to gain and who stands to lose if cannabis was legalized…the answers to that question is all you need to know as to the motivation behind prohibition….

  3. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I can’t stand Kevin. Kevin is the representation of Flat-Earther, but with more moronic behavior. Its like me sending Kevin into space, showing the truth. Kevin comes back to earth and says “The earth is still flat and we must ban the notion, the earth is round”

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