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Free David DePriest – 22 Year Sentence For 12 Marijuana Plants


No one should be in jail for a plant. A petition has been started to free David DePriest, who is serving a long prison sentence in Missouri for growing marijuana 12 plants. Below is more info about the petition, which can be signed at this link here. The petition was started by the POW420 project. Please donate to their work so they can continue doing the great things they are doing:

David DePriest was sentenced to 2-15 year sentences in prison for production of marijuana and possession of more than five grams of marijuana and another 7 years for ‘illegal’ firearms. David is serving a 22 year sentence. David had 12 marijuana plants. David has filed for clemency from Governor Jay Nixon. Please, sign this petition to show your support for David. Remember, No-one belongs in jail for a plant.


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  1. Legalize freedom on

    Take a reasonable person, teach them to hate criminals, define good people as criminals, outlaw freedom, define citizenship as being in a free country …. the illusion is quite wretched…. if you think not all drugs should be legal, how would you like doing something you enjoy to your own body being criminalized because of someone like you?

    The reasoning that justifies the drug war could be applied to any religion, any act of sexuality, any food item, for one because the drugs banned are not even equally dangerous, nor dangerous at all as is the case for cannabis and psychedelics. playing contact sports is far more dangerous than marijuana use.

    As free people we must rally together and end prohibition, the drug war. Our society does like helping people apparently, so the only way to solve the problems with drugs is to treat the users and addicts that want and need help. If someone isn’t being harmed by heron or crack or jack daniels then that is just fine, use is not abuse, use is not addiction, use is not innately dangerous, set, setting, dose and experience ( including education/training ) determine risk vs benefit.

  2. Here’s the perfect argument for decriminalization. If everyone was allowed to grow it, no one would need ‘illegal firearms’ to protect his crop. This is just so stupid. Thanks, Anslinger, Hoover, and Hearst. This is way worse than prohibition.

  3. Cannabis is a super food we all require…all this is finding people guilty or assuming guilt when nobody has been harmed …guessing on future harm…like they can foresee the future, imprisoning people over nothing but disobeying laws that are not based on truth or science just laws based on lies , greed,hate and power mongering. 80 years of injustice over the most nutritional food on the planet..the most beneficial plant in the world that in the 1920’s was the most important crop in the whole world…they shut it down every wAy they could and have done everything they could to keep this plant from being utilized by man and planet since!

  4. Carlton Harris on

    All non medical marijuana states should start a petition against the Fed. Gov. for discrimination. Half the nation can have this wonderful drug to help with their ailements, thats good! But what has the other half of the country done to be denied a proven medicine? Not only denied BUT JAILED! Absolutely Absurd! This is nothing but discrimination based upon your address, Your address should never be the only reason you cant have the same medical drugs available to the rest of America. Not only Denied, But Wongfully JAILED! Stop this nonsense now and start another petition! I will sign the one for David, as I did for Jeff Mezenski, but we need one to cover ALL OF US who are hurting!

  5. It is absolutely inhuman to jail someone over a plant proven to be medically beneficial and recreationally safer than alcohol.

  6. Phillip Brandt on

    Free the man…the sentence is, at best, evil and preposterous. Why is a useful memeber of our society locked up? Just ridiculous.

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