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Free Jeff Mizanskey Campaign Gains Traction


jeff mizanskey marijuana billboard missouriBy Aaron Malin, Show-Me Cannabis Director of Research

An online crowd-funding campaign to release Jeff Mizanskey, a man currently serving life in prison without parole in Jefferson City for a nonviolent cannabis offense, has captured international attention and received contributions from across the globe.

Jeff Mizanskey was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 1994 based on Missouri’s prior and persistent drug offender law. Mizanskey has asked Governor Nixon to grant him clemency, as he has exhausted all other options for appealing his sentence. His request for clemency is based on the nature of his previous offenses, and the fact he has already served nearly 21 years in prison for his crime. None of Mizanskey’s convictions involve weapons, children, or violence; all three were for nonviolent cannabis-only offenses. Mizanskey is the only person in Missouri known to be serving life without parole for only nonviolent marijuana offenses.

Since the campaign’s beginning just over two weeks ago, it has raised funds from several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Australia. The campaign has received international media attention, including stories from Business Insider AustraliaBusiness Insider India, and the BBC. In fact, over the weekend, I was interviewed live on BBC radio.

Thus far, over 120 donors have contributed to a campaign aimed at convincing Governor Nixon to grant clemency and release Jeff from prison. An online fundraiser through Indiegogo can be accessed at www.freejeff.net and so far the page has been viewed by thousands of visitors from dozens of countries. A social media campaign using the hash tag #FreeJeff has also continued to grab global attention. We encourage you to consider contributing at www.freejeff.net.

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  1. In this country it is ok to be addicted to sugar,carbohydrates,caffeine,nicotine and alcohol but not cannabis because it causes zero harm and we just can’t have that.

  2. Because they are always so busy breaking for commercials sometimes as many as 25 commercials each break. About 44 minutes of show each hour segment and 22 minutes of commercials and i seldom hear anyone complain they just act like good consumer robots. I go to BBC news for somewhat unbiased news. Most of the networks here are owned by a few owners that are pushing their own agendas.

  3. Does it matter? Even if he sold to minors and got a baby stoned he does not deserve life in prison. Murder is 20 years usually.

  4. Yet another life being destroyed by the stupidity prohibition when is this going to end. To many People have lost children and family members and soon the people keeping it going is going to lose a child or family member to it just wait and see.!!!!!

  5. How come no media in the states have covered this? It sad when the BBC is giving this issue air time while the US ignores it. This make me sick to my core. Everyone please share this story with everyone. This Man deserves freedom now!

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