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Free The Prince Of Pot, Marc Emery


marc emery

By Beyond Prohibition Foundation

Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, should be transferred to Canada to serve the remaining part of his sentence. Marc Emery, the Canadian cannabis seed seller and marijuana proponent who was arrested in 2005 is still imprisoned in the US. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is trying to gain publicity for this case.

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that is fighting for a sensible and transparent marijuana policy. They believe that a rational and transparent drug policy will make drug use visible and controllable. A lot is happening in the world of cannabis. There are all kinds of different pro-cannabis organizations who are all fighting for legalization of cannabis. Things are going in the right direction, but we need the support of Marc Emery, because he is a leading figure in this battle.

In 1995 Emery started as a retailer of cannabis seeds for cultivation. Within years he was running a popular and successful business. Marc was also financially helping out several cannabis activist groups and he funded pro-cannabis activities all over the world.

On July 2005 Marc Emery was arrested because he was considered a drug dealer, but after his arrest the US Drug Enforcement Administration admitted that the real reason for his arrest was his political activism and his financing of the pro-cannabis movement. The arrest of Marc Emery is a huge blow to the trafficking of cannabis as well as to the movement to legalize cannabis. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is not only collecting votes and gaining publicity to Free Marc Emery so he will be able to continue his battle to legalize cannabis, but also to bring Marc Emery back to Canada.

Emery is imprisoned in the U.S., but he desperately wants to sit out the remaining part of his imprisonment in Canada. This way he will be closer to his wife and she will be able to visit him more often. The fight to have Marc transferred to Canada for the remainder of his prison sentence was taken to Parliament Hill on October 29. The public call for Marc’s return seemed very hopeful, but on Marc Emery’s blog we read about his lost trust. “So my transfer application to serve the remainder of my sentence in Canada is dead, I figure.” But we will not give up! Visit www.freemarc.ca to see what you can do to help Marc.


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Johnny Green


  1. Mark Emery is weirdo clown who makes canadians and pot smokers look stupid. Trust me I am a stoner and the ironic thing about the whole situation is that anytime a weed warrior makes himself known, pot smokers begin to blindly rally behind them and little do they know that emery is a money hungry douchbag that HAD to make MILLIONS selling seeds and HAD to try and RUB it in the US governments face…..He basically deserves to be locked up just for being an attention whore. BTW this dude is supposed to be married and was always basically known as a swinger in vancouver. SO YA….that’s what Canada needs…….a money grubbing, swinger/suit wearering stoner that thinks the best thing for marijuana and its Canadian users is to taunt the states. Anybody that thinks marc emery is just good ol guy that went down for his country is an idiot. He actually went down making MILLIONS selling seeds…..do I even feel bad for him NOPE sorry.

  2. The cannabis movement has been gaining a lot of ground in these last couple of years and we need this man out desperately to help with the revolution witch he helped start. A man that was falsely imprisoned just so the government had someone to make an example of. The fight still continues and we need this revolutionary to keep gaining ground in the ongoing fight for our Marijuana rights.

  3. Marc is a great man, A martyr for the cause, He has worked hard for years to help liberate cannabis around the world,
    He spoke his mind regarding the puppets and empty suits that control our rights to have medical marijuana, In doing so he was singled out and made an example of. So much for freedom speech. Just another shameful chapter from a government with a shameful past.

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