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Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Fruity Pebbles Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

Fruity Pebbles is a fluffy light green strain covered in crystals and plenty of orange trichomes. The Fruity Pebbles strain is lightly fruity tasting, which provides a nice hybrid high.

“A well-balanced strain with the sativa effects overpowering the indica tendencies, great taste and smell as the name suggests.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the Fruity Pebbles marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Fruity Pebbles, and how Fruity Pebbles affects various ailments.

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Johnny Green


  1. OMG …. that looks JUST like what I recently grew! I didn’t even know what to call it but wow … it sure does look JUST like that (except for the last photo, mine was not that white). Thanks for the article, Johnny! I always do wonder wth I am growing around these parts! No one ever knows, and they make up names as fast as they harvest! Sometimes different names from the same kinda plants, just different harvests! LOLOL Marketing 101?

  2. I have sampled the Green Crack strain, the first time it was awesome, and then, well, not as good.
    I should have realized that you would remember your dreams as a PTSD patient — my nightmares don’t usually include violence, so that must really suck. It looks like you put in a lot of time and effort to find the right strains, hard (but fun) work. Sleep well, my friend, dream of huge buds that look like dancing California raisins.

  3. greenersideoflife86 on

    I always remember my dreams but that’s is due to my illness, they are very vivid. I unfortenitly started smoking what ever I thought smelled the beat or tasted the best. I have just reacently switched to the methods and strains that I use now. I grew them myself for the medicinal perpous. I learned this by purchasing a mounths supply of green crack. A very sativa dominent strain. So I decided to research different strains and there effects and purchased high times strain guide. Which to anyone who is going to grow there own to invest in.

  4. Thanks for the response. I think it’s weird that the sativa might elevate your heart rate but an indica does not. I guess you really have to trust your grower, for if you were to choose an indica, thinking it was a sativa, or chose an indica-dom blend that really had more sativa than is good for you, that would be a BIG problem. I can’t tell the difference between indicas and sativas, mostly I think because my pain levels stay so high that not much of the effect can penetrate. Just a little distraction from the pain, that’s all I’m looking for… well, that and some sleep.

    Do you usually remember your dreams upon waking? Did you before you started smoking medicinally? Just wondering if you’ve noticed any other changes in your sleep patterns.

  5. greenersideoflife86 on

    I tried edibles but I became groggy in the morning. Some edibles are potent and last for hours, this makes morning smoking difficult, and I love my morningsmoking nothing better than rolling up nice sativa around 7:30 a.m. Its me energized and pumped for the day. But I will only smoke sativa in the morning and lunch break. …and usually small amounts, do too it elevating my heart rate…. (makes me anxious) but by 4:20 I start on my indica (romulan hashplant, great white shark) this keeps my dreams somewhat normal and as non violent as possible. If I brake from the regiment and smoke sativa before bed I wind up with very fast dreams that contain violence, stress, or a feeling of panic like their is something I must complete or finish be for the alarm goes off

  6. For me, definitely yes. And that is part of why it is good for me, as my dreams bother me pretty bad.

  7. Good point, I’ve been thinking about the effects of marijuana on the mind of someone who is sleeping, and I’m guessing the short-term memory side effects can disrupt dream patterns (both in a good way and maybe in a negative way). I mean, I know that cannabis can help you FALL asleep, I just don’t have a lot of information on how it affects patients after that.

    So, if you smoke a sativa before bed time, does this negatively affect your dreams? And do you ever use edibles to help you sleep?

  8. greenersideoflife86 on

    I suffer fromPTSD and I have bad nightmares I noticed that if I smoke a pure Indica strand from about mid evening on my dreams are fine. but I believe that marijuana can affect your dreams due to the fact that just because your sleep does not mean that you’re not feeling the effects

  9. I know cannabis affects everyone differently, but I thought with it’s psychoactive properties, I’d be having some good (maybe wild and cool) dreams. I don’t miss the bad dreams, of course, but I do miss my ability to calculate the amount of REM sleep I get. Remembering that I dreamed allows me to determine I entered that level of sleep. Of course, we all go through sleep patterns, and I’m probably over-thinking, as usual.

    Okay people, anyone else want to talk about dreams?

  10. I read that too. If it IS suppressing my dreams, I’m glad, since they’re pretty intense presently.

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