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Ft. Collins PD Forced To Return Grow Equipment


Frank Marzano, a medical marijuana patient and caregiver whose 2007 marijuana cultivation conviction in Loveland was overturned by the Colorado Court of Appeals last August, got his confiscated property returned to him today. Marzano was joined by his attorney, Robert J. Corry Jr., who won the appeal. Frank’s cultivation conviction was thrown out due to an illegal search. Frank retrieved a truckload of growing equipment, including 19 sets of growing lights and ballasts, 3 3 foot filters and fans, CO2 machine, trimming machine, and many bulbs.

Under the Colorado Constitution’s medical marijuana amendment, Marzano’s property was not to be harmed or destroyed. However, the police refused to return any of his medicine to them, many bulbs were missing or broken, and they cut the power cords off of all the electrical equipment that he retrieved.

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Click below to see photos and video of today’s property-returning event:

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