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Fundraising Drive Begins For Lawsuits To Save Medical Marijuana In Washington


medical marijuana michigan medicineAs we previously reported, a team of renowned attorneys will soon be filing a set of lawsuits to place an injunction on, and overturn Washington State’s Senate Bill 5052, a regressive medical cannabis proposal recently signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee. The new law, which goes into effect July 1st of next year, will make felons out of patients possessing currently allowable limits, will establish a patient registry and will shutdown a majority of dispensaries in the state.

Now, in an effort to help fund the immense legal costs associated with challenging a law passed by the state, those behind the lawsuit have setup a GoFundMe page for those wanting to donate to the cause.

All funding goes directly towards the legal costs of filing and following through with 3-4 lawsuits designed to dismantle Senate Bill 5052. The attorneys behind the effort are Douglas Hiatt, Jeffrey Steinborn and Aaron Pelley, who combined have over 80 years of legal experience.

Those interested in making a donation can do so by clicking here.

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  1. Joseph Barnes Sr. on

    IN STATE OF WASHINGTON This is a joke- How about someone who has chronic glaucoma (it does not go away – look it up) and has to get a new authorization every year and pay the doctors–now every Dr. I call wants 2 appointments for app $250 each year. If you don’t have anything the hell with the authorization and do what ever you want–what a bunch of garbage. This is a cash cow for the doctors and the big green one for the patients. Next the state will be charging as well–AND the attorneys are as usual strictly in it for the money too. Are there any attorneys out there that might take this on – on a percentage basis?? I might even use you for other things that I would be happy to pay you for. Most of the garbage I can handle pro per-but don’t always have the time or desire to do so-I can afford but I am not stupid-and do not appreciate users in any sense.
    What happened to a good case-get punitive damages and split the proceeds-or heck-let the Attorney have it all except payment for my time at court and to and from??? Punitive damages might make the idiots think before they pass stupid laws (legislature)-and could not the legislators themselves be sued? Tokeland, Wa. fishalot55@hotmail.com

  2. WELL, this is fascinating. Quality. Price. Service. Pick any two out of three. Every grower who is proud of their quality is serving the market. The prejudice against “medical” cannabis is obvious under the Senate Bill. The prejudice against “recreational” cannabis is also obvious. The courts have provided an injunction against the conservative government here in Canada. The Supreme Court recently struck down sections of the Law concerning cannabis as being a violation of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms… without recourse nor delay. The injunction case in the lower court is due to release a decision very soon.
    Draconian legislation aimed at “legal” cannabis is merely a prohibitionists last ditch stand against the tide.
    By the way, how is “industrial” cannabis doing in Washington? Thriving?

  3. Please go spew ur bs “bro science” information somewhere else. Non-organic pesticides cause cancer, thats scientifically proven.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    You obviously didn’t understand my reply. You have still not given a reason why OG soil cannot be sold or consumed recreationally, and why non OG/hydro is sold in medical dispensaries.

  5. dr.tony.antonio on

    Yeah, go get ’em fellas! These attorneys are the REAL DEAL, not some POSERS who wish they were marijuana attorneys.
    Any one of these lawyers has the clout to get this done. This is the SKG of cannabis law. You know that if they all are pursuing this, they have sufficient legal basis to win the case!

  6. Can you explain to me how smoking heavy metals and systemic pesticides is medical? Whatever ur smoking… put it down. Go ahead and smoke sum bs reggie and let me know how you feel after that…

  7. It’s astounding that some people still think there is an essential difference between medical and recreational weed.

    While there is mandatory testing for cannabinoids with recreational weed, there is no mandatory testing for medical. Its up to the grower and the dispensary.
    In the case of recreational, there is also a list of allowed pesticides. In contrast, Medical growers can use whatever pesticides they want– no rules.

    While there are indeed some very high quality, “organic” style growers (there is no such thing as certified organic weed) that sell to the medical market, there are also lesser growers who sell medical as well. And I’ve also come across some good organic growers who only sell recreational weed.

    That said, some of the new I502 growers are unskilled. In contrast, most of the medical growers have been doing it longer and are more consistent. That’s worth something, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

    So don’t be fooled by propaganda. There are all kinds of growers. The only guaranteed difference between medical and recreational weed is the taxation and who gets to sell it.

    Personally, I buy mostly medical, but sometimes the I502 recreational stores have strains that I can’t find at my local medical dispensaries, so it’s worth the money difference. Some of the best weed I’ve bought this last year came from an I502 grower.

  8. stellarvoyager on

    I personally know several growers who grow for dispensaries and grow top-shelf herb. At least one of those growers can’t wait to enter the rec market. He is really excited about bringing his quality product to all cannabis consumers. He will sell the same exact stuff to the rec stores as he sells to the dispensaries! Do you honestly think people like that will start saying, “I’m going to grow inferior weed for the rec market, because it’s rec.”? Of course not. They want to establish their brand and attract new business. Just like any other market, there will be high quality product, low quality product, and medium quality product available. And on top of that, people can grow their own if they think they can do better.

  9. stellarvoyager on

    I don’t see why rec herb can’t be grown that way too. I would demand those qualities in the herb I use as well. Most people will not buy cheap crap, so there will not be much of a market for it. Or put differently, there will be a great demand for the kind of herb you described to be consumed recreationally. Just look at Colorado. Look at Oregon. They’re not going to stop growing dank weed just because it was legalized recreationally, and the demand for dank will increase, not decrease, meaning that there will be much more of it avail — more growers, more people willing to buy it.

    The differences you describe are related to mass produced vs. craft herb grown in small quantities. There will continue to be a market for that herb. Do you honestly think that all of the rec consumers who were buying their herb from a friend on the black market are suddenly going to buy schwag because it’s legal?

    You should not have to have a card to have legal access to dank weed!

  10. INTENTION…..plain and simple! Google search intention and plants, it has been proven that the energy projected is reflected accordingly. Organic, pesticide free cannabis that was not grown from the profit motive solely is a completely different end result than you would get from a plant that only been touched a few times in its life and is pumped with unatural harmful additves and pesticides, of which the Recreational system allows. The meds that I consume are grown organically with zero pesticides(worm tea spray), and are not flushed simply because there is no remnants of chemicals that need to be discarded……HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REC AND MED!

  11. They are going to be jailing people. Sick people who can’t afford to buy from the new cartel.

    You don’t make it better by punishing people for being the vanguard. Yes they were protected while you were not. But it was a step along the way.

    What you should be pushing for is the next step:

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  12. I have Aankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory auto immune disease. Long story short it causes pain and stiffness and muscle spasms and sleeping problems and scary gut issues and I can go on and on. Im not responding to nsaids. Enbrel, the strongest class of drugs, and it is not making me better, even though it does for many people. Long story short, I take lots of meds and smoke pot, and I am still in pain everyday. Plants take 2 weeks from clone to grow to what I call a seedling (they have roots 2-3 days however), 4 weeks from that point at a minimum before they can be put into flower, a week or so to start flowering, 8-10 weeks to finish flowering, 1 week to dry, and finally 2 weeks to cure. Every step is important, the cure is incredibly important. So if I follow this time line, I will have a plant that gives me 1 oz of good bud. That means every 18-20 weeks I can grow 13 oz or so. I can only flower 13 plants cause I need to keep two for moms. I smoke 1-2 oz a week depending on the week. Any moron can do that math and see that I am not able to grow enough to pot to take care of my needs. You can do lots of different grow methods and styles and such, but im sick, I cant grow big plants and care for them. Why is it a problem if I have 20-30 little baby pot plants in a small part of my garage? If I am selling it on the black market, you will be able to tell by the way/style I grow pot, it will be set up for a commercial system. Further you should be able to tell because you have your undercover guys do confirmed buys. Making laws that force me to choose between being a criminal, spending more money then I have on pot, or suffering is silly. My pain does not exist for the government to tax/profit from, people who are suffering cant afford to pay for pot, they need a better option…

  13. stellarvoyager on

    You described the difference between OG soil and non OG soil/hydro. That’s a separate issue from med vs. rec.

  14. stellarvoyager on

    You described the difference between OG soil and non OG soil/hydro. That’s a separate issue from med vs. rec.

  15. Medical Cannabis is grown in organic soil without any systemic fertilizers, basically no heavy metals. Organic also tastes better. I can tell the differences between Organic and someone who used a lot of additives during the grow. With Organic soil, you just add plain water since the Soil is super-rich. Google “Super-Soil” by SubCool …. Nebula Haze also did a fantastic breakdown and “how to” on Super-Soil.

  16. Medical Cannabis is grown in organic soil without any systemic fertilizers, basically no heavy metals. Organic also tastes better. I can tell the differences between Organic and someone who used a lot of additives during the grow. With Organic soil, you just add plain water since the Soil is super-rich. Google “Super-Soil” by SubCool …. Nebula Haze also did a fantastic breakdown and “how to” on Super-Soil.

  17. stellarvoyager on

    So I’m curious: what’s the difference between a “medical” marijuana plant and a “recreational” marijuana plant? I’m not talking about the special case of low THC high CBD strains, which are essentially medical only. Other than that, what’s the difference? All use of cannabis is medicinal, and all adult use should be 100% legal. Time to end the double standard.

  18. stellarvoyager on

    Beats jailing people for MJ possession. Beats prohibition. How about caring about everyone in the state instead of only those with a permission slip? How could someone in good conscience get safe access to low-cost, tax-free, LEGAL cannabis while also wanting others to be criminally sanctioned for the same thing? How does that feel to defend such a double standard, to say in effect, “I gots mine. You can go to prison for doing what I feel entitled to do without any regulation.”? I am glad that rec passed, even over the objections of the greedy growers. Now those greedy growers will actually have to have a legit business or be put out of business. I’m not shedding any tears for them.

    Measure 67 was originally 7 plants and 4 oz. Now some people have the nerve to complain about 12 mature plants and 24 ounces, with as many plants in veg as you want. Rec only gets 4 plants and 8 oz. Talk about greedy. Us rec consumers used to be your cash cow. Now legitimate business owners, the state and local communities get that money. Too bad for the greedy growers. Like I said, no sympathy for them after they threw us under the bus to protect their own illegal profits.

  19. Well, there’s a lot of debate over medical and legal weed but when the dust clears let’s hope they serve both segments of the market reasonably well without undue hardship on the medically needy. These politicians will fuck up a wet dream it given a chance. Let’s hope the lawsuit works out.

  20. I need medical marijuana it helps all my pains I have had five back surgeries and they want to do three more I don’t understand why they would want to take away medical marijuana when it is a cure for a lot of thingsand has been used for thousands of years to cure all sorts of ailments.it is a proven fact it even helps cure cancer,seizures,epilepsy especially 4 young people so please leave our medical marijuana alone

  21. Interesting that simple legalization is destroying what the plant is really meant to be used for … MEDICINE …. Too bad a bunch of greedy politicians (that’s how they describe growers) got their hooks in the legalization of marijuana . Now we will no longer have medical marijuana as we know it … Good job Colorado , oregon and Washington.. You will be the leaders in the destruction of medical marijuana .. Woohoo …. Idiots

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