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Gain An Advantage And Germinate Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants Indoors


outdoor marijuana gardenThe outdoor season is once again upon us and it’s important to procure seeds and start germinating them. It’s possible to germinate your marijuana seeds either indoors or outdoors. The benefit of indoor germination is that the plants begin their lives in a controlled environment without the risk of extreme weather.

This also allows you to start germination earlier so that you can transplant the seedlings outdoors when the weather is appropriate. You can also place your seeds under constant LED light. Early springtime often reduces the amount of light that your plants will experience. You can find out more about LED grow lights by clicking on the banner below:


Of course, if germinating indoors isn’t possible or it’s too much trouble for you, then you can always germinate the seeds outside. Outdoor germination means that you won’t have to transplant your plants, which is a nice plus. Download my free grow guide and I will teach you everything you need to germinate your plants successfully (either indoors or outdoors), including how and why seeds germinate at all. I will also let you in on my favorite germination method. So, prepare yourselves to learn all you can about proper germination so that you can wind up with perfect, fat buds! Download my free marijuana grow bible for more growing tips.

The growing season for marijuana goes from spring to fall, but in cold locales, the season is shortened because of the frigid temperatures at the beginning and end. Although cannabis can start growing at any time, it helps to start early so you end up with taller plants and sturdier branches with higher yields. The mixture of good genes and ideal growing conditions will always produce larger marijuana plants. Be sure to check out all the article on ilovegrowingmarijuana.com that talk about outdoor growing. This will gives you a solid understanding of the growing process and how best to care for your plants.

The beginning of a cannabis plant’s life is similar to the beginnings for most houseplants. It’s certainly a smart move to use one of the numerous germination and transplanting techniques available for most houseplants. Hardware stores and nurseries typically have knowledgeable people who understand what works best for you. They can help you find the best pots and provide insight if you use tomatoes as an example. Tomatoes, corn, and marijuana require virtually the same soil mixture and nutrient quantity, so it’s always good to act like you’re growing tomatoes!

The outdoor season is once again upon us and it’s important to procure seeds and start germinating them. If you haven’t purchased marijuana seeds yet, you can check out my seed shop for a wide selection of high-quality seed. Order some high quality marijuana seeds at this link here. Don’t let yourself fall behind at the start of the season! We’ve still got a deal for White Widow, Super Skunk, and Super Silver Haze (order 5 and get 5 free!).

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  1. head of fowl is in cider on

    It’s definitely a good idea to get an early start indoors, but newbies need to be aware of the importance of gradually introducing the young plants to outdoor life rather than setting/transplanting them outside in direct sunlight all of a sudden.

    Plants can get severe sunburn which can severely stunt their growth or even kill them. I think it’s best to put them out when cloudy days are expected for several days in a row, or at least limit their allowance of direct sunlight to a couple of hrs./day. Another option is to start them in a window so that they are born to sunlight that has some of the sun’s rays filtered by the glass and window screen.

  2. Good advice! The plants can be very happy before they go outside. I do this with all my seeds most of the time. They always seem hardier and yield more.

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