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Gallup Poll Finds 64% Of Americans Want The Federal Government To Respect State Marijuana Laws


dank up closeby Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Sixty-four percent of Americans oppose federal interference in state laws that allow for the legal use of the substance by adults, according to a random sampling of 1,015 adults by Gallup.

On Election Day, voters in Colorado and Washington approved measures allowing for the personal use of cannabis by those age 21 and older. Both of those state laws took effect in recent days.

According to Gallup, 64 percent of respondents do not believe that the federal government “should take steps to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in those states.” Only 34 percent of respondents agree that the federal government should take actions to interfere with the implementation of these laws.

Gallup also reported that more than four out of ten respondents who oppose legalizing cannabis believe that the Administration should nonetheless respect state laws allowing for its legal possession, use, and sale.

The poll further reported that Americans are evenly divided on whether or not cannabis ought to be legal. Forty-eight percent of respondents endorse marijuana legalization while 50 percent of respondents oppose it — an increase in opposition of four percent since 2011.

Support for legalization was highest among those age 18 to 29 (60 percent) and weakest among those over age 65 (36 percent). Half of self-identified Independent voters back legalization, as do 61 percent of Democrats. By contrast, only 33 percent of Republican voters support legalization.

The Gallup findings regarding legalization are lower than those reported by other polls, including surveys by Public Policy Polling (58 percent support for legalizing cannabis), Angus Reid (54 percent), and Quinnipiac University (51 percent).

Article originally appeared on NORML’s Blog


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  1. Look up the totem pole. It might interest these activists that really like the idea of smoking weed and getting high to know the Federal government understands that “stealing” illegally grown marijuana and selling it to the public “legally” might end up in a war with the World Drug Trade. The WDT has offered the Whitehouse business strategies to convert the Trade into legal activity. They see it as thievery and won’t stand by and let cultural disparities and racial discrimination keep them from a large portion of their heritage.

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