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Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Still Support Marijuana Legalization


Legalize Marijuana legalization cannabis prohibition tea partyA new Gallup poll finds that a majority of Americans still support the legalization of marijuana. The Gallup poll found a slim majority of Americans, 51 percent, favor legalizing the use of marijuana – similar to the 50 percent who supported it in 2011 and 2012, but down from a reading of 58 percent last year.

The poll was conducted in mid-October but released just days after voters in Alaska, Oregon and D.C. voted to legalize marijuana. In Alaska, 52 percent voted in support, in Oregon it was nearly 56 percent and in D.C., the number was a whopping 69 percent.

Building off of the successes of 2014, advocates for marijuana legalization will be putting legalization on multiple ballots in 2016, including California.

Below is a statement from Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

“The 58 percent support for legalization that Gallup reported last year was always something of an outlier; it was the highest among virtually all of the national polls on marijuana legalization.  And it can be explained in part by the timing – late 2013, when Washington and Colorado’s successful ballot initiatives made the prospect of legally regulating marijuana real to many Americans; and just months after the Obama administration had given its qualified green light to those states to proceed with implementation; and before media began to focus on the actual challenges of transforming a previously illegal, unregulated market into a legal, regulated one.

“Notably, Gallup’s poll was conducted in mid-October, when polling in Oregon and Alaska suggested that the marijuana legalization ballot initiatives were a toss-up. Yet both won – and in the case of Oregon, by a stunning 56:44 margin.  If Gallup’s poll had been conducted this week, or next, it almost surely would have found stronger support for legalizing marijuana than it did last month.

“So I see the latest Gallup poll more as validation than anything else – and consistent with the large majority of polls over the past two years that show more Americans in favor of legalizing marijuana than against it.

“What’s most important, of course, is that in the most meaningful poll of voters – the ballot box – the results speak for themselves.”

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  1. truth is, forgiveness, i suppose is the best way
    i mean if colonel clink is ready for peace why not be friends as they say

  2. tommy chong on dancing with the stars this fine eve?
    wow, will toke up, and check out the show, nifty thing to see

  3. bitter moments can not be deleted due to no edit feature on this forum
    so will have to think twice or three times in the future so it doesnt look like i have given up cause i wont, that thought is just not accurate, if that thought is projected by the posts

  4. so maybe i am a prude
    i do not see the reason for coast to coast to spotlight nazis, not to be rude
    kind of creepy for any one to think
    that murderers are to be understood, dont you think?
    maybe i am just too sensitive to thoughts of war
    i see no reason why anyone would wish to be entertained like that for
    of course it talks about the whole thing not in a entertainment sense, but rather a historical sense
    would much rather hear discussions of cannabis
    makes much more pleasant sense
    3 job opportunities tomorrow so better seek out sleep
    can not wait to toke fresh hash, the awesomeness of the experience is something i’d like to keep

  5. i really think that adam and eve
    wouldn’t have had visions of fear and doom of thoughts that deceive
    if they had kept their love for God
    apparently they thought that notion as quite odd

  6. I think 51% is probably an outlier as well. So lets split the difference. 54.5% – which seems about right. I expect that number to rise about 1% a year.

  7. another testimony of many people who have benefited from the nifty helpful, and sometimes seemingly magical plant
    glad to hear this

  8. First let me say I’m a fiscal conservative republican. I rarely vote for any democrat because of their ‘large government and taxation ideology’. In the past several months I was diagnosed with Squamas Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4. I denied the medical benefit that cannabis could provide until my son who is a college student in Colorado convinced me thru his research and the fact that I was dying quickly that MM could save me. From March to mid May I went from 293 lbs to 206 lbs because I could not stop vomiting or eat (through my feeding tube)! the first time I consumed MM within minutes my nausea stopped and I could hold in the fluids and had an appetite. I used oils, liquids, cream (for the 3rd degree Radiation burns from the 35 treatments I had) and the smoke. I was never a “Pot Smoker”, just wasn’t my thing! I witness to anyone who will listen about my personal experience and tell them that my wish is that they never experience cancer but if they do or anyone they love does that they have access to Medical Marijuana. (MM)
    Going forward I will support any democrat who supports MM. I live in the reddest of red states, Oklahoma. It’s my goal to help educate as many voters as possible. It’s unfortunate the media doesn’t get behind this life saving tool. I appreciate this site and your approach to educating the public. Please share this story, I look forward to helping promote legalized marijuana and educate the public.

  9. maybe that is why the feds only allow the military to consume massive amounts of alcohol, so that they do not know what is really going on, and promote alcohol, rather than the consumption of cannabis

  10. another thing, the judges of the so called supreme court saw fit to imprison people of the cannabis community in the past too, now how is it that we have justice in this country?
    well, i cant stand cbd laden cannabis, but it is better than nothing, i need something in my brain, so i am off to toke, hope others have some sort of cannabis assistance, if thats what they are into, i have decided i will move as soon as i get money enough too, i will not stay in this hate state for one more year, indiana, lost its charm, with the death of my grandparents, God believing good people they, even though they had their problems, i have cried before when i have thought about how much they could have used cannabis, cause they did not smile and enjoy life like they could have and it is appalling that this country sees fit to continue the disgrace of lies to all of our faces

  11. i believe we were screwed, hundreds of years ago, when adam and eve hated what they saw
    we were again SCREWED when the clergy removed cannabis from the bible
    i do not believe that voting in thuggery is the answer, the answer is to arrest the true criminals, they took oaths to protect everyone’s constitutional rights, and they refused to do so, they committed perjury and lied about us then they prevent our working and feeding our faces by illegal discrimination making it hard to find employment, vote?
    Arrest the criminals, the army, marines, they have to protect this country, or are they just in it for the money?
    of course that might not all take place for years and years, meanwhile, you know, the mayor will not even speak to me? taxation without representation is against the law as well, what politician represents us here in indiana? freedom is just they’re arrest away, but it wont happen today, or this year, or the next, not enough people are angry from being SCREWED, a lady in Texas has been told to leave her congregation from church, cause she uses cannabis we are not able to freely worship in some cases in church openly, just in secret, this country has collapsed, its just a matter of time now you wait and see, they can not keep up the lies any more

  12. That’s odd… There’s a conservative Republican who sometimes comments on this site who has claimed the exact opposite of what this poll shows… Interesting.

    Here’s the poll link:


    And here’s the proof that anyone who tells you a majority of conservatives or Republicans support legalizing weed is bullshitting:

    > Gallup’s trend data also makes it clear that legalizing marijuana remains a much easier task in certain places than others. Chiefly, in contrast to high levels of support among liberals and solid support among moderates, less than a third of conservative Americans think marijuana should be legal.

    > This pattern is echoed in the results by party ID, with the same implications about the outlook for marijuana legalization being tied to a state’s partisan makeup. Currently, 64% of Americans who identify as or lean Democratic side with legalization, compared with 39% of Republicans.

    Further, as I have learned anecdotally here at the Weed Blog and elsewhere, there are Republicans who think it should be legalized who, none-the-less, rank the issue way down on their priority list, which eases their consciences as they vote for the authoritarians who will fight to keep it illegal.

  13. Indeed, the 58% reported in 2013 was news so good that some suspected it was too good to be true, but honestly, given what we’ve observed in the last five years alone (four states with full legalization and at least seven new medical cannabis states), I think the 51% result from this poll is the outlier. 51% seems LOW to me, given the trajectory of public opinion.

    Frankly, and I really do mean this from the bottom of my heart — if you want to know why cannabis, a perfectly harmless plant is still illegal, why our government is so screwed up, and why politics in general have become antithetical to common sense and reason, it’s not the people who voted “for the other side” who are to blame.

    Blame your non-voting friends. It’s their fault.

    Even in a presidential election year, about 40% of the country doesn’t vote. It’s worse in midterm election years, as that number jumps dangerously close to 50%. This means whoever is currently holding power only needs to keep *maybe* 25% of the country happy (the 25-30% that voted for them). The result is that politicians — the people who are supposed to represent us and give citizens a voice in the government — are *only* catering to the fringe elements in our society, and it gets worse EVERY year.

    I live in Georgia, where almost everyone I know complains about the Tea Party controlling our state. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit how many of my friends who complain *did not vote*. For all their moaning about the Tea Party, at the very least, the Tea Party VOTES. Most of my friends condescend about how stupid members of the Tea Party are for believing the things they believe and saying the things they say. Well, I can assure everyone that the Tea Party looks down upon so-called liberals and progressives with equal condescension because they’ve convinced themselves in huge numbers “oh, well, my vote doesn’t count anyways.” That’s how so many of my friends who believe in marriage equality, reproductive rights, and reforming our cannabis laws were able to justify refreshing their inbox for two hours instead of voting.

    If you have a friend who didn’t vote (and yes, you have a LOT of friends who did not) and they mention off-hand how they don’t understand how/why XYZ is still legal/illegal, slap them. Consider the political climate of an America with 100% voter turnout — literally *everyone* casting a ballot. No more catering *just* to the fringe elements who have reduced our electoral process to a sport (your team vs. my team). Common sense reforms would finally happen. Democrats and Republicans would cease to exist very quickly — our representatives would identify themselves as OUR REPRESENTATIVES, not as a donkey or an elephant.

    It’s the Information Age, and we have no excuse for *not* holding our lawmakers accountable to their constituents. There’s no excuse to *not* know or to *not* vote, anymore. Yes, there’s unabashed gerrymandering and all sorts of voter suppression efforts at play — I had to produce a passport AND birth certificate to renew my license and register to vote in 2012 — but I did it. “Because it’s hard” and “Because I don’t know” are reasons to not vote, not excuses. Nothing will get better as long as there are fewer and fewer people participating in the political process — things will only get worse. The laziness and apathy must end, or we’re screwed.

  14. legalization of our constitutional rights? our rights should never have been voted away in the first place by high treasonous scum
    how are people supposed to learn the wisdom of God?
    when they are denied cannabis and told to leave their church?
    this country has gone to far, i pray gerald celente is right, a depression is too good for it
    this country denies people’s right to participate in religion, mom always told me to my own self be true
    how are we to glorify our father in heaven, when we are not even able to attend church, except in secret?
    this country sucks
    ted mishler, bloomington indiana
    it is suicide what this country is doing
    and has been doing since when 1937?
    it has not problems with stumble drunks, or pilled out oh whats the use
    evidently this country does not believe in God,if it did, it would not deliberately deceive people, as that is not doing to those what one would want done to themselves!

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