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George Takei Praises Marijuana Smoking Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau canada liberal party marijuana cannabisThe Morning Show discusses if Justin Trudeau’s admission that he consumed marijuana will win or lose him support in the video below. Obviously, if you are reading this blog you are probably like me and think that it should gain him support. After all, poll after poll shows that more people support cannabis reform than oppose it now, and that number should continue to grow as time goes by. If you are not familiar with Justin Trudeau, below is a brief excerpt from his website, followed by the video previously mentioned.

“Justin was first elected to Parliament in the Montreal riding of Papineau in 2008, defying political insiders who believed that a federalist candidate would have little chance against an incumbent member of the Bloc Québécois. In the past five years, he has worked tirelessly to represent an electoral district where close to 50 percent of voters’ mother tongue is neither French nor English. For Justin, the people of Papineau exemplify Canada’s rich diversity, evolving identity, and the struggle for equality of opportunity. He has served the hard working middle-class families and small businesses of his constituency, who, in recent years have faced economic challenges. He has worked alongside local community organisations by bringing together different cultures and religions, and establishing local initiatives on social issues, the environment, and the arts.”


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  1. Government
    transparency: It’s about time someone displayed a willingness to
    provide some of that. Those who voted and supported Pierre Trudeau —
    Justin has got them in the palm of his hand, children and grandchildren
    of those who supported Papa Trudeau, ditto. Good on him, but he had
    better keep his word.

  2. Just like the Gays. The more of us that come out, then THE PEOPLE will see that their closeset relatives use canabis, they will learn that their childs school teacher uses it but likes the teacher no less. Bottom line is it’s time to come out, be proud & if not proud then don’t be ashamed. Afterall , you likely smoke it yourself.

  3. I’ll believe it when he becomes PM of Canada and doesn’t reverse his decision. I’ve heard it all before. A politician is for legalization when he is campaigning, but once elected he sings a different tune. Francois Hollande of France is a prime example. He reneged on his pro-marijuana stance when he was elected. Even Obama made it sound like he would have a friendlier policy towards marijuana when he campaigned for President in ’08. Then he waffled. I really hope I’m wrong about Trudeau, but sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown falling on his ass after he tries to kick the football that Lucy pulled away from him for the umpteenth time. Sorry for my skepticism and sorry for being a buzzkill, but you know fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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