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Georgia: Hearing Tomorrow On Medical Cannabis (HB-722)

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Another action alert out of Georgia. If you are in the area, go check it out and remember to be respectful:

Friends, last week was a productive time at the Georgia State Capitol. We met with lawmakers and new activists about several bills pending in the General Assembly.

Next week there will be two important hearing on House Bill 722 (Medical Cannabis Expansion Bill)

The public is welcome to attend this hearing. Monday’s Agenda / Wednesday’s Agenda

The House Judiciary Non-Civil Full Committee will meet on Monday January 25, 2015, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in 406 CLOB.

You can help by donating to our cause. Click the donate button and give what you can. All donations go directly into lobbying and public out-reach. Ever dollar will have an impact.

For more information visit www.gacareproject.com

Will you consider making a donation today?
$10 – $25 – $50 – $100 -$500 – $1000

A $10.00 donation can help get 500 business cards on the street. For $100.00 we can reach 5000 people.

Our goals for 2016:

Fundraising: Without funding our hands are tied. All proceeds go directly to our projects and operational costs.

Outreach: We will increase the information flow to our supporters and media by news/action alerts, newsletters, blog posts and Social Media. We welcome your participation.

Lobby: We will continue to meet with legislators and and attend meetings and hearings to be sure our policies are heard and understood.

Events: Will be host various public events to encourage your participation.

New poll show huge support for cannabis law reform
Download Poll Results HERE>>>


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