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Georgia House Committee Unanimously Approves Medical Marijuana Proposal


Georgia medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A proposal to allow for the medical use of cannabis for certain conditions has been approved unanimously through Georgia’s House Health and Human Services Committee after a long debate.

The proposal would revive a research program (approved decades ago) allowing certain academic institutions to distribute cannabis to patients suffering from specific medical conditions, namely cancer and glaucoma.

The bill would permit approved academic medical centers [defined as a research hospital that operates a doctor residency program and conducts research]in the state to grow, process and distribute medical cannabis.

The measure - House Bill 885 - is known as the “Haleigh’s Hope Act,” named after Haleigh Cox, a child who suffers from a medical conditions that causes sever seizures. Representative Allen Peake, the primary sponsor of the measure, said he was prompted to draft the bill after meeting with Haleigh and her parents (seizures, cancer and glaucoma are the qualifying conditions to receive and use medical cannabis under this legislation).

“It means the world that they would open their hearts and hear our stories and the compassionate side of it, and let us make the choice as parents,” said Corey Lowe, a former law enforcement officer whose 12-year-old daughter Victoria was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, giving her up to 100 seizures a day. “It’s hope, that’s all it is. Hope, that’s what we’re fighting for.” Corey was one of many parents who cheered the committees vote.

House Bill 885 now heads towards a full House vote.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  4. This is great for cancer patients and glacoma, but what about all the rest of the citizens of GA that are suffering chronic pain that are killing their livers with dangerous pills that do not work, not to mention can kill you from overdose. These christian politicians who claim to be good people do not care about those of us suffering in constant pain. The most plentiful element in GA in Ignorance, I believe the state of GA will never allow medical marijuana for all of us that really need it. I am in my 50’s with maybe 20 years left. I will not stay here holding my breath waiting for some asshole to grant me my god given right to control and manage my daily pain.

  5. Universities are where a lot of people take their first puff of marijuana. It makes sense for university students to grow it, smoke it and write papers on it.

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