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Georgia Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana Oil

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Georgia’s Senate has given unanimous approval to House Bill 885, a proposal to legalize cannabis oil for medical purposes. The measure passed the state’s House of Representatives earlier this month with an 171 to 4 vote.

Under the bill, academic medical centers in the state would be permitted to produce low-THC cannabis oil, which they would be authorized to distribute to those with cancer, glaucoma and seizures. The measure would also provide protection from arrest for anyone in possession of cannabis oil that was obtained from another state, as long as they have a recommendation from a physician.

Advocates of the measure acknowledge that it doesn’t go far enough (the whole plant, not just low-THC cannabis oil, should be legal), it’s still a major step in the right direction, and will help thousands of people in the state.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Allen Peake and supported by the Medical Association of Georgia, now heads back to the House for one final vote, before going to the governor.

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  2. Nuke The Whales on

    The bill was NOT passed, They will try again next year, At the last minute the bill was not passed. What can you expect from a bunch of Christian Politicians in one of the most ignorant places on the planet!

  3. Legalize Nature on

    Fellow Georgians, Make sure to vote for GA State Senator Curt Thompson (D-5) in the next election. Curt is the kind of man that GA needs to help us get fair treatment here in GA. Lets work together so we can get SB432 Passed in 2014.

  4. This bill that was proposed provided some hope for this state. Lived here most of my life and was extremely surprised that this even came up in GAs legislation. I do however, feel this bill was half-assed. It is great they are wanting to try and help those with severe conditions, but the plant can help with so much more and is ridiculous that they are wanting to limit medicinal use. However, advising people to go out of state to get their medicine which in itself is illegal and also limiting cannabis cultivation to universities is iffy. Universities have a chance to lose their funding for doing such a thing. It is great they want to help, but they are not looking at the big picture. If they were to model their medicinal system after other states it would do so much more good. Lower crime rate, increase productivity, create jobs and the big one; create state revenue. A lot of state revenue! I sure hope what wowFAD said is true about SB432 for next year. I am still not sure if it would pass though. The south is very backwards in a lot of ways because of their religious background.

  5. Mary Leochner on

    In my opinion we as a country are going bass ackwards with this plant! I have had brain surgery for epilepsy. 1986 a portion of my temporal lobe removed. In 1996 more of my left temporal lobe removed and my left hippocampus and amygdala. I have been on approx. 30 different central nervous system drugs to try to control seizures. I now have bi-polar disorder and have had liver problems. Down to just 1 seizure medicine – topiramate and thyroid. Still having strange thoughts, wanting to die about 30 minutes after I take my medicine. I moved up to Washington state a month ago because of the potential law changes, but am no longer consuming cannabis. I know I have brain damage that I want to repair. The entire plant/flower is necessary, not just parts or pieces of it. High THC is not good for ME. My body in MY opinion wants a high CBD plant. It is a craving right now. With doctor change because I have moved I go next week. Part of brain removal of the left side is also truth in my opinion. FDA – get it together!!!!! START THE STUDIES!!!!!

  6. Despite the fact that HB885 passed with flying colors (House 171-4, Senate 54-0) the bill is dead because the Senate tacked on a last-minute rider bill that concerns insurance companies covering behavioral therapy for autistic children through age 6, which was a “non-starter” when sent back to the House, Thursday evening.

    Because Thursday was the last day in the legislative session, HB885 is nothing but a memory. The saddest part, the bill had been reworked at every step of the process to the point that HB885 would not have helped any of the children with intractable epilepsy, even if the House had approved the rider bill and the governor had signed it. HB885’s sponsor refused to stand up to his socially conservative peers, granting concession after concession until the bill was effectively neutered. In its most recent form, HB885 would have done nothing except protect parents who would have been willing to smuggle cannabis oil back to Georgia from Colorado — still very, very illegal under federal law — essentially, creating a *NEW* black market.

    While I acknowledge my disappointment with the shortcomings and ultimate failure of HB885, at the very least, I’m glad the conversation in Georgia finally got started in earnest.

    The conversation is still going, in fact. In the last few days of this year’s legislative session, in response to the complaints that HB885 was far too limited, GA State Senator Curt Thompson (D-5) filed a FULLY comprehensive medical cannabis bill, SB432. According to our local advocates, SB432 is based on the Arizona model. SB432 allows access to the whole plant and extracts, non-profit dispensaries, and self-cultivation with limits set at eight plants and two ounces, usable. SB432 cannot pass this year (seeing as how it dropped so late), but everyone who advocated for HB885 in 2014 is planning to use SB432 as the starting-point in 2015.

  7. The grim reefer on

    Over educated egg heads at a academic medical center know nothing about growing anything much less cannabis. And its not hard to produce the oil. What a joke and waste of taxpayer money. All that is needed are some good growers and some quality control.

  8. This will not help the many suffering from cancer, and chronic pain and those with any condition that cannabis is proven to help. I know its a stepping stone, Changing the minds of the brain washed old guard christian political majority the is real battle. It will be many years until the whole plant with THC is allowed.

  9. firetheliberals on

    This a false legislative win. Same law passed in maryland and nothing happened because hospitals will lose federal funding if they do anything with weed

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