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Geraldo Talks Marijuana Legalization With Mason Tvert Of The Marijuana Policy Project


I don’t know how serious I take Geraldo, and I definitely don’t take Fox News seriously. However, coverage is coverage, and anytime Mason Tvert gets to talk on a large stage I support it. Mason Tvert is one of the greatest assets that the cannabis reform movement has. I can’t wait to see what state campaign he leads next. I hope it is in 2014, but it sounds like he is going to wait until 2016.

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project appeared on ‘Geraldo at Large’ on the Fox News Channel to discuss MPP’s “New Beer” NASCAR ad, the Obama Administration’s latest statement on marijuana, and the growing support for ending marijuana prohibition.


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Johnny Green


  1. Do you think any drunk could have a positive argument like the one I just read? Congrats everyone. Great resolution.

  2. The good DR. should do his research before shooting his uneducated mouth off !! Pot is NOT addicting, It is NOT a freaking DRUG !!! AND People tend to be more CAUTIOUS if operating a motor vehicle…not WRECKLESS like a boozehound !! He should research what he discusses….16 years ??? He should also stop believing every negative thing he hears and hops on the bandwagon to HEALING QUALITIES…He should also learn the it is a CURE and TREATMENT for Skizophrenia, and doesn’t CAUSE IT !!! What an Arse !!! MORE INFO HERE ——-> http://www.phoenixtears.ca or http://www.phoenixtears.com

  3. Thanks Sarijuana. The problem posting as a guest is that I can’t go back and edit the original post. I should just register and bypass that issue.

  4. OK you’re forgiven ;-). I’ll be more careful quoting and I see that just a couple of words added to the original post would have prevented any misunderstanding. Smart ass? Yeah I do that too. I look forward to interacting some more moving forward.

  5. I was going to try and get thru my morning read of theweedblog without making any comment, but after listening to this, my 2 cents. I can’t believe anyone could be in an addictiion treatment program for 16 years and not see the benefits of addiction treatment with MMJ. I assume it would interfere with his bottom line. Oh yea, Geraldo needs lessons on his tie tying abilities……..

  6. My bad my friend. Punctuation changes everything. I’m pretty much a smart ass, and sarcasm doesn’t come across very well in print either. So I have to explain SOME of my posts as well. Please forgive me?

  7. Mr Tvert holds his own when it comes to debating this issue. Also cant hurt that he’s right! The tied has turned. Sucks to see the feds continue wasting funds prosecuting MJ users/sellers etc when even the feds should get it by now that were not going back to the way it has been!

  8. No you misunderstand. I am summarizing the talking head Scott Teitelbaum’s points from the video. Only the last sentence, where I stated he isn’t confused about what marijuana is, can be attributed to me. By the way He is confused.

    It appears I left out a couple of quotation marks. Sorry.

    All of the above is attributed to the speaker in the video and HIS claims that marijuana is a drug and A. Shouldn’t be smoked and B. Shouldn’t be voted on. and in no way portrays or is intended to portray my knowledge of cannabis or use of same as an adult.

    I live in the state of WA, am a medical marijuana user, though I self medicated for 40+ years before that, voted for legalization and use every day. Every day. I try to be active in my local community and support my neighborhood dispensary as much as possible. I use to treat a pre-glaucoma condition and the weed keeps the pressure in my eyes down to a manageable level. I want to continue to see.

  9. I apologize for my inaccurate characterization. I should have said “Republicans,” not “Conservatives.” True Conservatives dislike unnecessary governmental intervention in people’s lives, while many of today’s Republicans are puritanical busybodies who hate all taxes, all Democrats and anyone who isn’t old and white. If Eisenhower were alive today, or even Reagan, they wouldn’t recognize their own party (to say nothing of Lincoln.) Thank you for your rational response. For the good of the country, I hope you succeed.

  10. We’re making great progress though Pat. 52% of Republicans believe Cannabis should be legal as a medicine. 38% believe it should be legal recreationally as well. So although we’ve still got a ways to go, I’m NOT giving up the fight of changing the party from WITHIN it’s own ranks.

  11. John…. I find it hard to believe someone who has a VESTED interest in keeping Cannabis illegal. Especially when they make such statements as you eluded to him saying. Cannabis Impaired drivers are A LOT more safe on the road than NON-users and statistics show that in Medical Marijuana states, traffic fatalities DROP drastically after a state passes a Medical Marijuana bill. http://www.denverpost.com/ci_19437417

    Cannabis is an HERB that was put on this earth for us to utilize. Numerous studies show the efficacy of Cannabis as a medicine. It’s been known as a medicine for over 5000 yrs.. All the way up until Harry Anslinger decided in 1936 to demonize Cannabis by slapping a MEXICAN sounding name to it (Marihuana) and telling everyone that it makes WHITE women want to sleep with BLACK men! Jesus healed people in the Bible with Hemp Oil… don’t you think that if it’s good enough for Christ himself, it should be good enough for US?

    Your claims of Cannabis use and the link to schizophrenia according to the Wall Street Journal is “Tenuous at Best”. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323936404578581672468703556.html

    May I advise you that next time you wish to come to a Cannabis oriented website, you should brush up on your knowledge before deciding to make far fetched statements. Jus Sayin…..

  12. First I would like to say that I 100% agree with the big tent philosophy of Johnny Green in ending prohibition. In fact I have never disagreed with one thing Johnny G. has said. And how awesome would it be if Johnny teamed up with Mason T. Just a thought.

    Your commander in Choom :)

  13. Summary

    Scott Teitelbaum Professor of Pediatrics and Addiction medicine says “While alcohol is certainly more dangerous than marijuana, marijuana has numerous adverse health effects, including addiction and impaired driving, which is a significant problem. And significant mental health issues…blah blah associated with schizophrenia and worsens certainly significant psychiatric issues.

    It just went downhill from there. Marijuana is a drug and used as medicine shouldn’t A. Be smoked and B. Shouldn’t be voted on. There are policies and protocols that are in place that should be followed.

    But he isn’t confused about what marijuana is. Sure.

  14. It is always interesting to watch Conservatives, whose mantra is “smaller government at any price,” try to justify marijuana prohibition, as well as managing what we do in our homes and bedrooms. Although Geraldo was a practicing attorney before he became rich and crazy, Mason is certainly capable of holding his own.

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