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Germany: Government Moves Forward With Permitting Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana


germany medical marijuanaRight before the weekend, I saw a tweet come across my Twitter feed from Ethan Nadelmann. The tweet was of a press release dealing with the permitting of cultivation of medical marijuana by the German Government. Below is a copy of the press release. The press release is in English, but the links go to sites that are in German. I don’t speak German, so take the info for what you will, but considering it was tweeted about by Ethan, it’s good info:

The German Hemp Association welcomes the announcement by the federal government in Germany to set up a cannabis agency. This paves the way for the first cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany, helping not only the patients, but allowing  also new economic prospects for Germany.

The establishment of a cannabis agency is an old demand of the DHV. Only this way can Germany’s dependence on imports be terminated and supply for the patients be guaranteed.

“An easier access to cannabis as a medicine and the covering of the costs by the health insurance companies were long overdue. The fact, that the federal government has consistently  thought this issue through and is willing to permit production in Germany, pleased and surprised us. Finally, the German economy is not decoupled from the international development and can develop their own cannabis industry. We are increasingly being contacted by entrepreneurs, interested in the production of medical cannabis. We expect  a massive rising demand for Cannabis as Medicine,”said spokesman Georg Wurth from the DHV.

But the DHV continues to demand that patients themselves should be allowed to grow cannabis, if they  so wish. This relieves the health insurance companies and enables each patient to use the appropriate cannabis-strain for them. In addition, as many patients as possible should  benefit from the new rules, not only pain-patients. The range medicinal use of cannabis is great, as the current dispensations for various diseases show.


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  2. insurqance wont pay over 2k a month in deutchland if that usually 0 for not a lot o meds. im german born temp in us moving back very soon like days. my wife already found out that dr would sooner ive me ability to grow my medicine as i have a horticulture degree. i assume that came into play aside from my cancer having NO CURE 0% SURVIVAL TILL IT MET CANNABIS THIS IS WHAT THEY Want TO GIVE IT FOR THINGS LIKE THAT. i AM IN no way saying other injurys arent real I am a huge supporter of medical cannabis pills kill. excuse my grammer keyboard is broke.

  3. Well Hillary says, “There is too much money in it.” For law enforcement. For government. For prison unions. Asset forfeiture is big business.

  4. Hey wait a minute, the insurance companies PAY FOR the cannabis treatments???

    But OUR government says there is no medical value.

    Maybe those insurance companies should talk to our infinitely intelligent leaders here in the US so they will no longer have to pay for cannabis treatments!

    “There is no medicinal use for it and all those that have been cured with cannabis in Germany are FAKE, shams, liars all of them” said our head of the DEA.(parody)

    For insurance companies to pay for cannabis it has to work and be a better value that pharmaceuticals.

    Insurance companies will only pay for legitimate, proven treatments.

  5. Closet Warrior on

    Good on ya Germany!!! Why is it that whole countries are legalizing and decrriminalizing marijuana and Israel has been using mmj in hospitals for 10 yrs while us Americans are getting the cold shoulder from our government. Ah, forgot our government are a bunch of assholes tied together. They are dragging their feet on even mmj in over 20 states-just medicinal-that’s rediculous. We could learn much from Uraguay, Mexico, Canada, Israel, England and many other models of intelligent design. What happened to our country being “The Leader into innovative and Rational thinking. For shame

  6. Progress!!! Awesome job German govt! Now if the US govt can begin to pull its head out of their ass maybe we can have the same program as Germany one day

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