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Get A Job In The Colorado Marijuana Industry


open vape colorado marijuana job fairOne of the most common questions that I get from readers is how to get a job in the marijuana industry. A large percentage of those questions are specifically about how to get a job in Colorado. The first ever marijuana industry job fair is happening next week in Colorado, and if you are looking to crack into the industry, this is going to be the best way to do so. See more below:

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is booming, and every day, more people are moving out here seeking jobs and a way to enter the industry. It’s typically a difficult process for both employers and would-be employees, but Colorado’s first ever weed-centric job fair, “CannaSearch” aims to change that.

“CannaSearch,” hosted by O.penVAPE, will take place next Thursday, March 13 at the O.penVAPE headquarters, located at 1058 Delaware Street in Denver. Anyone job seeker can attend, and companies interested in hiring can still join the party.

The event will run all day, from 11am-7pm. 15-17 companies have already signed up for the event, but it’s not too late to get a table and take part in the country’s first marijuana job fair. If your dispensary or business is interested in having a table at the event, check out the CannaSearch event page on Facebook!

As for the job seekers, if you’re a patient or enthusiast looking for a job in the industry, this is the place to be, as companies from Dixie Elixirs to The Hemp Connoisseur will be in attendance. Many of the businesses at the event are ancillary to the cannabis industry, and thus do not even require an MMED badge for hire (though some do, and it will help).

That means rather than waiting in lines all day and entering a lottery at the MMED, you have a much easier, user-friendly way to meet many of the industry’s biggest companies and be considered for a position at one of them.

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  1. I’m a chef with 40 years experience I’m extremely interested in the edible part of the industry, if you want a true professional let me know

  2. Frozen Growth on

    Ok, so I can grow, I “invented” my own system to regulate my nutes and PPMs but had to give it up when I “grew up” and started having kids a few years ago. I love the industry and the product and miss it every day. Other than talking about what I can do and explaining it, I have no visual proof of what I can produce. What should I do to move toward a job in the industry? I am from the Southeast and would need a handsome amount to facilitate a move out west, should I wait for the demand in Florida to boom and check that out? I have a job, I work 6 days a week and have a roof over my head but I’m always looking to better my situation and.. granny always said if you’re good at something never stop.. my customers thought my stuff was brought from California dispensaries, in fact one of my friends lives in CA and flies home during hunting seasons and always told me he couldn’t understand how I got my hands on better product than he could buy with his medical card in CA (of course I never told ANYONE I was growing it myself for a list of reasons)

  3. jean de oro on

    If you move down to Florida I’m sure after the November vote you’re skills will be in High demand , and if you need someone to assist you in the other areas of this industry ,I’m also in your shoes , without the degrees ,but the Years of experience in many phases ! Wishing you luck ,you’re not alone .

  4. Hi there, is anyone looking for a grower with base skills, including making nutrients, transplanting, watering, pruning and everyday grunt work? Been in the industry for a little over a year and absolutely loved working with the plants. No bad habits to break from. You teach me how you do it and that is what I’ll do. Ready, willing and able now. I’m badged renewal date 2 yrs.

  5. We Work Cannabis on

    weworkcannabis.com Seeks to help people like you, James. It’s goal is to have only professional jobs in the cannabis sector.

  6. James Scott on

    I’m a 43 year old with over 10 years experience working in Compliance and Regulatory for Big Pharma which is highly regulated. I’ve been looking for a job in the new industry for several months now and haven’t had any success. I also have a Engineering degree and lots of Technology skills and experience. The problem I find is just trying to locate contacts to approach about a job. Trying to locate contacts is nearly impossible and they have only a few recently started job boards for this industry with every Tom, Dick and Harriet looking for a job with nothing more than a high school diploma and 1 year working experience as a fry cook at fast food joints. Go read their resumes on Cannajobs it is amusing. They are 22 years old and have all sorts of knowledge of medical weed and of course customer service skills working the register at Arby’s. I’ve been smoking since before these kids were even born and have so much more Professional qualifications its ridiculous. But like I said just trying to locate places to try and apply is a chore. As of now I am just cold emailing any of the operations I can find with a email address telling them my intentions and showing them my resume. I’m not interested in trimming bud, while fun for a few hours it isn’t exactly up to my skills and experience. If you know anyone that needs the real deal to cover them in Compliance and Regulatory to make sure they don’t get shut down send me a email at dja1070 (@) hotmail.com . I assure you most places will end up being shuttered because they don’t comply with the regulations and have no idea how to be proactive in making sure they are compliant.

  7. Hello I’m a 28 year old veteran. For the last couple years I’ve been working in industrial maintenance and would love you to take a very unique skill set to a new environment. Experience ranges from electrical, mechanical, and ranges from production floor maintenance to complex tear downs. I’m really wanting to join this great new field.
    If you have any questions please let me know….

  8. Ronin Savage on

    Pay should be enough to live comfortably on, just my opinion. You would rather have a happy and productive workforce and have a little less in the bank than have a workforce you can’t trust and that doesn’t like you because they think you are stingy.

  9. Sticky Fingers on

    I have a friend in Colorado that owns a dispensary , I was sad to learn she currently is only hiring really young people, around 18 to trim bud for her. Even sadder is that she is only paying 8 dollars an hour! Let me see thats 64 dollars a day – state and federal tax, gas to and from work and lunch. The only paying position is grower. She has worries about theft from her employee’s. I suggested she hire older folks and pay them a better wage, to reduce theft and end up with a better product. People are being greedy, Trimmers used to be paid 200 a pound, that is work incentive, plus they were fed a great meal everyday for dinner. The shops are making a killing right now, things will change in time were there is not as much much money being made as prices level off and supply grows. :)

  10. Kenyon L. Osorn on

    I’m a 33year old veteran of the US Army currently seeking employment in the MMJ industry. I’m willing to relocate if necessary but I can also commute daily. I have my California Medical Marijuana card, a CA Driver License with a 100% clean driving record and a 100% clean criminal record.

    I am seeking full-time employment in just about any MMJ related position. I’m a quick learner and a VERY hard worker. I’ve been using marijuana for about 7 years now and would consider myself fairly knowledgeable in just about all things marijuana related.

    I’m willing to work any days(weekends and holidays included), any hours (even nights) and ANYWHERE (all states, all cities) provided I’m allowed time to relocate and acquire the necessary funding to move.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions/comments/concerns and I’ll get back to you ASAP: oaborn_k@hotmail.com

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