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Get A Job In The Illinois Medical Marijuana Industry

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Illinois’ medical marijuana industry has been very slow to launch. Medical marijuana business licenses were supposed to be issued last year, but due to some foot dragging by the outgoing Illinois Governor, the license issuances had to wait until the next Governor took office. 18 cultivation licenses have been awarded, and one of the companies (Ataraxia) is looking to hire people to work at their cultivation facility. Per WSIL TV:

Barb Youngs of Ataraxia says the company initially will hire up to 30 employees to staff a planned 50,000-square-foot facility in Albion. It already has received more than 100 employment inquiries.

The company expects to provide training in Denver for some workers. Its website lists positions including growers, a trim technician and a supervisor of harvest quality. The job fair is scheduled April 1 at Frontier Community College in Fairfield.

The last numbers I heard out of Illinois stated that there were still only 1,600 medical marijuana patients in Illinois. Obviously I expect that number to rise as medical marijuana becomes available, but still, Illinois’ medical marijuana industry has the potential to be very limited given the short list of qualifying conditions for patients to qualify for medical marijuana. Keep this in mind when you are applying for jobs in Illinois’ medical marijuana industry. You can fill out an application to work at Ataraxia at this link here.

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  1. Andres Hernandez on

    I am interested in working for any medical marijuana industry as an medical marijuana examiner to try all strains and create more stronger and effective strain to help people fighting gastrointestinal problems, anxiety attacks, anorexia disorder, arthritis pain, abdominal pain, gluecoma, appetite disorder, depression problems, anger problems like bipolar, brain pain such as migraines and headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain, people that are recovering from any type of surgery pain and after pain, people fighting mental disorders, insomnia sleeping disorder, lower back pains or neck pains, people with focus disorders such as focusing on whatever the case may be and people fighting diabetes, people who stress alot from work etc………..

  2. Junior Contreras on

    I’m looking for a job in the medical cannabis field I’m in a wheelchair but very good with my hands and very independent hard worker. Please if any one has info how I can get a job I’m located in joliet Illinois area willing to travel. Email me with info juniorc81@yahoo.com or on snap chat jrc81 Thank You for your time.

  3. Martin Turner on

    Well if you’ve been busted for pot. Your shit out of luck on that medical card. Correct me please , because I’m 5 minutes from the river.

  4. Im surprised they haven’t attempted to legalize coke too. These politicians are fuckin greedy. They only decided they should legalize it once they figured a way to capitalize from it for themselves. They realize that Marijuana is here to stay so they figured why not get a cut in the profits. Those politicians for prohibition of legalization of marijuana are just cynical assholes that want to make themselves feel superior to those that that are actually for it. Either way fuck these politicians #GoGreen

  5. James Bingenheimer on

    To hell with all politicians who are afraid to look at the facts on marijuana. Grow Your Own.

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